Our Visitor, More

Hazel’s BFF, Moe, is here for a few days and I’ve got three happy dogs.

Moe is a golden doodle who has stayed here many times – Hazel loves her!

Yesterday was porch cleaning – all screens, walls, floor and furniture were scrubbed with the power washer and after it dried I started moving the furniture back in. I no sooner covered the couch with this clean cover than I had two muddy footed dogs laying on it.

Our power gate continues to be abused by visitors who think they should try to push it open! Pushing on a power gate only takes the “spring” out of it so it won’t close tightly and the bigger the gap in the opening, the more likely Hazel will find it and sneak out. I do not understand why anyone would try to get through the big gate when there’s a walk through gate clearly marked. Ugh!

Are you getting up early on Saturday to watch the royal wedding? I am!

More yard cleanup and mowing for today – there is no end!

17 thoughts on “Our Visitor, More

  1. Lois palmisano

    Hi ya Mary. Its that time, time to hire some paid help!!! Before you cannot do it all.lp in omaha did you see how Prince Charles saved that really old mansion 400 years old, look for that on PBS.

  2. Cindy

    I will for sure. I have been a royal wedding watcher since Charles and Diana., but the real royal wedding (in our family anyway) will take place at 6:00 pm. Or son is marrying his beautiful fiance. I’m a little more excited for that wedding:)

  3. SusanfromKentucky

    I will be getting up early, but not to watch the Royal Wedding. I’m going on a 15 day trip to Alaska!

  4. Paula

    Will be up for the wedding in KY. I have been spring cleaning too and it is a job. Ready to get back to my sewing and quilting. Paula in KY

  5. Diane

    I’ll be at a quilt retreat, but hope to watch–not sure about my roommate so may have to go to the breakfast area where there is a tv. I think I’d rather go to Carolyn V’s (above) and have scones and clotted cream. Oh my!!
    Your pups are always fun to see; it’s good to have a BFF! Sorry about the gate. It seems like people are in too big a rush to pay attention to what’s right in front of them:(

  6. Launa

    Morning Mary,
    I set the carriage practice on TiVo and will do the same for THE WEDDING on Saturday. It will be so fun to see the charming little Royals participating in the wedding of the year!

    Pepper loves to have her dog friends come visit, but now since the elk n deer are making their dining appearances morning n evening we can’t allow the dogs to chase after them! No hunting on the property either.

    Take some rest time today, Mary!!

  7. Marian

    Love the doggies reveling in the cool green grass finally! Great you get comments from a Swedish friend! Enjoy the wedding! I hope to…

  8. Carrolyn v

    I absolutely will be watching every minute. I am baking scones now….to have with clotted cream and tea. Tea sandwiches for lunch. Dinner afterwards will be English fish and chips with mushy peas! My husband thinks I have lost my mind! Perhaps I have. And tons of Englis paper piecing prepped. A girl (old lady) can dream!

    1. Brenda archambault

      Carolyn, Real clotted cream? Where do you get it in the USA? Have made a fake version but it didn’t compare with the real thing from Devonshire. Have fun with your “all things English” celebration. I too hope to see the royal wedding but it’s even earlier here in AZ.

  9. Anna-Karin Larsson

    As I live in Sweden we are 1 hour ahead of UK so I do not have to get up earlier.
    My first TV-wedding was Princess Margaret`s 6 th May 1960. I had to go by bus to my Auntie to watch it black and White as it was then.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Anna-Karin – my goodness! I didn’t realize I had a reader in Sweden! My maternal grandmother came to America from Sweden in 1898. I still have some of her hand work.

  10. Rhoda Ebersole

    Yes I am getting up at 2 or 3 am PST to watch the Royal wedding and have seen all in my lifetime beginning with Charles and Diana’s. I will never forget the intake of breath at seeing Diana in all those yards of fabric. And seeing Kate wave at all the onlookers in her simple gown with the train. The PBS shows late every night this week have been so interesting explaining how the gowns and uniforms are all handmade and the lace on the veils is added by hand. I would love to tour those facilities that make the clothing.

    You work so hard Mary I just do not know how you keep all the irons in the fire. You must have spectacular genes to do it. I am glad summer is coming to North Iowa. I hope to head to Wisconsin early June with a few days stop in Minneapolis and may see Carolyn Pop as we are in Mason City.


  11. Kathy Hanson

    I will certainly be up early to watch the wedding! When I was only 8 years old or so I got up in the middle of the night to listen to Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. I have watched the other Royal weddings too as I suspect you have too. How sweet that Hazel has a BFF! How unfortunate that people have damaged your gate. I can imagine after all your hard work cleaning it was a bit frustrating to have doggie prints on what you cleaned!

  12. Dee t

    Where do you get all that energy? I want some of it. The dogs must keep you laughing and busy. You asked where I lived with that devistating hail storm. In no. Illinois @ the Wisco border. The hail was 3 and 4″ chunks of ice. The sky must have been solid ice.

  13. Nikki Mahaffey

    You just can,t fix stupid!!! Our drive gate also has power opener..and clearly visible keypad.. some people still try to push open. Also into spring cleaning mode but cannot seem to accomplish what I want and need to get done..so much to do and so many distractions…Keep up the posts.

  14. Angie

    You can’t fix stupid. I have my tea ready for the pot. I will need a bunch but watching the wedding will be so worth it. What a lovely couple and I only wish them the very best. May you have some dry weather but not a drought. Farmers here in MD are having problems getting into their fields as well. Say prayers for all farmers.

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