On to the Botanical Garden

Having seen the glass dome from the freeway for years, I had no idea this 7 acre public garden was so beautiful, interesting and educational. Reed and I enjoyed our visit so much even though it was a 90 degree day and even hotter in the greenhouse and the tropical gardens.

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FYI – this is the second time I’ve tried to post these pictures. The first time I captioned each and every one of them. This time I’m taking no chances.

There was a big orchid area – part of the succulent family.

Also a big cactus garden where I saw this pencil tree – mine is nearly this big!

Then we stepped outside to view a Bonsai display.

Gingko biloba – in training since 1865. No kidding, no typo – it said 1865!

Moving on outside where two weddings were taking place – I’ll bet they were hot in their formal clothes.

That waterfall looked good enough to jump in.

We want to go back in the winter when we can enjoy the greenhouse and dome’s warmth and humidity.

Pictures from Connie and the cruise……

Class with Tula Pink.

Class project.

Happy Anniversary to Roy and Connie today!

Tomorrow I will show each plant I brought home and the proper name.

22 thoughts on “On to the Botanical Garden

  1. Kathy Hanson

    There isn’t much else to say but WOW!! What a wonderful place to visit! I love the picture of you and Reed!
    Connie must be having a great time. Will look forward to seeing the plants that you brought home!!

  2. Kim LeMere

    What a great place to go and see more succulents and I sure enjoyed all those pictures

  3. Bonnie McKee

    Beautiful garden and fascinating plants! The Victoria lilys are impressive!
    Connie and friends look like they’re having fun!
    Thanks, Mary, for sharing so many wonderful pictures!
    Bonnie in Oregon

  4. Colleen

    Gosh what fun to go in winter after going in the summer.
    Your pictures are great especially the one with both of you .

  5. Marilyn

    Amazing how lush and big the plants are..so grateful for you to share with us. Safe travels.

  6. Jan B.

    Your pictures are gorgeous of the botanical garden! So glad to see you mentoring Reed on so many different topics. He seems to really enjoy all of it!

  7. Pat

    Thanks for taking the time to post these lovely photos, not only this post but all of them. I enjoy them so much.

  8. Kris Gavin

    Thanks for sharing your journey… funny how we pass by things all the time and when we finally get there we realize we shouldn’t have put it off for so long… lol… my husband loves bonsai, I will have to show him the gingko… crazy horticulture for sure! Thanks for sharing your journeys and adventures, so much fun! The picture of you and Reed is absolutely adorable!

  9. Lee

    Good morning, Mary
    Thanks for sharing your adventures. Over the years I have always been interested in plants. My grandaughter, Nicole, has become interested in plants, especially succulents.
    It warms your heart when you can teach and share your passion with someone. You are blessed. Lee

  10. Janet Snyder

    Reed looks as though he has grown this summer. What grade will he be in when he starts school? You said that Rick was out working in the yard again, is he considered completely healed now or will that be a longer process? Thanks for sharing the Botanical gardens pic. We travel through Iowa to visit our daughter in MN yearly and will try to stop next year. Always looking for something new to see.

  11. Martha Engstler

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! What else can one say about all that beauty in one place. Reed will have so many great experiences to tell or write about in school this year. I’m delighted that you share them with your many readers.

  12. Pamela

    I love plants just like you do. In the past nine years I have made many car trips with my dog. We’ve been to the hill country of Texas to see the wildflowers, especially the blue bonnets. We’ve been to Mackinac Island to see the lilacs, to Callaway Gardens to see the azaleas, and also to the Biltmore Estate just to see the azaleas. I watch websites to learn when these areas have peak bloom and then my dog and I head out. I stop at all the botanical gardens and arboretums I can find while on these trips. These wonderful jewels are such good places to get ideas and to broaden your knowledge. (And no, I never leave Sophie alone in the car. If she can’t see it then I can’t see it. She is a great traveling companion. She never complains, no matter how many times I want to stop!)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela – you are my kind of people! You take your dog everywhere you go and never leave her in the car alone! What wonderful trips you’ve taken!

  13. Janie B Lang

    The dome pictures are beautiful! If you’re ever in Milwaukee, the Mitchell Domes are a popular attraction. Three of them, each with a different theme. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

  14. Sue in Oregon

    Beautiful place to visit. Wish I could. Although, I think it would be even more awesome on a sunny winter day.

  15. Launa

    Thanks to you Reed is going to have so many delightful trips to share with his siblings and parents! We Chicken Scratch readers certainly enjoy seeing the tours n reading the Iowa news!
    Looking forward to seeing your succulent purchases next.
    Enjoyed seeing the cruise 🚢 Tula Pink quilt…very lovely.

  16. Pat Smith

    I loved the pictures of the botanical gardens. Stopping in Des Moines for a few days next year after GNR is on my list for sure, but going there to the gardens in the winter would be such a treat. I love your adventures with Reed. He will have things to write about all year long in school.

  17. Ann Barlament

    WOW ~ love those king-kong size Lily pads!!! What a wonderful variety of plants.

    You two take the most interesting trips together!!!

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