Plant Hauler, 10-7-22

From Amazon

This is an amazing piece of equipment – very similar to a 2 wheel cart BUT has hooks to put inside the pot so it doesn’t slip off the bottom and suction cups to hold it upright.

Many of you will want this plant hauler! Please mark this post for future reference so I don’t have to write it again.

14 thoughts on “Plant Hauler, 10-7-22

  1. DebMac

    I put it into my Amazon cart last night. Thinking if I really need one as I don’t have the plants you do.

  2. Janet S

    Your plant hauler is really the ticket. Now you won’t have to decide about getting rid of some plants at least for now. Take good care of yourself and Rick. Connie sure makes me feel inadequate but that’s okay too.

  3. Kim from TN

    Thanks for the pictures and the information on the plant hauler. I think I will get one for my mom to help her move her numerous cactus plants around. Cool tool

  4. Nancy Wingo

    I have admired that pencil plant? For so many years!!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – oh, how I wish I could give you a couple of these pencil trees! They are so easy to grow and I can’t resist starting more all the time!!

  5. Jackie in NY

    I’m so glad you found some to make moving your plants in and out of doors easier! Looks like a great product!

  6. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    At our house when we find something amazing like your plant hauler, we always say two things. “I wish I had invented that” and/or “Why didn’t we get this a long time ago”. This looks like one of those things. I am glad you got it to make your job easier. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – isn’t that just the truth? I’ve used a two wheel cart before but the big pots slide off – they don’t on this thing because of those hooks that fit over the edge of the pot. I’ve got everything moved inside now so it will live in the basement till spring.

  7. Debby Krzyston

    Thanks Mary for the information on your Plant Hauler at Amazon.
    Take it easy moving all your plants inside.
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Beamer's Mom

    GREAT IDEA ~~ After my thumb surgery for arthritis I’m not supposed to lift more than 40 lbs even with both hands, and of course my back would object to more than that as well. LOVE this idea. It’s in my Amazon cart as well. THANK YOU for the great back/hand/muscle saving tip!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beamer’s Mom – too bad I’m not an Amazon associate – I’d be making money on all these plant haulers! You will love it! Think how easy it will be to wheel them out to Stan’s shop.

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