One Year Anniversary

It’s been one year since we closed the quilt shop so Connie invited us all for a party.  She always scheduled a “first day of winter” breakfast but it got cancelled many times due to bad weather so the party got moved to fall/Halloween/shop closing anniversary instead.  From left around the table is Jan, Pam, Connie, Kay, Lori, Joann,Mandy and Dawn.  It was fun catching up with everybody, hearing what they’re busy doing, kids’ news, grandkids, new ventures, jobs, and “just think what we were doing last year” conversations.  After our delicious meal we all went to Mandy’s shop, Farm Chick Quilts, on Main Street in Garner.

I thought I would have Sections 8,9 and 10 of Gypsy Wife completed to show you but as I started laying out my blocks, I find that I’m missing several of them.  I have them checked off as being made but I have misplaced them.  Do I keep searching for them or simply remake them which would probably be quicker.

Here is what I have completed – Sections One through Seven.  How is everybody else coming?  When you have your top completed, please send a picture to

For those of you joining the Rug Along in January, have you started cutting 2″ strips?  Please do not use denim or wool for your first rug.  Your 2″ warp strips can be most anything not stretchy like knit.  It doesn’t even have to all match.  Ugly quilting fabric, sheets, lightweight washable fabric is best.  Do not cut a heavyweight fabric for warp.  Warp strips are the strips that go from nail to nail on the frame.  If you have your rug book already, please read pages 1 and 2.

Just 8 more small quilts to make for the book

7 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Nikki Mahaffey

    Had reservations about how this quilt would turn out…must say that it is definitely growing on me..almost to the point that I like it..not there yet but close………I like scrappy but this one scared me..still wondering where the eyes are going to rest………….

  2. Rose Mikulski

    I love your fabric combinations, spent a lot of time reading the quilt to see which fabrics I had and didn’t have and wow those two look good together. It’s like a quilter’s hieroglyph. And to think these fabrics represent only a small portion of your stash. It’s a good thing the shop is closed because I would be calling you to send me some of the print that on the third square in square block, section 5, right hand corner. I was sorry to see you take down the shelves in your studio because I would always enlarge the photo to see what you had on your shelf. Can’t wait to see the rest of the sections.

  3. Billie

    Love the Gypsy Wife Quilt. Too many irons in the fire to even try to do the blocks right now….but in January things should be pretty slow and I want to make a woven rug. I have enough fabric to down size I’m sure it will be fun to use it up!

  4. Margie

    Hi Mary, Even though I don’t know you and never had the chance to visit your now closed shop, I just love getting these emails from you. You are an inspiring woman. I have sort of reached a lull in wanting to quilt. But, your posts make me not want to give up on quilting!! I love seeing your quilts and am sure I could never do a Gypsy wife quilt, but I love the look of yours! Thanks for keeping me inspired.

  5. Joanne

    Mary love the quilt ! Keep looking for your blocks that way I will have time to figure out section 6😄😄.nice seeing everyone get together

  6. Carol

    How you do all you do…we all wonder, all the time!
    For Gypsy’s Wife, make the blocks over and maybe pick colors, a few, that repeat…maybe more yellow and blues? Seems like more yellow on the left?
    Love your color choices…I lack your daring.
    I have to visit Farm Chick Quilts site!

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