Overwhelming Confusion! 9-3-2020

This is Connie’s project – NOT done!

THIS finished quilt was sent in by Nancy in Andover, MN. And this is why I ask you to please put your name on your quilt photo in some way.

Here is the book where the pattern can be found.

No, we are not selling the pattern. You will have to buy Kim Diehl’s book if you want to make this project.

I hope I’ve cleared up all the confusion. I went back and read the post and it says that the picture was what Connie was working on.

Didn’t it also say a reader sent it in all done? (Now I can’t get back to the post without maybe losing this post!)

On with my day – Sam and the kids are coming this afternoon so we can celebrate Owen’s birthday. I took a deep breath and baked one of Emma’s angel food cakes. I’m waiting for it to cool so I can get it out of the square pan. It’s a “cooler-than-I-like” day with a wind from the northwest. It’s good for drying the corn but I hate to see summer go!

17 thoughts on “Overwhelming Confusion! 9-3-2020

  1. Diane Bauer

    I am so not ready to see summer go!! I walked the dogs a couple of days ago and it was 48 at 7 am!! Great walking weather, but I know what comes next. We had clear skies snd mountains yesterday—so nice after weeks of smoke and haze. It’s smokey again today. The Cameron Peak fire is still less than 10% contained, so I imagine we’re just waiting on snow.

    I finished my Friendly Neighbor top this morning. Tonight I’ll piece the backing, and then off to the quilter it will go!

  2. Diane and Squeal

    Wow! What are the chances Connie and Nancy in MN would make the same DD? I like both of them. I am hoping some readers can help with this question: What method do you use to mail quilts to quilt shows or to your favorite niece for her wedding? I looked up USPS Priority boxes, but they didn’t seem very big. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you:).

    1. Linda Carpenter

      Diane, I mailed a quilt to my Granddaughter for her wedding. (Colorado to Minnesota) It was supposed to take 4 days. It took 25 days! I don’t recommend using the USPS right now until they improve. I used a regular big box with tracking and insurance. But I only put $500 insurance on it, never thinking it wouldn’t make it. The tracking didn’t work. I was frantic. So glad it did eventually show up.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Peggy – it is the day before – shown on 9-1-2020. Honestly I write so many posts that the days fly by

  3. Sue in Oregon

    Diane…What ever you do, don’t use a box over 18 inches in any direction. The cost shoots up enormously. Find a box about 16 inch sq. by about 4 inches deep. You can buy them but they come in a lot. You would probably use them eventually if you do lots of mailing and/or giving. Look on Amazon.

    I saw on the news that the mid west and the east are going to get cooler weather next week. Even frost. The west is going to have a heat wave. Good Grief! This has been a year, hasn’t it? I’m not ready for summer to end either, but not into heat waves either.

    Nancy in Andover…your quilt is beautiful and so is Connies. Something I did…… I used one of those white cardboard squares from a charm pack. Wrote my name—Large Please—on the card. Then I use a sticky note for the number. That way I can reuse my name square and just change the number each time. The biggest trick is to put your name square where you can find it the next time. lol

  4. Kathy in western NY

    Great idea Sue for labeling our quilts for pictures! I will think to do that.
    Well Nancy I am still enthralled with your big stitch hand quilting on the quilt.
    It’s new to me but what a nice look it gives to your quilt.
    Nice day here and it looks like we have a couple more pool days ahead so I will take them, and I am one who won’t swim unless it’s comfortable to me. With that , the pool water is 84 so I’m okay with it. I did make a crockpot of beef vege soup for tonight but it’s pretty warm out there so going to freeze much of it for winter meals.

  5. Diane and Squeak

    Thanks, Sue. That is very helpful. I probably have one that size. The quilt will be on the blog as soon as I finish the binding.


    I have an old Square Angel Food pan but have not used it, I always use my old round one. I might try it the next time. I have a really good recipe and probably like yours. Paula in KY

  7. Sunflower from Michigan

    Beautiful job on your quilt, Nancy! Have a safe and happy holiday weekend, everyone!🇺🇸

  8. Teresa

    I’m going to throw out that I use USPS and UPS and both services are woefully lacking these days. I’ve never had a tracking number with USPS that worked so for that reason if I’m sending something expensive or sentimental I use UPS or Fed Ex because they are far more reliable at finding a lost package. I’m having packages take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 or 5 to either arrive to me or arrive where I’ve sent them, it’s insane. I feel like our service industries have gone back in time a hundred years because my mail could get here faster via stage coach and ordering anything online now takes two weeks or more to ship.

  9. Diane and Squeak

    Thanks to Linda and Sue and Teresa for the great advice about mailing my niece’s quilt. I appreciate them very much. I will use UPS or Fed Ex even though I like USPS. I think it is very sad what is happening to it. I will finish and mail the quilt soon.

  10. Paula Nordt

    In the high 90’s here. Feels like you’re in an oven when outside. Looking forward to a “cold front” next week that will lower temps into the high 80’s for a couple of days. Need rain.

  11. Janet of MN

    Ladies, it isn’t the ‘fault’ of USPS, UPS, nor FedEx. Their workload has increased several times over since we have been in lockdown but are shopping online. I have seen all their trucks on Sundays and evenings still going. So far, my packages have arrived late but that’s okay because they get here.

  12. Kim J LeMere

    Both of the quilts are lovely and I look forward to seeing Connie’s done. My mom lives in Osage and we are going to visit next week, she gave us a warning that its going to be cooler, fall is right around the corner. I look forward to seeing the fields of corn, beans and all that black dirt.
    Enjoy the birthday cake and the company, I didn’t know they made a square angel food cake pan.

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