Our Morning Chat

It’s in the mid 20’s here today – I let the goats out and a few of the chickens – feels so good outside! It’s going to change tomorrow morning however. Did some extra barn chores while it felt good outside. Then I tried to cancel my Sirius radio in my van. Have you ever tried to deal with those people?

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I put less than 10,000 miles on my van per year – you all know I don’t go anywhere but Mason City and even though I love the radio stations, $241/year is just too much. And since my credit card was hacked on Valentine’s Day, I don’t want anybody to have the number if they’re going to “automatically” bill me – just too risky!

So now I’m off to Mason City to talk to the Verizon people about a charge that keeps appearing on our bill for something we do not use! Since my terrible experience yesterday, I might as well continue in the heavy negotiation mode – arguing as it’s really called.

Put the Rectangle Wrangle quilt together, added 2 little borders and now I’ll piece the back.

It’s subtle but OK – I want to work on something else! How about a rug? Here are all of my brushed cotton strips left over from my demonstration of twining. Since I’m in the mood to use things up, I guess these strips are next.

Remember when we were talking about the Goat Gazette? Here are the two holders that keep each issue of 20 pages laminated and punched and in order.

Here is the first one – around 1990? Can’t remember exactly.

And the last few issues never got put in – there’s no room anyway!

I will look around and see if we have any left – I know Rick was using them as fire starters in the fireplace – I maybe should stop him from burning them up in case somebody wants a copy. Haha! You know – in the vein of using things up!

Here’s a leaf that fell off one of my succulents and since I didn’t see it, baby plants already started growing!

That’s my chat this morning – lots calmer than yesterday! Wish me luck dealing with Verizon!

99 thoughts on “Our Morning Chat

  1. Judy In MO

    Yes, I have had experience dealing with Sirius. They don’t like to take no for an answer. Good luck with Verizon, they are not easy either.

  2. Kathy in western NY

    You will have to tell me your tactics with Sirius. Some day we will be cancelling mine too. I can’t imagine what people go thru when all their monthly bills are put on one card and it gets hacked and you have that mess to deal with. I am so old fashion and write out checks. I get a lot of spam in my junk mailbox that is so scary when I see the subject line. I am happily married of 50 years and sure don’t want to hook up with a Russian massage man!!

    1. Meri in SoVA

      Thanks for the laugh, Kathy! The Russian massage man has no luck with me, either!!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Glad we laughed! I don’t even have a passport to go meet him but you can’t help but wonder how they seek our emails out when all I look at are quilt blogs!

  3. Ruth Cozad

    I have saved all my goat gazettes and need to go back and reread them. I always looked forward to them in the mail. Ruth in Arkansas

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ruth Cozad – you must have a real stack of Goat Gazettes! Thanks for that support!

  4. LuAnn Dekker

    We have dealt with Comcast and AT & T, they also are hard to deal with.

    Loved the Goat Gazette. Gave it to my Dad when he was failing with cancer, he loved it. Put a smile on his face.. something we seldom saw.

  5. Kathi

    Loved the Goat Gazette! It was time for a cup of coffee and special time for me when it arrived. Thank you for all the effort it took produce it. Truly enjoying your blog now!

  6. Pam in NC

    Love the quilt! Subtle but just enough contrast to see the design. I’m working on a “shirt” quilt too. Cut them all in five inch squares and put lots of rows together. Found one shirt where I thought the fabric was “weak” so sewed some of the pockets over the seams. Plus made whole five inch squares with patches of denim. Going to use it for a couch quilt. Have you used another layer of fabric for batting for this type of quilt since it’s not being made for warmth? I’m trying a layer of muslin. Good luck with Verizon. David and Goliath! HA! Sorry for such a long post.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam In NC – never apologize for a comment – we all love it!

  7. Gloria

    We, too, receive those high renewal Bill’s from Sirus but refuse to pay that muvh6. I tell them I am cancelling..they always need to talk to their supervisor. Usually end up around $119 per year. Hang in there! I hate AT&T!!

  8. Mary Margaret Rhodes

    Oh yes! Deal with Sirius and Verizion. Verizon is easier! Hope you get the job done! I do like the borders on the quilt better than no borders. I did not know they grow on dead leaves like that! Learn something new! Hope it is good day for you!

  9. Deb

    Received the Goat Gazette for many, many years! Absolutely loved it, looked forward to it and tried to read it cover to cover if time permitted the evening it came!!!!!! It was delightful!!!! Thank you for all those years of joy!

  10. Mary

    I’m just getting ready to make a rug, too. Just studied your book and video this morning. Getting the fabric prepped now. Tired of all the odds and ends of fabric. Need to use them up, and I need new rugs in my kitchen, so that’s my goal for the weekend–to get a rug started…. Now we’ll see if it happens : ) Great book and video, by the way!

  11. Lynn Lahr

    I agree Sirius is impossible. Cancel it then soon you will get coupons in the mail to renew for 6 months for $30. That is what we usually do. It is nice when on a trip and we do enjoy the stations. OnStar is just as bad. Last time I called to cancel they gave me 6 months for half price. Stand your ground. All the credit card stuff is scarey. Loved the Goat Gazette. Passed it around to several people. That must have been a lot of work to put together.

  12. Diane Bauer

    Comcast is my nemesis. I dread having to make that call. Verizon has been a bit easier for me to deal with. Good luck!! I had Sirius when my Pilot was new, but never paid their fee.

    I like the subtle nature of the shirt quilt and agree, the borders were a good addition! I’m definitely in the ‘use it up’ mode too—find it fun to see what emerges from the scraps of something else!

    Glad you’re having a bit better weather! Our grass is finally re-emerging from under the last snow. Spring is coming! I’m quilting Little Harvey today and will be hanging him up immediately to remind me Spring is coming!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – and how is Pete? We keep hearing about all the snow in Colorado. My friend, Jane London, moved north of Denver from MI last year and there wasn’t even enough snow to ski – this year she’s thrilled. Do you remember her on Talk Radio in Denver?

  13. Helen G

    love that quilt! perfect for a guy. Good luck with Verizon. After advertising some discounted usage for those affected by the hurricanes, they have double charged us for the little time we had to use them. They are all scavengers! And Sirius, don’t get me started. We dropped it a long time ago due to the high fees they kept tacking on. Have a wonderful day and I hope you get to warm up soon!

  14. Joyce

    I would LOVE The Goat Gazette..!!! I’m like you when it comes to dealing with people.. Once I’m crabby to put it lightly.. may as well get em all out of the way. And I Don’t settle! I’ve found a phrase of That’s not an Option.. to be beneficial when negotiating! Ha.. what ever happened to the customer is always right..?? I could soo easily become a hemitress… lol

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    I never got a Goat Gazette but they do look like fun.
    My advise when dealing with techie stuff, keep asking for a supervisor and NEVER ok them to put you on hold. Ask for the supervisors direct line number. Ask for their names and spelling, keep notes with dates and time. Every time you get a new person, get their name and number and record the date and time you talked to them. If you do get put on hold, record the beginning time and how long you were on hold before you got cut off or someone answered.
    All of that info will be effective if you have to call the Public Service Commissioner, your state senator, or representative in Washington DC.
    Yes, it’s a pain in the neck, but it works.
    Good luck.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – YOU GO, GIRL!!! I need to take lessons from you! Keeping the notes would be crucial!

      1. Diane in Central Ohio

        I agree. Write everything down—names, dates, even times, and status as in clerk, supervisor etc. We switched from Verizon to Consumer Cellular and have had no problems, much cheaper, and it even works in Amish country. After you quit Sirius, you will be able to wall paper your entire house with all of the offers they send.

        A thought, would you and Connie have one last garage sale? Those of us who never got to Country Threads might get there😃😃. The shirt quilt is really neat. It turned out beautifully.

        The Goat Gazette was so much fun the way you wrote upside down and sideways!! The content was great with patterns, recipes etc. I loved it. If you have time, read my comment in the last blog. 😃

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Diane – yes, I did – you’re starting the Bullseye – good for you! I also remember you got a Niagra Falls ad – a coincidence???

  16. Betty Klosterman

    What a wonderful “spring” day, or at least close. It just to feel as good to the critters as it does to us. I really don’t mind shoveling snow when it isn’t too cold or really windy. If the animals are shedding their winter coats, better weather can’t be far behind.
    As for your blue plaid quilt. It really does grow on a person, especially with it’s subtle diamonds, It is a perfect man’s quilt. Of course, blue is always good. It is kind of out of your comfort zone of colors and patterns, but never fear, somebody will really love it.
    Our comfort zones are so hard to conquer. Personally the KF fabrics are wayyy to busy for me. I get exhausted just looking at them. My mind is on overload just trying to focus. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a neutral background and just 1 focus fabric and big pieces. Each to their own.
    We’ve got an ice/snow/strong wind storm coming in tonight lasting thru Sunday. And another big storm on Monday, but they don’t know what that will be yet. The wind is the worst. I’ll just stay inside till it lets up.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – yup, same storm coming to us! I got supplies today and I hope church is not a question – good or bad roads as long as it isn’t questionable Sunday morning. Listening to local news and weather – they’re also talking about how nice it is outside at 22 degrees. Haha! Guess we’ve gotten used to frigid weather.

  17. Deb

    Life has gotten very complicated and trying to deal with businesses that provide services is very frustrating. They take every penny they can from you, then when you’ve had enough and cancel the service, suddenly they can find a lower price! We’ve decided to try to keep life as simple as possible and cut out all the unnecessary perks. Wish I followed you when the Goat Gazette was published! Love your rugs…….will be looking forward to see your colors.

  18. Mary

    I have never had much success dealing with Verizon. I suggest if you do not get anywhere with them you notify your bank you want to stop all automatic payments to them. Or at least threaten to do that if they play hared ball with you. I wish you luck, let us know how it goes.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – Verizon is a dream compared to Sirius – in fact we have Aguilera

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – Verizon is good to work with – we actually have one guy who helps us and knows us. He’ll even answer a text from us! They get a blue ribbon from me today!

  19. Pamela in Missouri

    I got a bill from Sirius for $227 and decided I didn’t want to spend that much money. Called to cancel and they offered it to me for $107. I was surprised at a lower offer so I paused for a bit. Next thing I knew he was offering it to me for $97. Now I caught on and slowly answered, “ No….I still don’t want to pay that much.” Then he offered it to me for $72. I was now really perturbed. I wouldn’t have taken it if he gave it to me. He was NOT happy when I flatly refused.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela in Missouri – I got the very same prices offered to me! Disgusting!

  20. Elaine Nixon

    Loved reading your Country Threads ad in the Goat Gazette. Brought back a lot of memories of quilting back then. Reproduction was king and your place a dream. Made a few basket lids. Love “our chats”. Take care. Elaine in Abbotsford, British Columbia

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Elaine Nixon – love that you’re reading in British Columbia!

  21. Launa

    My husband always says I AM RECORDING THIS CALL after a company says , This call is being recorded. Some get really upset over it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – oh, what a good idea! I’m going to remember that!

  22. Diane in Maryland

    I like your quilt with the borders and subtle is nice! Yep, been there with Sirius too. We traded one car with it about 6 months of Sirius left on it and with the purchase of the new car got 6 months free. Talk about a nightmare getting the 6 months I already had put on the new car! If there’s a next time, I’m going to have it in the deal that the dealership has to have it transferred. Ha! I still have it but won’t give them my credit card number for auto renewal which I know they don’t like but I figure some day when I don’t want it anymore and they don’t get any money, they will give up and turn it off! No tickie – no laundry thought! Good luck with Verizon. At least you can go talk to someone face to face. Our only option is over the phone and I can’t believe they have as many “departments” as I have been transferred to when I have to deal with them! I often wonder if it is the same person telling me to hold on while they transfer my call to someone who can help me! Don’t you just love how they ask you if there is anything else they can help you with?
    I am going to stop whining over it being about 40 degrees when you are happy that it feels good at 20!
    Using up our fabrics and supplies must be Spring Cleaning for quilters!

  23. Dianna

    Is your rug book and video still available? I need to use up a lot of fabric scraps too.
    Just made a new curtain for our 1/2 bath. Looked in the stash and found the perfect combination, one Fat quarter from years ago has $.25 sticker on it. Good to save things!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dianna – yes, rug book and dvd is $20 including postage. Want to make a rug with me?

  24. Mary

    I loved getting the goat gazette! I shared it with friends here in Anchorage, AK.

  25. Sarah

    Sirius was offered free for three months when we bought our car and we kept it for a few months after. It was great while driving through beautiful but remote parts of Nevada. Once home we cancelled it without much problem but, like Pamela in Missouri, we then were flooded with low price offers, with each being lower than the one before. I, too, was miffed that I had paid the higher cost when others were getting it for less.

    I try to write checks for all subscriptions so they aren’t automatically renewed. I know they are required to notify in advance that an automatic renewal is coming up but sometimes I’m not johnny-in-the-spot. Then I found I had been swept into another year of this or that by not paying closer attention.

    Good luck today!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sarah – I had not seen a renewal notice but guess what? I found them in my junk mail after a search and after I’d hung up. They can send any number of bills – but since my credit card was hacked last month and was cancelled, they don’t have my new credit card number – yahoo!!!

  26. Linda B

    Oh I miss the Goat Gazette! Always a fun read! I loved your animal stories and your book reviews.
    Your rectangle wrangle is subtle and the softness of the blues look so cozy!
    Good luck with Sirius, and don’t trust them to cancel. A few years ago I did a one time renewal for my husband on my car while he was traveling. The service rep asked if I wanted to keep my card on file and I told him no, he said ok. A year later without warning, I had a $200+ charge on my account! Crooks!

  27. Sandy Pierson

    Dealing with Sirius is never any fun. Keeping good thoughts for you.
    Speaking of The Goat Gazzette, our dogs made one issue! I loved reading that.


  28. Donna Campbell

    And I thought I was the only one who preferred a simple lifestyle . . . I even canceled my cable and get by with rabbit ears and a few local stations!
    I too, wish I followed you when the Goat Gazette was being published. I would love to have a copy to see
    what I missed if you find some.
    Quilters are the greatest! Next would be book lovers.

  29. Dianne M Cook

    I know what you mean. I am tired of our credit card companies trying to sell us extra that we don’t need. I phoned and complained about one yesterday and after being cutoff once, I tried again and finally talked to a lady who actually helped. She said I could have our telephone number removed and we shouldn’t get any more calls. I wish I could stop all the recorded ones too. They wanted to sell us this extra protection for another twenty dollars a month. How unnecessary. I still have several copies of your Goat Gazette and enjoy looking at them from time to time.
    Still waiting for a surgery date. Have had quite a few cards from your blog followers. What a wonderful bunch of ladies.

  30. Donna Sproston

    I loved the Goat Gazette and received just a few issues before you stopped publishing it. What an intensive labor of love. I loved the jokes. Perhaps you should just include one of those now and again! There were some greatv recipes as well. I was always reminded of the news from Lake Woebegone!

  31. Holly in TH

    I loved the title of this post–our morning chat! That’s just what it feels like to me, too.

    I had heard of the difficulties of dealing with Sirius so we never took the service after the free trial and a year and a half later we’re still getting mail solicitations from them. I was tempted to take it just for a trip we were taking, but decided against it due to the trouble canceling and the price. Like you, I typically don’t drive far–way less than 10,000 miles a year. And Verizon, like all those phone/internet companies–no fun at all. It takes persistence and insistence and can drive me to eating way too much chocolate as a stress relief. I have spent hours on the phone trying to get something done, get a promise that its’ taken care of, and then nothing happens. Feel your woman power and go get ’em!

    I LOVED the Goat Gazette! I was usually picked one up at the shop and was a subscriber as well. I kept them for years, but they may have been a victim of the purge for a big move. I know I still have some of the patterns you published in there. It was so fun then, like now, to hear your news.

    What a cute little leaf! I’d have to give those hopeful little plants a chance.

  32. Jo

    Sirius!!&&%$. I ended up canceling my credit card to stop my auto payment. Kept telling me when I called they had no record of my account. It didn’t take them long to find my account info when they didn’t receive payment.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo – there’s a beautiful point here – remember my hacked credit card? That’s the number they have! Haha!

      1. Sherry Whalen

        Mary, next you will probably be getting telephone threats that they are going to cancel your Sirius subscription, because the credit card number they have on file doesn’t work – even though you called them to cancel!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Sherry Whalen – remember my credit card was hacked and cancelled? Well, guess what – that’s the number they have and I’m not about to give them my new one!

  33. Deb - SW Minnesota

    My husband always has me deal with anything we want to cancel. He is such a teddy bear and can’t say no to anyone (except me, haha). He went to the cancel our hard line phone twice and they talked him out of it both time. I went in the 3rd time and took care of it. He is such a softie. We got Sirus when we bought our car for one year. I never paid the full price when renewing and would never give them permission to automatically charge my credit card. In fact, I got another free year when they did one time – I was mad and they knew it. Had the snow removed from our roof earlier this week – was getting scared of the weight and really didn’t want to add more weight to it and have the rafters break. Expecting another 8 – 12″ of snow tomorrow. A snow day is a sew day!!!!

  34. Kate

    I don’t subscribe to anything when they take money out of my account monthly, because it is in their best interests to keep you paying which is why it’s so hard to get rid of any service paid that way. I don’t do well talking to companies that make it hard for you to stop their services. I have been known to yell at the recording when I could not get a human to talk to. I hope you get your problem resolved to your satisfaction. $241 sounds like an awful lot just to listen to the radio. I listen to our local station and get all the news I ever want to know on it. I loved getting the Goat Gazette. It was the best newspaper I’ve ever read!

  35. Bonnie Crane

    I haven’t gotten past your first paragraph and have to answer. Yes, we had Sirius a number of years ago. Rarely used it so my husband called to cancel. Got some gal in another country who could barely speak English and she told my husband we weren’t allowed to cancel. What the heck??????

    I took the phone and called their number. Broken English again. I said we wanted to cancel the service, got an argument so I hung up. From then on I repeatedly called the toll free number, asked what country they were in and if it wasn’t the U.S. I said thanks anyway and I hung up. Finally got someone in the United States and cancelled our service. Dealing with those people is a nightmare but hang in there.

  36. Karla Hein

    I loved your Goat Gazette!!! Read it cover to cover and I couldn’t wait for the next issue to arrive. Kept me so motivated to quilt! Glad you are keeping the blog going…I live farm life vicariously through you. My grandparents were farmers in Wisconsin and lived our summers there. Karla

  37. Margaret Jessen

    Mary, Your rectangle wrangle turned out–beautiful. I would love to get some copies of the “Goat Gazette”. How can we make that happen? 69 degrees in Dallas today but due to change in a few days.

  38. Donna

    Yes, I cancelled Sirius…NOT easy, but stuck to my guns…then was offered a greatly reduced deal…I resisted…& finally was able to cancel with a $4. Credit. LOL Now they are sending great offers to rejoin…as you said I liked it for long trips, but go maybe twice a yr, not worth it.

  39. Sue in Oregon

    After reading all the reports here about Sirius, I think you need lots of luck. What a horrible company.

  40. Jan

    $30 bucks for six months is the limit I’ll pay for Sirius XM. Stay on the phone, tell them you’re cancelling and you will get a better rate after speaking with 3-4 people.

  41. Susan Lenz

    If you really like your Sirius radio,you could do some negotiating with price. I quit it about three years ago,and they keep offering to cut the price. The last offer was $6.00 per month.A great savings from what they were charging you! I think they are really hurting for business. Just FYI.
    I love reading your blogs and seeing all that you are up to. Thank you for taking the time to share.
    P.s. I still miss your shop. A road trip from MN was always fun! Good times.💗

  42. Cathy Platzer

    My husband Dwayne, does every year. He calls to cancel and then gets a discount, because I only listen to a few channels. He also refuses to give them his credit card. Good luck Mary.
    Cathy Platzer

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cathy – I am going to resist giving out credit card number to everyone since my last problem!

  43. Nancy A Poole

    I know what you mean about getting stuck with what you don’t need and they won’t turn it off. ADT security had us locked in 2yr contract. $600 a year. When I canceled they argued my home insurance would go up. I checked $60 increase on home insurance vs $600 to them. Called me back 3 times to insist I continue.
    Keep up the negotiation mode. Love your updates.

  44. Martha Engstler

    It’s Snowing again here in southern Pennsylvania. Next week I think we will be having a heat wave. Sixty one day. I have a bunch of Goat Gazettes which I treasure. Can’t imagine the time it must have taken to put that together. Thanks for then and now.

  45. Sharon Lowy

    I finally asked Sirius if they understood English. I told them my answer was “NO!”. I finally got it stopped and I now spread their mailers. I liked it but it was an expense I was not going to incur.

    Goodluck with Verizon. I have always been able to work with them pretty easily.

    Sharon in Illinois

  46. Beryl BC

    I also looked forward to the Goat Gazette coming and read it cover to cover. I still have many of them. One of these days I’m going to finish the mystery quilt that was in for several months.

  47. Sandra Fraenkel

    I love that you have a all of the Goat Gazettes! I loved them!! Hate to say it, but I had no problem cancelling Sirius…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandra Fraenkel – I got a very sweet gift from you today! Thank you! Quilters are the best kind of friends anywhere!

  48. Tina W.

    We had Sirius for six months on a new vehicle but didn’t listen to it much. While driving thru the Columbia Gorge and eastern Oregon, there are a few spots without coverage. Any more I just listen to an audio book or hit “scan” on the radio until something comes thru that I like.
    Your quilt is wonderful! I’ll have to start collecting shirts from the thrift stores! Oh good! Another project!
    It’s a beautiful sunny 35 degrees in Pendleton today. Just hope the snow doesn’t melt too fast. What a mess that would be.

  49. Julie Burkhardt

    I just cancelled my XM radio subscription in my car yesterday. Of course they made me an offer they were sure I would take, but I am listening to Pandora streamed through my phone for free.

    Mary, I was only paying $33 for 6 months..everytime my subscription was going to expire, I called to cancel. I negotiated with them for 6 years and never paid a higher price. I told them I was going to cancel if I didn’t get the same price I was currently paying. Worked everytime.

  50. Carol Price

    I loved the Goat Gazette! Would love to have all in book form! Just to read and laugh! Just can’t find anything like it thes days! Thank you for the memories. It really lifted my spirits!

  51. Connie

    Loved your Goat Gazette. Wish I would have saved all the copies. I too, pay my subscriptions by check so the company can’t automatically renew. May be “old fashioned” in this tech age but, it works for me.

  52. Betty Klosterman

    It’s me again. Something good has come from the rain in California. The drought is OVER!! That was on the news tonight. This should help keep the fires out.
    I have a Country Threads Cook Book… Remember? And about 8 Goat Gazettes, too. I’m going thru a bunch of boxes I filled when company was coming. There are some really neat things in there.
    In the meantime, I’m all set to watch “Joyfull Noise” tomorrow about 11 MT time on CMT and watch the storm out the window. 40 mph gusts. Oh, for drifting.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – those fires were terrible last year- I hope this year’s rain takes care of it for those poor people.

  53. Carol

    Sirius is a nightmare!!! When I purchased my car it was included for three months. I canceled at the end of the three months, but that was two years ago and I still get offers mailed to me all the time. I also started getting numerous telemarketing phone calls and they have not given up either. I think Sirius sells phone numbers to others because I get multiple robo calls a day ever since I canceled my Sirius radio. It is so bad and they are so annoying, that if I ever purchased a new vehicle again I am going to insist that the dealership take the Sirius radio off of my vehicle before I drive it out of the lot.

  54. Judy

    Love your finished quilt. The border adds to it.
    Never pay full price for Sirius! I always call a few days before they will bill me for the next year. If we can’t agree on a price, they tell me to call back in a few days. Also, I always make sure that I know what the final price will be after all of the fees. My husband likes Sirius in his vehicle, but it is not worth it in mine. I’m averaging under 4000 miles a year on my car. Pandora and I get along fine. Dish for our TV can also be talked into discounts. It is time to call them again. If I have a problem, I always hold out for a discount on my bill. I don’t need the extra movie channels they try to give me at a discount.

  55. Jennie Cruzan

    I really enjoy reading your post and have a blast making the Bullseye quilt. Would enjoy reading the Goat Gazette. We did not renew Sirius because of cost. Have a blessed week.

  56. Paula Philpot

    I do Sirius but I send a check every few months. With the newer cars the regular stations don’t work that well….I have a basket full of Goat Gazette. When it came I would stop and read it cover to cover. It was just a stress reliever to set and imagine all you had going on with the farm…you do not realize how much you impacted people over the years in such a wonderful way. A couple years ago, I went back thru them looking for the recipes…..Love your posts everyday….Paula in KY
    Got my Harvey pattern yesterday.

  57. sandy

    Hi Mary…..
    You do such a wonderful job on your blog……I enjoy all the stories & your photos 🙂

    I retired from Verizon, If you are still having problems, let me know……sometimes charges are mixed in with bundles & can be confusing…..maybe I can help

    enjoy your weekend!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – no problem with Verizon – we have a guy who knows our account pretty well.

  58. Sandra

    I would love to purchase some of your old goat gazette newspapers . Please let me know if you decide to sell some.I remember how much I enjoyed reading them.Have a great weekend.The snow is gone from my yard. I see green grass.Wonderful.

  59. Diane in WI

    I looked forward to getting the Goat Gazette. The articles and stories were always interesting. I shed a few tears over some of the animal stories. I remember one particular issue the had stories about what people said in court. My husband and I had some good laughs from those. Hope you get your tech problems cleared up. We could get up to an inch of rain on top of our frozen, icy snow. Have a good day.

  60. Sharon Lowy

    2 books for the list:

    The Glass Ocean (NY Times Bestseller) by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig and Karen White
    this is Historical fiction about the Lusitiania and really a great read.

    Find Me Gone by Sarah Meuleman
    I can usually figure out what is happening but this page turner didn’t let me in on the outcome until the end!

    Sharon from Illinois

  61. Connie

    I would also be interested in purchasing some of your old Goat Gazettes if you decide to sell.

  62. Ruth

    Well, it sounds like you have a new book option – The Goat Gazettes, by Mary and Connie! How fun it would be to read a newspaper so many of us missed entirely, and others still long to read again.
    P.S. Try buying a med. flat rate box and see how many fat quarters it takes to fill it. I’ll bet you could sell it for at least twice the flat rate of $14.35, maybe more. The fabrics would be so different and of good quality too. I’d go for green shades of fabric, it’s my favorite color.

  63. Julie

    FYI—if you call Siriius and say you’re going to cancel your subscription they want to keep you so bad that they are willing to negotiate. My dad gets it every time for $99.00 this way! He’s a great negotiator–even with furniture! Always gets great deals!

  64. Li

    His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

    If you are piecing like crazy or machine quilting, get lost in the audio book.
    There are seven more books elaborating on the story. Throne of Jade, Black Powder War, Empire of Ivory, etc.

  65. Janice Brown Suttons Bay

    Hi Mary, Really love the Rectangle Wrangle quilt . . . can’t wait to see it after it is quilted. Woke up today (Sunday morning) to snow. Hoping the snow season will end pretty soon, and we start to get warmer temps.

    Never had the opportunity to read the Goat Gazette. My loss. I’d love to see them published in a book. It would be a wonderful read.

  66. Ann Barlament

    Your “rectangle wrangle” speaks to me and it’s not just a guy quilt! Love how the succulent leaf sprouted babies! Regardless of it’s dried up state, it continues to live by sprouting new life!!

    In 1995, I had problems getting my cable company to cancel. Finally I removed the box and physically showed up on their doorstep. I told them I was saving my money for a trip to Australia. A year later, I mailed them a postcard from Australia and said, I was able to save more money than expected so I extended my vacation to 6-weeks (just me getting in that last dig). And 24 years later, I still don’t miss that cable bill!!

  67. Vikki

    I’ve never had a problem with Sirius. In fact, I had cancelled it with no problems and then last Christmas my daughter & SIL were home for the holiday and used my car to travel out of state to visit other relatives and I was able to contact Sirius and reconnect (while they were driving) within 10 minutes and for $4.99/mo for a year. I worked in customer service for a telephone company for years and it’s amazing what a little kindness, politeness, and positive tone in your voice can accomplish!
    Loved my subscription to the Goat Gazette. You and Connie were always the friendliest shop owners I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and taking a class from!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vikki – evidently the friendliness I was able to convey in the quilt shop didn’t carry over when I had to deal with Sirius! Haha! When she got down to $64/year I was so frustrated I still said no and probably would have stayed on for that price.

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