On to the Iowa State Fair!

Nolan’s gas engine is going to the Iowa State Fair. I just got this picture.

This was an old gas engine that his grandpa had in the shed – dirty, dusty and didn’t work. Nolan took it completely apart and overhauled it – amazing! And now it has qualified to go to the state fair next month. Wish I could provide more details but I don’t understand engines.

And just a note to all of you who are congratulating me – the only project I helped with was Reed’s quilt and his chickens. That does not mean I’m not proud of all three kids but parents and grandparents played a big part in their success, much more than me. Nobody could be any more pleased than me however.

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Just a quick note to all of you who wrote about roller skating -wasn’t it just the best of times when you were a kid? Roller skating was held over our heads as a reward/punishment. If we did our chores, we’d get to go roller skating, etc. My friend Les just wrote that she remembers being with her family at the skating rink the night before her confirmation. Her mom made her sit on the sideline and study! Haha! What great memories!

Reed and his dad delivered Alta, Eunice and Edna to the fairgrounds late this afternoon and tomorrow morning is the Poultry Show. More news from the fair tomorrow!

27 thoughts on “On to the Iowa State Fair!

  1. Carolyn Boutilier

    Congratulations to Nolan. what a learning lesson restoring this old engine.
    Carolyn B

  2. Angie

    What an accomplishment to go to the state fair. Reminds me of the movie with Pat Boone.
    Everyone should be proud of these kids and what wonderful people they will grow up to be. Yes it does take a village.

  3. Kathy

    Amazing for sure. I had to show the picture to my husband and he said “what he must have learned with that”. And impressed with the paint job too. What an honor to be selected to go into state fair. Thanks for allowing us to share in this excitement as the kids go the fair.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – too bad I didn’t have the “before “picture to show you!

  4. Jean Elliott

    They all are lucky to have you to show them all the wonderful things they can do in addition to what their parents teach them. Boy…..what a great job Nolan did on that engine. First place for sure!

  5. Launa

    Mary…. IT TAKES A VILLAGE!!!

    What a big undertaking Nolan’s engine was. On to the state fair! His family must be so proud!

  6. Linda James

    The kids must be soooo proud!
    Just a word about roller skating. My grown sons were helping me clean out my attic recently and were amazed to find my roller skates. And amazed to learn that skating was a big deal when we were kids. I grew up in the Kansas City area.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – most “kids” today have never roller skated! Bet your boys couldn’t imagine you swirling around the rink!

  7. Kay Christian

    Our 4-H Building is also a former roller rink and most of us still refer to it as that. Congrats on their projects.

  8. Marsha

    Congratulations to Nolan, Reed, and Myra.

    I used to go roller skating with my Girl Scout troop.

  9. Linda

    Mary, you are much too modest. You are a great mentor to those children. You all are very lucky to have each other.

  10. Dee t

    Congrats to the children. You did well with Reed. Nolan must be very mechanically inclined. Good luck to all at State.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee t – Nolan gets that mechanical talent from his dad – who can also fix just about anything! He’s a handy guy to know.

  11. Carrolyn v

    There can never be too many people who care for, love, and show interest in growing children! It takes a village!

  12. ada montessoro

    Congratulations to all involved. I really do like Reed’s quilt. And your mention of roller skating made me remember skate keys. I haven’t thought about them in years. The current generation would not have any idea what a skate key was. Now I’m feeling “old”.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ada – you’re right -kids today would not know what a skate key is! And both Jo and I still have ours tied with a shoelace!

  13. Jo

    👏👏👏👏👏 Congratulations to all those ribbon winners. Here’s hoping all Garner kids do great at state. It’s amazing what a few hours with young minds can accomplish.
    I still have my skate key! It’s still tied with a shoe lace.
    Remember the song, “ I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key”? I think it’s by Melanie Sopka….something like that.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo – I still have my skate key, too – also tied with a shoelace! Haha!

  14. Pat Smith

    What a great day for all three kids, their mentors, parents, and grandparents! As someone else said, it takes a village. These kids have learned to do things so many others never will, and they are so blessed. As for skating, I used to go to Ottumwa Skateland with my friends. It was a great treat that could be rescinded for bad behavior. How we loved it. My girls went to a different rink in the 90’s and loved it just as much.

  15. Colleen

    Just one more proud moment waiting to hear about the poultry judging.
    Every person needs to feel that he/she can do things well and that the people they look up to recognize their achievements.

    You are doing that for these children so I say hurrah for you and your husband.

  16. Jan B.

    Such talented kids! I’m sure all who pitched in to guide these kids are very proud of them! Continued good luck to all! 👍🏻 🤞🏻👏🏻🙂

  17. Debbie

    Nolan’s mechanical knowledge will come in very handy as he grows up-congratulations on going to the state fair!

  18. Donna 🐱

    Congrats to Nolan. And the other two as well, Reed & his sister(?). Nolan’s motor looks nice and I bet he had fun working on it. The other projects were a big accomplishment as well and the chicken names are sweet. Ribbons for all and Iowa state fair is a “big deal” 👍

  19. Susan

    Way to go Nolan! I retired from a major auto manufacturer and we built pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles at our plant. Your picture made my heart happy!

  20. Gwen

    I loved roller skating too growing up. In Nora Springs, Iowa we had a tent rink that was set up every summer. In the winter I remember many school skating parties at the indoor rink in Clear Lake. I gave my four grandchildren roller skates for Christmas a couple of years ago. There is still a rink in Pittsburgh that was opened in 1948. It still looks like it did when it was opened. It was full of skaters and my grandchildren loved it. I would have loved skating too but my knees wouldn’t have been happy. It was so much fun watching them have fun. They all picked up skating really fast. There were a few rinks here when my children were growing up and we all went skating together. Loved it.

  21. Martha Engstler

    Can’t wait to hear about those sweet named chickens. Hope they do as well as the other projects the children won. WOW!!!

  22. Dixie

    Many fun memories entering sewing, cooking and animal projects in the local fair. Great to see kids still participating!

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