Our January Pattern

Our $3.00 pattern for January is small – we want you to be able to get this made in an evening.


Here is Frosty Itty Bitty Quilt, 10″ x 12″

Shown here are two different versions of fabric to give you an idea. This Itty Bitty would look great by your front door or in a specified small space in your kitchen, dining room or even your bathroom. We’ll be offering other Itty Bittys throughout 2019. And what a great little gift to a friend with a birthday in January!

Make one or more but don’t forget our Bullseye Quilt Along starting January 1. I hope there are dozens of you who are going to sew along with us. Connie and I will be sewing right along with you!

Reed and I are spending the day in the quilt shop – Connie says he’s living the dream! He is starting his fair quilt – a scrappy log cabin. And this afternoon we’re going to Algona – which I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

PS – I am still holding an order sent in by M. Camino which has not been sent because she didn’t tell me what she was ordering. I have no email address and I really don’t have time to write her a letter. This order was mailed October 31.

When you send your order for Frosty please include a mailing label. Make your $3.00 check out to Country Threads and mail to the address on our home page or you can s nd cash.

On Friday December Moda is starting their String Along which I may join – Friday is also Clue #6 from Bonnie.

So get organized and excited to sew in 2019!

29 thoughts on “Our January Pattern

  1. Pam Forsling

    Help! I’ve looked thru all my patterns and can’t find the pattern or your email concerning the little red split table topper. The one where the sq. Is split with another fabric thru it. I have all my reds pulled out and no where to go. Thank you so kindly. Happy New Year! I saw all of you emails. I’ve looked back to Oct. , that’s a lot of emails !

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam Forslimg – we actually did this last year so I doubt you can find it. I’m off to church but will write when I get home and give you the measurements and directions

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam Forsling – now if I knew how to use my Apple Pencil, I’d just draw this for you. 5” squares cut in half. Strips cut 1-1/4” x 5”. Sew strip between the two halves and square up to 5” x 5”. Got it?

  2. Diane in WI

    I have this snowman already done. I love it ; I have him out in January with all of my other snowmen. Your pattern was fun and easy to make. I hope you aren’t getting all of the snow from this Midwest storm. We are having extremely high winds and rain.

  3. Barbara

    Hi Everyone, I live in Warsaw, NY and have been following Country Threads for awhile now. Fun to hear from other quilters from my area. Love the stories from The Barn. Looking forward to the Mini’s.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Hi Barbara – it is so fun to know there are other Country Thread groupies near me! You are even closer to me than Diane in Hamburg. I like that we put where we are from so it helps us all connect. Mary has a lot of “Kathy’s” following along so I hope it helps her too! We all might need to meet up when weather isn’t too iffy.

      1. Barbara

        Hi Kathy, That would be fun to meet up sometime and trade quilting stories. I sometimes work in a quilt shop in East Aurora. It’s called The Carriage Quilt Shop and the owner is a good friend of mine. There’s always something going on there plus she carries some really fun fabrics.

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Barbara – I went to your friends lovely quilt shop in East Aurora on a bus trip couple years ago. I remember many years back going to the Fisher Price toy factory in East Aurora too.

  4. Felicia Hamlin

    Wow, Mary! You will have a lot of irons in your fire. I have to look for fa bric that is light/neutral for the bullseye and I hope to have enough scraps for the other colors. Have fun putting the Fair quilt with Reed.

  5. Carol

    I got all my material cut this weekend for the bull’s-eye sew along and I can’t wait, excited!

  6. Jess

    Just a reminder for you and Reed: don’t forget to write down the steps for the fair quilt. I remember you saying how difficult it was to remember what was done so many months later.

  7. Dee T

    I will make the snowman. I am returning to quilting with little things that I can handle since my spine surgeries/pain. Did you own a ceramic studio? I was a teacher/distributor, etc.for many years and went back to sewing to relax.. Owning a business is very stressful and sewing just relaxes me as you probably already know. I wish I could sew 24/7.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee T – take it slow, Dee – this will be a great little project for you! And no, we have never owned a ceramic studio.

  8. Vickie Devore

    I love the snowman!! And can’t wait for the Bull’s Eye — always wanted to do one! Can’t wait to start (like I need anything else — LOL). vickie

  9. Marsha from Kansas

    I love the itty bitty snowman. I, too, have a 12-inch tabletop stand for small quilts. I am not familiar with the itty bitty patterns. Will they all be 12 inches wide or less? I still have a pumpkin and witch small quilt on my stand so “need” the snowman pattern for sure so I can put the stand back out and enjoy a small quilt. Just had two family days and today is our daughter’s birthday. Hope to get back to sewing tomorrow. I have one more border to finish the top of the second ( I believe from around 2000) Thimbleberries block of the month quilt top. I will have 4 laptop sized quilt tops finished this year. Now to get them to a longarm quilter. I’ll be ready for the next Good Fortune Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt clue on Friday. Your Christmas Eve barn pictures were so calming and easy to think about what Jesus’ birth night must have been like. A good moment to stop and give thanks for the real reason for the season. Hope you and Reed had a good day. Can’t wait to see his next project. One of my finished quilt tops this year was Eleanor Burns’ 40th anniversary quilt which used log cabin blocks as the setting blocks. Thanks for continuing to inspire me, Mary.

  10. Sue in Oregon

    I love quick projects, and this one is a cutie. So, I will be sending my $3 soon. Have fun shopping.

  11. Pam Forsling

    Yeah! I have already made this cute guy a few rears ago. The only time I am ahead! Thanks!

  12. Diane Bauer

    I love the Snowman and will be sending an envelope with $3 as well! Love small projects that I can complete in a day or a week. I’ll be looking forward to what else you come up with in the year ahead! This one looks like a great gift project which is something I’m always looking for!

    One question about the Bullseye now that I’ve got most of my fabric cut–when you put together your groups of one of each size, do you try to make sure those four are fabrics that coordinate well or do you put them together entirely randomly? Thanks!

  13. Launa

    Great idea with Iddy Biddys each month or whenever you show a pattern. Enjoy sewing with Reed and your outing afterwards. I’m cutting some 1” strips for a little log cabin and trying to tidy my long brown work table today.

  14. Kathy in western NY

    It’s going to be a great year of sewing – I can tell already! So many fun ones I want to make in the coming year so today I am focusing on cleaning up my sewing area and organizing myself. I look forward to seeing your itty bitty’s monthly as I make them for a stand I use on my mantle as well as ones for MIL’s door at her assisted living facility that I change out per season. I have a snowman one already made a few years ago and I used white fabric that is suppose to glow in the dark but the room doesn’t get enough sunshine to make it glow when the lights are turned off.

    1. Donna

      Hi Kathy!
      I’ve not seen anyone from WNY before. I’ve been following country threads for some time. I love the idea she posts. Where about in WNY are you located? I’m from Hamburg.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        I am in Spencerport, a suburb of Rochester. So we are only about an hour apart! I do comment frequently as I admire Mary immensely for her rescue of animals and I love to send her pictures of quilts I see at shows around here.

  15. Mary Margaret S Rhodes

    Nice snow person! What all patterns are you offering? I have lost track. Thank you.

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