Off to the Apple Store

At least I can write and when I get this all fixed I’ll have about 100 photos to post! I’ve gotten several really good suggestions from some of you and I have them written down. Someone said have a book along to read if they have to work on my IPad so my Kindle is going with me. I am very nervous and almost afraid to find out the ‘diagnosis’. What if it’s something I did? But how could that be because when I got up that morning it was already happening – all those thousands of old posts were already reaching you when I turned on my IPad.

I guess I’d just better suck it up and hit the road. I might do some furniture shopping while I’m there. My old living room chairs are ugly and even though the dogs love them, I hate them. Gosh, maybe the cats and dogs could sleep in a dog bed? Now there’s an idea!

Off to the Apple store – pray for me!

55 thoughts on “Off to the Apple Store

  1. Jeanie Stuff, sw IL

    We just came through DesMoines. We are at the Newton KOA overnight, on our way to Central IL. We have been making our way east from Bozeman MT; last night’s RV park was in North Platte NE. Safe travels, Mary. There is lots of Saturday traffic. Good luck and thanks for your perseverance.

  2. Connie

    I hope this turns out to be an easy fix. Technology can be so frustrating! I miss hearing from you.

  3. Susan Ryan

    I had a huge update on my computer in the last week which has made my computer behave differently. I know that the usual monthly updates are scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month and there is always an adjustment period for me and the computer after those, but there are constant updates, littler ones, that can mess stuff up as well. As much as we love and depend on technology, it is really a PITA when things go off the rails!! Praying for you!!

  4. Launa

    I missed reading #3! Yippee, now I can get going!
    Please enjoy your Apple Day, Mary!
    About 5pm yesterday a huge electrical storm hit along with a gigantic downpour and very strong winds. Couldn’t believe how intense it was. Was still thundering and sprinkling later in the evening.

  5. ada

    I don’t think it is something that you did. I think it happened with that hack. Hope that the Apple Store is able to fix it.

  6. Kathy Hanson

    Praying that you get some help and satisfaction! What a difficult week you have had, thinking of you! 😊

  7. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Here’s hoping! Good luck, and, prayerfully, your wait won’t be long. Your hacker really messed you up. I wonder what joy they get out of that?

  8. Susan Dietz

    You were hacked. That isn’t your fault. I surely don’t understand why people do that. Hope you have a fun trip to the furniture store. Just have an adventure…good adventure.

  9. Diane in WI

    Good luck. At least enjoy the day if you are having the same beautiful weather we are having. The people at Apple should be able to help you. Technology is very frustrating, especially for those of us who like me know not even a thimble’s worth.

  10. Deb

    🙏…and for us…that you get this straightened away and we get to continue in your delightfulness! 💕

  11. Nikki M in Tx

    Hope all goes well.
    Have a dog bed in most every room of house, Ms Maci doesn’t know she is of the K9 persuasion & turns her nose up at them. She prefers a soft quilt or plush blanket….balled up on sofa or chair if that is where I am. She has her own stairs since is so small. Yes, she is spoiled & I have no problem with it.

  12. Diane, Squeak's mom

    Good luck, Mary. I hope they help. I clicked on at 7:30 to no ads and no pics so I clicked out and came back now. Six ads to click and everything is better. Maybe it knows it is going to help at the “doctor”:)

  13. Margaret Jessen

    Hey Becki, . It’s project Number 3. It has been mentioned a couple of times in the blog but easy to miss with all the comments. Hope yours is a fast and easy one. Good Luck Mary!!

  14. Rhoda Ebersole

    It is not anything you did do do not beat yourself up over it. It is a hackster and a virus and this is the age we live in Today


  15. Becki

    Good luck on this journey. When you have time let us know what number project we do for august

    1. Diane in WI

      Connie picked #3. I happened to see it the other day, and checked with Mary about it.

  16. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hope they have an answer for you. this sure has been stressful for you.
    Carolyn B

  17. Diane Bauer

    Sending you all the positive energy and prayers from Colorado!!! Hope the day goes well for you and you come home with a healthy device and some new chairs you absolutely adore!!! Definitely not your fault, Mary. Plus, you’ve been working on it pretty non-stop since it happened. Technology is great until it’s not and then it’s a royal pain in the behind. I wish the hackers could be caught and made to pay (like in community service hours maybe???). Good luck!!!

  18. Mary

    I had to go to Apple store to get back into my iPhone
    Was nervous but a successful trip to a big city all by myself. You will have success. Looking forward to the pictures again. Thanks for all your work

  19. Beth T.

    Enjoy your time in the land of the Geniuses. (I wrote that with only a slight smirk. Those Genius guys and gals are generally really nice company and great at what they do. Hooray for them! I wish more people who were excellent at their job were labelled “Genius” by their bosses.) We are rooting for you, Mary.

    1. Judy

      I “SURVIVED” my Apple Store visit this morn! I woke up to the strange sound of rain in Texas. Rather than snuggle down and stay in bed like most Texans do when it rains, I dressed and fluffed my white hair and took off to Apple. The line outside the door was short and we were all entertained by a 9 week old puppy dancing in circles. Shortly the GENIUSES came out the door to the sidewalk. NO power! When I told Annie what I wanted, she turned and said come with me! Annie took care of me and less than two hours I walked out successFULL! I am SO praying Mary’s day went as well as mine!
      Judy in Texas

  20. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning Mary,
    This will all work out. Just look at this as an educational experience. (Ha!)
    Saying prayers!
    Bonnie In Oregon

  21. Sue in Oregon

    Hmmm Don’t know why the above posted Anonymous. It was me. Maybe I have spooks in my computer too.

  22. Angie from Baltimore

    Trust me the cat beds I have bought and donated are too numerous to mention. Where does she prefer to sleep on paper! Newspaper, package stuffing or window sills but not a commercial cat bed. I donate them to shelters. Might just stop buying them and donate the money. But I keep trying.
    When going to the Apple store I tell them I am not tech savvy and treat me like their mom especially if they love their Mom.

  23. Linette

    Try not to stress over it Mary. We love your photos and it will all work itself out. 🤗

  24. Ellie

    Glad you’re able to go to the Apple Store. They have always been very helpful when I’ve gone for help. I think they like the wait haired ladies who are trying to use technology. It’s like helping their grandmothers!

    None of this was your fault so don’t beat up on yourself.

  25. Linda Mc from IL

    Good Luck. Hope you have success. Technology is great when it works properly!

  26. Marsha from Kansas

    Praying they can help you. Good luck, Mary. We’re pulling for you to get through all of this.

  27. Pat Smith

    I’ll be thinking positive thoughts of you today as you drive to Des Moines. Computer things remain baffling to me, and I think you’ve done such a great job of maintaining your blog in this medium. As I always say, I’m an immigrant in this land. My children are natives. Good luck as we are hoping for a miracle!

  28. Jess in FL

    Sending positive thoughts to you, Mary. Technology is fabulous when it actually works correctly! I agree with Judy, some great people watching can be done at the Apple stores! 😂 Fingers and toes crossed that this issue has an easy solution.

  29. Vicki from West Des Moines

    Keeping our fingers crossed (and a few prayers sprinkled in) that it’s only some minor setting that needs changed!

  30. Judy

    Going to the Apple Store is always an adventure!

    None of this is your fault….it’s just technology. We can do this!!! My laptop has been giving me fits for almost a year and I do NOT want to loose all these photos! I have done my research, now to make the purchase!

    Take notes at the Apple Store – it is one of the greatest people-watching-places! We will all be amused!
    Happy shopping!
    Judy in Texas

    1. Jess in FL

      Hi Judy! I had issues with my laptop and was afraid I’d lose all my photos and videos. I went to, a free storage site for all pics and videos that can be accessed from all devices. I’ve been using them for at least 4 years now and no longer worry about losing those memories.

    2. Shirley

      Back up your pictures before do you do anything. Flash drive available at Walmart $ 24 warranty $ 4.00. Then you have something physical as well as the cloud, if you are using that.

      Donna and Shirley —Montana

      1. Judy

        Shirley and Donna in Montana,
        Ah, yes, have external hard drive back up! Gotta save so many memories!
        Judy in Texas

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