Pictures from Carol, 11-20-22

From Orchard Park, NY, where 77” of snow fell a couple days ago, here are the pictures Carol sent me. I was so curious what 6-1/2’ of snow looked like – now I know.

Take care, Carol and don’t let your husband out there to shovel that heavy stuff. I hope you get some above freezing temps to help some of this disappear.

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  1. Betty Klosterman

    Carol @ Pin Oak — Thanks for the pictures and all your comentary. We all have appreciated it. The little shed is beautiful, a perfect Christmas Card. How often do you get the bad snow storms? The weight of the snow could be very serious. In Colorado ski country, a lot of the houses are built with steep metal roofs. Then the snow will slide off. In the pictures of Buffalo, the house roofs are pretty flat. Do many of the houses have the steep roof?
    All you can do is take care of yourself and stay inside till things get cleared out. And they have to get all the stuck, abandoned cars out before roads can be cleared. Do the cleared cars have tickets for towing? Again another good reason to stay home and out of the way. And I’m sure most of us have good supplies of food, TP and the other stuff, just in case of a storm. Esperience is a good teacher. Survival. They will get the snow cleared soon and things will get back to normal. It makes us appreciate our lives.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Hi, there, so far I’ve heard about a beloved old time bowling alley losing its roof; the business has been in the next town over, Hamburg NY, for decades. They’ve already bulldozed the entire building, it was so unsafe.

      We don’t have steeply pitched roofs and metal roofs are not a big thing here. We just had a new roof put on this summer, fingers crossed it holds. Worry about roofs is a big thing now as we expect rain on Thanksgiving evening and Friday, which will make the snow that much heavier. It’s hard to clear even with a roof rake because navigating through the snow is difficult. And the second story … you can’t get that cleared at all,
      We’ve been removing icicles as best we can. Temps in the 40s today helped a bit, driveways are getting cleared and once the plows are gone, you can scrap up a lot of the ice to the pavement, so walking is safer.
      Tomorrow is my first trip out since last Thursday, off to the gym. My husband went to the dentist today and said the intersections are very dangerous, there are “icebergs” on every corner, taller than buildings. We will go at 7 am and there will be no traffic, schools are closed for the week.

      People who disobeyed the travel ban, not those who got stuck on the way home from work if they had a night shift Thursday, but anyone who was not an essential worker who determined his/her needs were greater than society’s m, and ventured out after the ban was called, have found their cars towed and ticketed, both very expensive. It’s the first time towns really enforced the ban that way and people were surprised… if they were selfish enough to defy the ban, say “YES!” to that. Anyone who thinks picking up a six pack or loaf of bread was more important than someone needing a clear road and safe ride to the hospital should pay a high price for their insolence.

      One thing Covid taught us: toilet paper is a top priority, buy it every time you shop. Stock up. We have probably four times what we really need in essentials stockpiled. Soup making basics, easy meal preps, it’s not that hard to have enough. You just need a basic plan, We did run out of bananas! Tragic!

      1. Diane in Maryland

        Nice to have an update! Been thinking of you as we know that much snow doesn’t go away quickly. Continue to be careful!

      2. Mary Etherington Post author

        Carol – thank you so much for going to the time and trouble to let us know what it’s like there. Those who thought it was daring and “cute” to venture out absolutely should pay a very hefty fine – what were they thinking???? I know people around here who always think they need to prove that they can get out even when they shouldn’t. Idiots.

      3. Betty Klosterman

        Thank you, Carol, for the update. Very interesting. I probably have enough TP for at least a year — and I don’t care. I’ve even been known when invited to eat, but don’t need to bring anything, I take a roll of TP. You just never know!
        When it comes to the idiots, just remember you can’t cure stupid!
        Take care when getting dug out. This, too, will pass…….someday.
        Happy Thanksgiving no matter where you are and whatever the weather.
        Betty in Rapid City

  2. Susan K in Texas

    Wow thanks for sharing the pictures! I can’t even begin to imagine that much snow. Here we mostly get ice and it’s not so pretty. The pictures make it look so pretty but it doesn’t show all the work that goes into clearing it off or dealing with no electricity or being able to get to the grocery store and such. It makes me feel for the first responders trying to get to people needing help.

  3. Jan Hebert

    Wow! The pictures are amazing! Thank you, Carol for sending them so we could all see what you are dealing with. The closest we’ve had to that much snow was the Blizzard of 78. No power for a week, it was crazy, but I don’t think even that was as deep as what you have! Jan in MA (where it’s been hovering at about 32 degrees all day. But the sun was out!

  4. Beryl BC

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. That is a lot of snow. In SW Ohio we’ve never had that much snow. The blizzard of ’78 comes the closest and it was nowhere near that. This season, we’ve had a dusting of snow and cold the past couple of days. It’s supposed to be warming up into the 40’s in the next few days.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beryl BC – your weather sounds like ours – it was 38 here today with just a small bit of snow on the ground. Very manageable

  5. Char in Michigan

    Carol – It’s hard to imagine that much snow all at once! I’m from the Upper Peninsula of MI and we had some doozies, but never that much in such a short amount of time! Thanks for the photos! I’m glad you and yours are OK!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful week

    1. Marj in Western Wisconsin

      I remember being in the UP with snow as high as the rain gutters on the first level. My great grandparents had two front doors. One on the first floor and one on the second.

  6. Agatha B.

    Wow!! Can’t even imagine that much snow and how to deal with it all. Please stay safe!!

  7. Diane in WI

    Thank you, Carol for the first-hand information. Your pictures are something else. I’m already tired of the snow and cold. We maybe had one half inch! Take care. Happy thanksgiving everyone.

  8. Dee from Shell Rock

    The snow is beautiful but I’m not a fan of this much either. I live on the edge of town in Iowa, I try to always have things to cook so if it’s bad I just stay home too. Yeah, I probably should invest in a grill to be able to cook if the lights go off. I’m lucky, my power is tied into the town so if it goes out, they get us back online rather quickly. One of my friends has family in Buffalo, he used to regale us with stories of their snow events. They were there one year when one swept thru, it was a real experience he said. Stay safe.

  9. Angie from Baltimore

    Carol I hope you get a thaw soon. I hear it is a heavy snow at that. Baltimore is cold but no snow. Glad you sent pictures because it is hard to imagine how much is that much snow. WOW

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Thanks for the updates as even with the sun shining today, there is mountains of snow to be moved and cars to be removed off highways. I see they are towing the cars to McKinnley Mall for people to get. The stories of the generous people helping get the Bills Players shoveled out of their homes to catch the plane just warmed my heart. I don’t blame you one bit for ordering your thanksgiving meal as so many places are offering to do them as it helps keep these businesses going when staff is in short supply. Plus our Tops store here couldn’t get their roasted chickens in due to them coming from Buffalo so there will be delays in grocery items now for the area. Our family’s dinner is being scheduled around the Bills game too ! And you are so very right that I would take this snow over an ice storm any day. At least we are safe inside with utilities. An ice storm cuts off everything and you can’t walk outside for fear of branches coming down on you and slipping on ice. I know first hand as we had a houseful staying with us during one 25 years ago. We have a fireplace for warmth and a freezer full of food we cooked out on the gas grill as it was thawing. I will never forget it. After a week we had electricity finally. We got a generator right after that. So I don’t cringe at snow storms like I do ice storms.
    Take it one day at a time now and do keep us posted.

  11. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Quick update:
    The neighborhood has electric, thankfully, it seems rather cruel to deal with all this in the dark, cold, doesn’t it?
    We did the most minimal shoveling we could and only to achieve safety. A path to the generator, which works tip top, thanks! And in front of the car, with the garage door open, so we can have any emergency services we might need have access. The plow did the rest. All the doors are blocked with more snow than we can move.

    Schools are closed in many areas until the Monday after Thanksgiving, The travel ban is now changed to no unnecessary travel. Going to the brewery doesn’t qualify!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – we all appreciate your updates after such a phenomenal weather event. I, too, a, a weather watcher – very interesting to me and since I have friends all over the world through this blog it’s very fun to hear about their weather. This is why I wish everybody would identify their location – it’s mostly for my entertainment, I’m sorry to admit.

  12. Lorraine

    OMG!!! Please stay in and stay warm Carol. Hopefully you have electricity to stay warm and you can cook something for a meal. Take care of yourself.

  13. Sandy H

    That is so nice she shared those pictures. The snow is pretty, but at this point, she can keep it!

  14. Kay

    Oh my that is alot of snow. Thanks for the pictures.
    Have 6 of my blocks done for sew along with Connie.

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    Carol, Kathy and all our friends in that NY area….that is monstrous amounts of snow.
    Thanks for the pictures. They are beautiful, but beauty is only skin deep.
    Stay safe.

  16. Suzanne Golden

    I remember pictures of people starting to remove snow from the second story. There were times when they could only make deep paths between building and tied ropes from one end to the other for their safety

  17. Lynette in Orlando

    I cannot fathom that much snow!!!! All of you in this, please be safe. Heard many reports of do not shovel! Not worth the heart attack!!!! Looks like the right weather to quilt. Reinforces why my home is Florida….. I’d rather deal with the heat. But it sure is beautiful to look at, especially when the moon shines down on it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynette in Fl – bad weather happens everywhere these days – FL has hurricanes instead of snowstorms

  18. Carolyn in GA


    Thank you for the description of the snow and the pictures. Thank goodness, we do not have to contend with that in the south, but ice is not a stranger to this part of GA which is a town about 23 miles southwest of Atlanta. Best wishes to you and yours as we gather together and give thanks for all that we have and enjoy in this country. Carolyn

  19. Sherrill

    UGH!! I was reading where many roofs are collapsing. Good GRIEF! That picture of the open door with the snow piled up? When we lived in VA, we had a seriously heavy snow and when we opened the front door, it looked a lot like that (not quite as high but wow!).

  20. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Hi, Mary,
    Six feet plus of snow is daunting in person! When you see the front door open, what you don’t see is that the steps are raised about three feet and then there’s about three feet or more on top of the top step, and the wind has cleared some of the snow off and onto my hydrangeas off to the side.

    We can’t use our dryer because the vent, next to the steps, is buried, and you have to wade through all that snow to get there. I can only compare walking through that much snow to trying to walk against an ocean current. You tire very quickly. Not complaining that I can’t do laundry!

    I must say I love how the Gingerbread Shed looks at night, like a Christmas card. It was just the “shed” until this photo! This morning I saw tracks around it, I don’t know how the deer managed to walk through that snow.
    In the one photo of the backyard, there’s a seven and a half foot arbor, you can see the twinkle lights at the top foot. Our 66 inch yardstick (two yardsticks duct taped together) was no longer visible at this point.

    We are fine, blessed really, grateful we could clear only what was necessary without ill effect. Three individuals have died shoveling; my heart goes out to their families, a loss any time is so sad, but at the holidays? So difficult.
    Our driveway was plowed out yesterday, the mailbox is somewhere down the street, and the street was plowed as well, so who knows who will find it in a thaw? There is a travel ban still, and I’m guessing we’re in until Wednesday.

    I ordered Thanksgiving dinner from a really good restaurant this morning, it’s just the two of us this year, our beloved Buffalo Bills are playing at 12:30, and I confess to just not caring to cook all day. Plus, groceries for that meal? The supermarkets will be madness. I’d rather sew! Does this mean I’m old? Well, I am but…

    Well, another storm in the books. I hope it’s our only one, but with the lake wide open, it is likely there will be another saga. Truthfully, I’d rather have the snow than an ice storm. The damage from those is stupendous. No thank you!

    Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes and concern. We’re two of us against the world, and it’s wonderful to know that there are people who understand weather and wish you well!

    Also, my apologies for any misspellings, it’s hard to see the whole text on my phone. There is no such thing as the “okie guy”, it’s the plow guy! What is spell check thinking with that one?

    1. Jeanne in Co.

      Yes, Bobby, there are some people heading to NY area, crazy as it may seem. My grandson, his wife and two children are on their way from Co. They stayed in Des Moines, Ia. today, and will take two more days of driving to get to her family at Cooperstown. NY. I pray the storm will be over and roads clear by the time they reach that area.
      Thank you, Carol for the snow pictures. They are beautiful but it can be treacherous too. I agree with Mary. Don’t let your husband attempt to shovel it from the roof. There are people trained to do that and they have equipment that is intended to make it safer than the average homeowner has. Be safe. Happy Turkey day everyone. We have 5 big bull elk who have again returned to the school yard across the street from our house. They don’t seem to be afraid of people or traffic. They are magnificient creatures. Jeanne in Co.

  21. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Wow! That is a LOT of snow! DO be careful, Carol. Is your generator doing ok? I’ll bet it is hard keeping hubby off the roof and shoveling. Be safe 😀.
    We are watching the Bills/ Browns game, too, but it’s in Detroit-lol. Bills won😀😀.
    We had 3’ of snow in Dec 1969 when we got married! I hope no weddings were snowed out! Only people in our town could get to our wedding!
    Only 16* this AM and only made it to 23* here.
    I am hoping everyone in NY will be ok.

  22. Connie Tesene

    Thanks for sharing those pictures Carol! I can’t even imagine where you would begin. Take care!

  23. Sheila in WI

    Wow! That amount of snow is amazing! Thanks for the pictures. They are so helpful in understanding what that much snow would look like. Stay safe!

  24. Diana upstate NY

    I’m in upstate NY and we have a foot from Friday and another 10-12 inches so far today, windy and it warmed up to 24F. Still snowing here. Glad I’m not in Buffalo! Everyone stay safe and don’t overdo the shoveling.

  25. Sue in Oregon

    Your pictures are beautiful, Carol. They look like Christmas cards of the North Pole. Yikes!!! Even though I see it, I still can’t believe it. Your area made all the big news shows too. Just Wow! Thanks so much for sending along the photos. Take care. Wishing you a happy cozy Thanksgiving and warmer temps.

  26. Joyce from NY

    I’m watching the Buffalo Bills football game as I’m writing this, they had to move the game from Buffalo to Chicago because of storm! I live in upstate NY & we didn’t get that snow, just really cold & windy here! Hope everyone stays safe in Western NY!

  27. Teresa from Indiana

    It’s really pretty but nobody needs that much snow unless you are at the slopes. Everybody stay safe. It was 14 degrees here this morning.

  28. Deb in Idaho

    OMG , I worry about all the weight on the roof. Looks so cold, and not very safe. Take care Carol.

  29. Brenda Ks

    So sorry Carol. I can’t even imagine the clean up will be. Has your neighborhood got electricity back yet? Don’t know how they would work in that?

  30. Connie R. In NE Wis

    It’s hard to believe how much snow accumulated in such a short time. The weight of that amount of snow on the roofs is scary. Thank you Carol, for the pictures. Stay safe.

  31. Rhoda Ebersole

    Very amazing and it isn’t officially winter yet on the calendar. Yes I hope it melts soon for you.
    Are you near Buffalo NY?

    Las Vegas has cold temps – 38 this morning but sunny now and May get to 60.

    Good you have electricity all the time.

  32. Diane in Maryland

    6-1/2 ft is roo much! We like just enough to make everything pretty and having hot chocolate while looking at it from a warm house. Some of the pictures don’t even look real. Bobby is right, it looks like Santa’s North Pole!

  33. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ

    Praying for you Carol and all enduring the heavy snow.

    I remember getting 4 feet of snow while we lived in Colorado. When the snow slid off the roof, it tore some of the roof vents off.

    We don’t worry about that now in Scottsdale, AZ.

  34. Bobby Sutton

    Oh my, it looks like the North Pole and Santa’s sleigh will appear! I’m heading south for turkey. I doubt anyone is heading north to NY! I do feel for them up there. This is not one fun “snow day” off work or school!

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