Photos Wanted, 1-18-2021

Have you made a Bullseye quilt? Would you take a picture of your quilt and send it to my email? I’ve been thinking about the fabric requirements and for those who have never made this quilt, seeing some finished quilts might give them some ideas of what they want to choose for colors.

I am going to try a different background this time – just for fun!

Help me encourage others to join in this Bullseye quilt along – let’s have a Bullseye quilt show first. The pattern is in the webstore or can be purchased from me for $12, including shipping. Send check or cash to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438.

Here’s the original quilt again.

24 thoughts on “Photos Wanted, 1-18-2021

  1. Donna St. Paul

    Mary I started one over a year ago when you promoted this. I know where it is but far from done but need /want to get back to it. I need encouragement Mary. I certainly have tons of fabric to choose from. It’s one way to whittle dien my humonstash 😳

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna St Paul / drag it out and get it separated into steps and just follow along – slow and sure wins the race!

  2. Sue Smith

    Hi Mary…I will take a pic of mine tomorrow and send it along to you. If I make another, I need ideas, so the show is a great idea.

  3. Jeanine

    I have one, too, that I can send. In fact, I have two of them, but one is a wall hanging in my sewing room. I made that one several years ago, but the other one I did with the last quilt along you had to make it. I can send pictures tomorrow.

  4. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Yes. I made an all flannel one when you had the last Quilt Along. It is flannel on the back, too. I have the book, too. I gave it to our son in Cleveland, but I think I have a picture of it.

  5. Nancy S.

    Mary…will pre-washed fabrics work for the bulls eye quilt? I still prewash all my fabrics!

  6. Connie R.

    I just emailed the photo of my Bullseye quilt to you. It was so much fun to make and is one of my favorite quilts. I’m thinking of joining the quilt along again and using some more of my fabric scraps.

      1. Wanda Doehne

        I just sent you some photos of my Bullseye hanging in our local quilt show in 2019. I loved making it. I would encourage everyone to join in the quilt along and have fun with it. You will want to make more than one. It looks even better after I have slept under it and washed it a few times. Great quilt!

  7. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Mary! Bullseye is my number 12! It is queen sized and I finished quilting it and it is now also bound. Photo will be heading your way. I spent today trying to decide fabrics for the new bullseye sew along. I am thinking of flannels this time, I might mix in a small amount of denim… I am also making a bunch of denim/flannel rag quilts, so I have been busy sorting out denim and flannel – all over the house lol.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    I just sent you my original picture from my album on the iPad. When looking for the picture, I see I have some polka dot pictures of a bullseye. Is that one yours, Mary? It was one of the best quilt alongs I have ever done.

  9. patti leal

    i will have mr. ed go upstairs and bring down my bullseye quilt. we’ll take a new photo and get it sent off to you. i may have sent you one when the last stitch along happened. way, way past my bedtime. stay safe. patti in florida

  10. Linda baker

    I should be embarassed about this, but you’re quilters, so maybe some of you can relate. I just found my instructions for a Bulls Eye quilt from another quilt-a-long that was done in January of 2014. Is that REALLY when I started cutting material?? And it’s still not all cut or even begun to sew??? I will definetly be joining this one. My fabrics are all from stash, so it will be scrappy, but Mary, I really like the one you’ve done with the coordinating backgrounds.

  11. Nikki M in Tx

    I did the Bullseye quilt along last time & put it together different from instructions…always one to “ interpret “ rules my way…will forward photo to you. Have been wanting to do again with different backgrounds & fabrics I have referred to as “out of my comfort zone” that I am finding very comfortable . LOL Ideas are rolling around in my brain !!

  12. Mary Roen

    I’m so excited to make this! I just am finishing a quilt I’ve been working on since March. I have been looking for my next project and this is it! I’ve already bought my pattern!!!!!

  13. Kris in Naperville

    This quilt was so much fun to make!!! i’m thinking I need to make another! I sent you a picture (my dog Bruce and cat Emily are in it too)

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