Path of Freedom from Civil War Remembered


We are almost finished with the quilts/house tour.  Two quilts remain at the Martingale offices for display at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis in May.  Today’s quilt is called “Path of Freedom” and measures 36″ x 36″ – if you recall, I love this size!  I have taught some of my students to look carefully at a quilt and break down the units that usually make up a square – here we have triangle squares and star blocks in rows of carefully placed colors that create a “barn raising” type of layout.  Nice, very nice!

Tomorrow’s the last day and I can’t thank you enough for your many kind comments about our new book.  I will be wrapping up the house tour tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Path of Freedom from Civil War Remembered

  1. Carol

    Love the quilt, the kitty and the Morton Salt umbrella girl…that’s what she looks like to me!

  2. Nikki Mahaffey

    My book arrived last Tuesday and I jut love it………Thank you for sharing your home with us.
    These quilts and quilting style is my favorite, thank you for sharing your creativity with us and opening your home for the virtual tour.

  3. Elizabeth McDonald (catskill quilter)

    I have enjoyed every single post about the new book! I cherish my copy of The Blue and the Grey – and this one is as good or even better! Thank you so much!

  4. Beverly Lockmiller

    Got my book and love it . Have enjoyed see your house as you showcased the quilts.

  5. Linda Hanley

    Mary – I have thoroughly enjoyed your “house tour”. In fact, I already have the book and I’m trying to decide which one to do first! I look forward to your messages every day. Linda

  6. Launa

    Mary, 15 days of your home tour and wonderful quilts!! Have enjoyed it all and look forward to tomorrow’s post. No wonder CIVIL WAR REMEMBERED is a top seller at Amazon.

  7. Chris H.

    Got my copy of Connie and your new book! Love it!!! Usually when I buy a book there are only a couple of projects I do, but I love all of the quilts in this book. Great job putting it together. Thanks so much~

  8. Phyllis

    My copy of your new book arrived yesterday. They are all so lovely but the questions is: which one do I start first. Thanks for the tour and the beautiful quilts. I enjoyed every minute.

  9. BJ

    I love the quilts from this book! This style has always been a favorite and, as much as I’ve been forcing myself to expand my horizons, quilts like this keep pulling me back to my roots. I fought the urge through the first few blogs, but I give up. There’s no way I would pass up the chance to add this book to my library. Thanks for giving us such a fun tour of your home, the perfect showplace for your quilts!

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