Points of Interest Continued, 1-22-24

Quilt related puzzles attached to the stairwell!
The chicken truck
Three and Old JB
Chalk dogs – wait till I show you Lora’s collection of chalk dogs!
Pattern by Little Quilts
Girl Gang by Jan Patek
Hazel and I watched some ballgames today.
This is what I have to work around to sew!
This is what I have to work around to cook!
Little Harvey, $5 and SASE
Snowman, $5 and SASE

Gosh, I think I’m caught up – I’m sorry if I duplicated any photos – eek!

A reader is making these scrap blocks! Great idea!

44 thoughts on “Points of Interest Continued, 1-22-24

  1. Susan K in Texas

    I’ve been enjoying everyone’s points of interest pictures. What fun to get a peak into other’s homes.
    Patti in Florida I love your scrappy squares quilt. I’ve got boxes of scrappy squares cut out and this would be a great pattern to use.

    1. patti

      thanks. i just saw another one on ‘stashbusters’ made from squares. it uses even more and should be a hoot to make. i still have tons of 2.5″ squares. i drew it out but want to ask the maker if she cares that i make it. i don’t see why she should but thought i’d be nice. need to find her email. my first one was really easy to make. thanks again. patti in florida

  2. Teresa in Indiana

    Mary, I love all the points of interest that everyone is sharing. What a great idea! I didn’t realize there were so many chalk dogs out there. They are adorable. The cat perch is fabulous and they are so cute up there! I’d love to have a large hutch.
    Stay warm everyone. It’s freezing rain here.

  3. Marie C

    All the pictures are great as always. Laura, I love your house. I love seeing how others show off their favorite things.

  4. Kathy L

    Love all the pictures today, they animals of course are adorable, that large hutch is so beautiful, and that doll house I just love,

  5. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Great pictures; so much eye candy!
    I was so happy to see Three; nothing better than napping in the sunshine. It was fun seeing Greta. If Fluffybun is in the shop, did Gracie move into the house?
    These icy roads are keeping us in once again. Our second semester is off to a rough start. Be safe all.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanie – oh, yes, Gracie is safe in the house now! I was in a constant state of worry because FB would attack Gracie – at one time I thought it might appear she was wanting to play but Gracie was terrified and would hide so well I couldn’t find her. So – she is so happy in the house! I’m not sure what will happen this spring when they all go outside again. Good grief! I was only trying to rescue these two!!!

  6. Suzanne in Massachusetts

    New commenter here. Love your blog about nothing. I just got home from a four day retreat and someone left on the swap/free table a copy of Aunt Amy. It has the bullseye quilt in it and I can’t wait to start it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Suzanne – the last one I saw on Amazon was priced at over $60! You got a deal!

  7. Carrolyn Vidal

    I don’t usually do small table quilts. But I love all you show….such doable projects! And ur animal pix touch my heart! You are a jewel in my life!

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, if you weren’t so lovable, your cooking and sewing would be less crowded!

    I do enjoy the post pictures. Everybody’s stuff is so much fun to see.
    Have a great week.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – haha! Loretta doesn’t help you in the kitchen? My dogs think they have to be so CLOSE to me!!! And in the evening when I’m trying to sew, most of the cats are laying on surfaces all around me!

  9. Moe in NE IL

    Hi Mary, Enjoyed all the photos once again. I’m so happy to see these and look closely to see if I have anything the same. Everyone decorates wonderfully….is it our age or that we are quilters? I do envy you having doggies helping you…. I hope Jay and I can get a dog one day again. This morning woke up to ice, my bee group meets this afternoon so hoping more ice falling holds off until later. The cloth basket the little girl is holding is not an easy project, good for her! I made a small one like it and had to have help from friends. Stay warm Mary!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Moe – be careful on those icy roads today – I, too, hope you can get a dog.

  10. Sue in PA

    I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and my mother and I used to love walking through the neighborhood when it was dark because we could see people’s homes when they were accommodating by leaving their blinds and curtains open. I am 73 now and I have to admit I still find it a lot of fun though I do not live in NY anymore. I am not a peeping Tom, I just enjoy from a distance, especially at holiday time when Christmas trees are showing in the windows. We are not big privacy people- we leave our window coverings open too!
    I have been enjoying all the pictures of people’s homes very much, the next best thing to walking around the neighborhood! I love to see all the collections and how people decorate their special areas.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Hi Sue, I felt like someone who must stand up at an AA meeting when I admitted on the blog comments that I loved looking in windows for decorations. I am not a peeping Tom either and we leave our front curtains open till bedtime usually. As you drive by you can see our mantle lit up with whatever I have at that season on it. So you’re not alone. What a walking club we would be stumbling over every sidewalk crack gawking but I’m envious of you walking in Brooklyn neighborhoods. All those brownstones had to be fun decorated with their tall windows and ceilings.

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buudy

        Me, too! I walk late in the summer b/c the sun is still up. I look at peoples’ decorating, too😃 Our curtains are always open in front. The little girl with her sewing project caught my eye, too. Good job😃

  11. Peg in MO

    We’re iced in here in central Missouri Monday morning. Thanks for all the happy shares this morning.

  12. NJ

    I’m happy to meet Esther and I’ll drop her a card. Bless you, Mary, for this project. We have a parish nurse on staff at our church and I hear from her that loneliness is very real, even if family comes by.

    1. Pat Williams

      Thank you for the compliment on my quilt. It was a fun one to make and I already had lots of black and white fabric pieces from another quilt I had made in the past so got to use up some of my stash.
      The name of the pattern is Simple Illusions by Pleasant Valley Creations.

  13. Kim from Wi

    The cabinet of smalls from Laura was just darling to see. I had to zoom in to see all those tiny boxes, pin cushions etc. Loved it. It’s nice to be home but I wish the weather would get back to the double digits for us. Today I will catch up on some paperwork for mom’s estate and watch some tv. Husband is making us a big kettle of chicken soup to along with my sourdough bread.

  14. Linda in Michigan

    What an interesting, or should I say, fascinating post! I’ve made that Little Quilts, but mine is still a flimsy. The mini table runner is similar to one I have on a toilet top. We made those runners at retreat last fall, and someone decided they should be called toilet toppers instead of table runners. And then the picture of all those quilt-related puzzles. Be still my heart.
    Mary, your plant collection is wonderful, and of course, all the kitty pictures.
    You’ve made my day once again, thank you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I wish I could claim those gorgeous plants but a reader sent that photo – I admired them, too, and loved the floor to ceiling windows so the plants could sit on the floor – unlike mine.

  15. Kathy in western NY

    I’m glad you gave us another person who would love to get some cards from us. And Linda in MI, I’d have fun walking with your family gawking too. It’s fun seeing how others decorate their surroundings. We certainly aren’t minimalist folks like Scandinavian people.
    Little Quilts are one of the sweetest patterns ever made. Love them.
    I can’t turn around in my kitchen without a dog at my feet too Mary as they wait for me to drop something good. I know what you go through.
    Heartbreaking loss for Bills but they gave their best and someone has to win and someone has to lose. They should be proud of their class act and not whining about weather conditions. Now comes all the analyzing which drives me crazy.

    1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Right with you, Kathy. I felt so bad for them. I did enjoy seeing Damar Hamlin. They’ll be back next year😃
      Mary, I love all of the photos of collections, pets, etc. athe kitties up high on the shelf are funny. Squeak would love that. Freezing rain here tomorrow AM. We are staying in.
      I will have a quilt to share soon, I hope. Busy, busy.

  16. Linda in MI

    Thank you for all the wonderful pictures, I feel like one of the real snoop sisters! We called my mom, Aunts Norman, Wilma and Marilyn the snoop sisters because they loved to take a walk after a big holiday meal right at dusk so people would have lights on and hopefully curtains open so they could stand on the sidewalk and see what color people painted, what pictures they had on the walls! All the kids loved to go walking with them because we could run and play while they stood and gawked. It was always a short walk but took a long time! Sorry Mary, I write like I talk, always wonder off somewhere!

    Did you happen to watch the Lions? My son, daughter-in-law and their two little dogs, Arlo and Bindi came from Midland to watch the game because they don’t have the station. It takes our three dogs a bit to get used to the dogs that are smaller than our cats but everyone gets along and we enjoyed a very exciting game. I kept in touch with my other sons, one in Long Beach CA and the other in Durham SC because we were connected by all of us enjoying the game. Go Lions! Detroit really needs the boost with a winning team.

    Thanks Mary – love your blog and all your critters!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – YES, I watched the Lions – so happy for them! I have a good email friend from MI that I teased and asked if she was watching. Her answer – are you kidding? I’ve waited for this my entire life! Haha! She is so excited as I’m sure you are. Loved the story bout the walk thru the neighborhood. I had a mix of dogs yesterday, too, with Ivy and Finn here for a visit – they all get so wound up that it almost scares me.

  17. Connie R. in Wis.

    I really enjoy looking at all the pictures. Those two cats, the Little Quilts quilt which is a timeless pattern that never goes out of style, and all the wonderful other quilts and spaces. But, my favorite is that little house. What a treasure!

    Mary, now I see how you’re able to get so much accomplished— you have all those (dog and cat) “helpers “ 😁😁! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  18. Brenda in Georgia

    What a fun post today! You are so blessed to have all your lovely pets to surround you with love. That photo of you and Hazel is adorable. I really want to make some blocks similar to the scrappy one, because I have a lot of great scraps, but then I don’t know what to do with the blocks. Thanks for giving us so much pleasure.

  19. Vicki Ibarra

    I love Pat’s black, gray, red, and white quilt. So striking. And the cats in the high lair are precious. Happy Monday everyone!

  20. Sharon Eshlaman

    Today you out did yourself which I didn’t think was possible…..great blog❤️ about nothing. Love seeing Hazel and all the other fur babies. Mary, you sure are blessed! Thank you for my morning smile and quilting/decorating inspiration.

  21. Martha W in WY

    Love all the animal photos today. Those two kitties hanging out on their shelf are adorable. As for Hazel on her back, that’s how I felt about those football games today. I’ll be sure to send Ester a card.

  22. brendalynne1

    curious about the squares. What are the dynamics on this?? I cannot figure them out. what am i missing ? my attempt at something similar is too much overlapping etc.

    1. patti

      brendlynne1, i’m not sure i understand your question. the squares are just squares with a center that is 11 across by 11 down. then gold/yellows that make a chevron-type thing, surrounded by darker squares again. in my picture it almost looks like the sun (or light) is coming through on the top right. i saw a quilt and admired it. this was a way for me to use up a ton of 2.5″ squares. 575 squares and the only ones i had to cut were about 25 more yellow ones. rest in the pre-cut bin which is nowhere near empty. i hope this answers your questions. if not, ask more. patti in florida

        1. patti

          brendalynne1, on this top i started with the big center (11 across 11 down) because i wanted to make sure i wouldn’t get bored with it. also i knew i would end up cutting yellows and golds. it isn’t hard at all, the only pinning i did was on the long rows. i did the center. then both sides of the center. then i did the bottom center part and both sides, then the top the same way, then sewed all three sets together. not hard at all, to me. make it smaller if you like. patti in florida

  23. patti

    it was great to meet esther and learn about her life. love all the pictures today. dealing with animals, etc. loved the wall of quilt-related jigsaw puzzles. all your critters need the quilts to lie on so they don’t feel the cold of the counters or tables, etc. just love it. patti in florida

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