Paper Piecing — ME?



It’s Connie who likes paper piecing, not me, but after seeing these bare spruce tops in the wash tub I just had to make these little paper pieced trees. The pattern comes from the book “Modern Baby”, believe it or not. I also made this red and pink baby quilt called “Cross Weave”. The next one I’m going to make from this book is “The Birdhouse Quilt”. Book and kits can be found on our website.
Can you tell by the pictures that it’s windy here today? Duh!

4 thoughts on “Paper Piecing — ME?

  1. LMK

    a real cold day today!!!!!! pretty red/white wall hanging or is it a quilt??? anyway, it’s pretty. keep warm………….

  2. Mary Evans

    Love your trees! Do not love paper piecing, but I, too, can be induced with a pattern like that. LOL!

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