Our Number Threes – 8-1-2020

Here is a Connie’s #3 – she says she was going to make it as a shop model all those many years ago.

Here’s mine – I bought a small assortment of African prints somewhere and started a sampler as far as the fabric would take me, using Tula Pink’s Modern Quilt Blocks.

And Jan Hebert, does this little dog look familiar? The ears you described sounded different however.

Dirty Dozen Finishes

Several more patterns have been posted in the store and I’m working on a couple projects that will go in the “quick” category – not beginner category because I’m not a beginner yet I still love making these small easy quilts.

A young person I used to know pieced these four patches and I finished it.

I quilted two more this afternoon and we will get them written up and scanned into the store in the “quick” category.

Meet George – George who doesn’t even know his name. He’s a foster dog that came on a transport from Texas. His information just doesn’t fit this sweet guy’s true personality. His only fault since he arrived is that he loves to chase my chickens but he’s learning.

His info says he’s 6 years old (I think he’s older), his name is George (he doesn’t even turn around when his name is called), they said he just likes to sleep in his bed all day – that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m betting he was so depressed, all he could do was sleep. He has put on several miles today in and out many times. He also jumped right up in a chair – he didn’t even hesitate. He slept all night in the bed last night with Hazel and me, not barking once nor stirring around to get more comfortable. This dog is accustomed to sleeping in a bed with an owner. Oh, I wish he could talk!!!!!

This was his photo shown online – so sad.

Oh, how I wish someone I knew would adopt George so I could see him blossom in a new home. I said I’d never foster again – and that worked until I saw George’s sad face.

Church tomorrow morning and then more of the same. More. Of. The. Same!!!!!

34 thoughts on “Our Number Threes – 8-1-2020

  1. Vickie Lemonds

    Oh, Mary! Bless you for taking this beautiful old dog into your home. He looks very tired and unhappy. I know if anyone can turn his life around, it’s you. I’m an unapologetic dog lover, so thank you, thank you for giving him happy days until he can find his furever home. You’re doing a VERY good thing.

  2. Carla

    Not sure if you will read this, Janice Herbert, but look for The Last Homely House over on youtube. Kate showed how to make those pillow dogs some time ago on her channel. I was reminded of them instantly when I saw the quilt.

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    All the dd’s are so fun to see. Love “All cooped up”. Sounds like our house.
    I worked at the quilt shop today and didn’t feel too good when I got home…I’m hoping it’s from wearing a mask all day. If I feel like this tomorrow, I’m going to get worried.
    I think the foster papers have a lot of guesses. We will say a prayer George finds a great home soon.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Sue in Oregon #5 All Cooped Up sure made me look. I put that top together at least 30 years ago and never got any further. It is hanging on the back of the door….. That is what I really like about the quilts that people make. There are so many different ideas and tastes and they are wonderful to see. We get such a variety. Keep it up, ladies. Your efforts are appreciated. I may have to go check the back of that door?

    1. M Sue Smith

      Betty, I hope you will check and let us (me) know. It is an oldie, I think early 90s, but a cutie. I started mine so long ago and never finished it. Now, thanks to Mary, I have. I did change the borders to an easier method, though, so I am wondering if you followed the actual pattern.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        I looked behind the door and found 11 small/miniature quilts, several that are all HAND SEWN. That includes Hen Party, 1994, which is sewn by hand following complete pattern including border….. Of course, I never got it quilted, but what else is new? Mine looks very much like the model. Just imagine what we would find if we looked on the bottom of all the piles of stuff in the closets, etc? There is another paper pieces chicken pattern from Country Threads Barn patterns. Was going to make the coop with each chicken setting on the nest in her box….. got lots of neat chickens waiting….. I still love chickens.
        I don’t know if I can sent a picture via the computer as haven’t had any luck and I’m still in the 20th century….. Betty

  5. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    The pictures are great!
    You are a truly kind person, Mary. I am sure George wonders how he was so lucky to land at your home. 🥰

  6. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    The quilt show today was wonderful. Even George is a hit.
    To Sue in Or.–your quilt is wonderful, but those blue hydranges behind the quilt are out of this world. Beautiful!!

    1. Sue in Oregon

      Thank you, Kathy. In Oregon we get only blue hydrandeas. If we want pink we must add lots of lime.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rhodylvr – I have said this to Rick – he just doesn’t seem to hear me!

  7. Mary Says Sew!

    Oh, Mary, I teared up as I looked at George’s photos and read his story. So so very sad. I wonder if his owner died or had to give him up. No wonder he was depressed! I also think he’s an older dog. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live closer to you. Thank you for fostering George. It won’t surprise me if he perks up with some time and your excellent care.

  8. Dorothy

    I agree with you that “George” is older than 6. I wish I lived closer so I could scoop him up and give him a “furever” home. Thank you for taking him in. You are a hero

  9. Bea

    Hi Mary
    Thankyou for fostering George. He looks like a very sweet dog. You are so kind to foster him. I pray he gets a home.
    Thankyou for your blog. God bless this USA.
    Bea knight

  10. Sandy

    Hi Mary, George is lucky to spend time with you and Hazel, hope he gets adopted soon. Have had half a quilt show, sometimes the photos take time to appear. My DD 3 is the KFC quilt( chickens), so hope to finish that this month,take care everyone, best wishes from sandy

  11. Kathy in western NY

    Always a delight to open the email from you to a quilt show!!! Nice fabrics and pretty pictures.
    And George is so happy to have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. I just can’t imagine coming from a home to a noisy chaotic shelter and the stress it does to a dog or cat. When I saw our little dog trembling in a cage at the shelter I couldn’t get it out of my mind over all the very loud barking of other dogs around him. I knew the next day I couldn’t drive fast enough to go back and bring him home. Never regretted giving him a happy home to live out his life. So maybe Letting George live out his life with you will be enough for now so you won’t want to rescue more for awhile. I know how you want to save as many as you can. Bless you and the others who give truly to do this. My hero’s.

  12. Lois Ann Johnson

    Seeing George made me think of my “Lady,” who was 9 yrs. old when I rescued her from a shelter several years ago. Lady was a black lab; she lived 2 more years before going to the Rainbow Bridge. I vowed “no more dogs.” But then I saw a photo of Bailey, who was in a shelter in Ft. Dodge, looking so forlorn. I couldn’t stand it, so drove over to get her. That was a year ago. She is thriving now and yes, she does sleep in my bed with me. I pray that George will find a loving, forever home soon. He deserves no less! Thank you, Mary, for your loving kindness to all the animals.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lois Ann Johnson – George is settling in here nicely, poor thing. If someone came along who could give him a really good home, I’d feel better about letting him go back but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that. Yes, Bailey looks pretty happy in every picture I’ve seen of her!

  13. Diane in Maryland

    I thought George looked comfy on that lovely rug! I wish he could talk too! I truly love seeing the beautiful quilts everyone does and getting a look into your homes and neighborhoods. We are a fortunate bunch to live is such a beautiful country. That said, I have been telling friends and family that I feel like I am living Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day” movie! Who knew I would be so excited waiting for the next Dirty Dozen number to be pulled! I could hardly wait until yesterday morning…haha Now remember, these projects have been in the cupboard for a long time so why haven’t I gotten them out?! It’s just great having a “surprise” when every day seems to be a repeat of the day before…haha! My number 3 is another small project that I picked up from a local quilt shop during a Shop Hop. An original pattern by that shop that they offered for free during the shop hop. I bet many of you are like me who also like to purchase something from each shop when I go on Shop Hops. So – free pattern needs a little fabric. I’d put it all together and then it would be all ready for me to begin…sometime. I have quite a few of these “quick and easy” kits that I was going to do! I know I am not alone and it’s comforting..haha

  14. Li

    Your description of George’s charming personality reflects a life I am sure he is missing deeply. Spending time fostering and writing about these efforts is what makes reading your posts a heartwarming experience. Thank you.

  15. Gloria B.

    George is a sweetheart. I’m with you and others that wondered if he might be deaf. It sounds like he’s settled in nicely with your family. You have a huge heart to welcome him in.

  16. Deb Enders

    Bless you for fostering George! That’s how we got our 3rd dog – a pup who was hit by a car about 2 weeks before he was found. Luckily the group took him to UC Davis and they did surgery. We took him in as a foster, and when they called 2 weeks later to ask how he was doing, our son said “we’re keeping him!” and ran down to pay the fees and make it official. Now he runs with joy, with his 6 inch scar, but he’s the most affectionate dog. Our girls have pretty much gotten used to him now, but the oldest still scolds him for being so frisky from time to time. All 3 are rescue dogs.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb Enders – I think George might have to end up staying here, too. He’s just too sad to return to the shelter and he’s adjusting well to our home and routine. There won’t be many people looking for an old sick dog.

  17. Lynda Hill

    This is late but I would also like to see “adopt don’t shop” in the online store. I think it would be a great banner for my local animal shelter. I will probably buy any animal pattern that I I don’t already have.

    1. Diane and Squeak

      Me, too. I like the Adopt Don’t Shop pattern, too. I have it, I think. Might be next year’s DD!
      I also think George is older than six. He looks so content with you, Mary. This just shows that people should make arrangements for their pets. Our neighbors have a former foster dog that the owner turned over to them when she died. That little dog has just blossomed with our neighbors!!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Lynda Hill – Adopt, Don’t Shop will be in the store soon!

  18. Jane Boyer

    It warmed my heart to see George contently sleeping on your rug. It must have relieved a lot of stress to be in a home situation. He’s been loved at some point in his life and then abandoned. Thank you for taking him into your heart and home.

  19. Chris B in NWPA

    Thank you for taking George home to the farm. He’ll enjoy the big yard & the company
    of the other dogs. You do such a great job welcoming animals. You have a talent for
    taking care of them. The finishes are so well done, and Sue’s flowers are simply
    gorgeous. Great quilt show!

  20. Teresa

    George is a handsome guy and he deserves a loving home in his later years. Always breaks my heart to see older pets at shelters, they aren’t often fortunate enough to get adopted. I imagine a shelter has to be similar to us losing our homes and being taken to a prison until we can get back on our feet. Loud noises of metal doors opening and closing all day, the other inmates are loud and shouting at each other and the caretakers, once a day your cell gets hosed down. We’d go into a deep depression too.

    On a happy note, love seeing all the quilts and projects! My college daughter had Covid in July and was sick with changing symptoms for two weeks. She didn’t require hospitalization because she never had difficulty breathing or vomiting but she was pretty sick . Our instructions were to keep her moving throughout the day, push fluids of water and Gatorade or Propel to minimize dehydration, and have her use a bathroom separate from the rest of the household if possible and clean it completely every time she used it. She had a migraine level headache for three days and we were told to only give her Tylenol. She’s doing great now but fatigues easily.

    1. Diane in Maryland

      We are all keeping your daughter in prayer for a complete and speedy recovery! I have heard that it takes awhile to feel completely well so hope she listens to her body and is patient. God bless!

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