Points of Interest#14, 1-19-24

My friend, Barbara, is making this right now – in a completely different color palette – can’t wait to compare them.

This is my table filled with contents of a desk – cards, birth announcements, obits, newspaper clippings and more. I found these:

Carol Crago – remember these two?

Zach and Howie 2005


Will and Grace



Here’s Little Harvey, 11 x 27, $5 and SASE, cash or check only

Big Harvey, 21 x 53, $5.00 and SASE, cash or check only.

Snowman, $5.00 and SASE, cash or check only

Whew! I’m caught up!

I posted this last night on Instagram – I’m determined to finish even the small projects like this one – even though I’d rather start something new!

Oh, Susannah, $20 PPD, cash or check only. No SASE!!!

I also promised to take a picture of the “den” which I will do as well as record a hymn on the old pump organ.

Here’s a little note that Jenny sent me many years ago –

Could that be any sweeter?

And here’s what her mom is into – a new electric guitar!!!

I asked if she could play it in church – she said probably not. 🫤

25 thoughts on “Points of Interest#14, 1-19-24

  1. Tanya in Houston

    Let us know when Becky colors her hair to match that new toy! Or maybe she needs cowgirl hat and boots? Bet she will have a lot of fun!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tanya – that’s pretty funny because Becky dressed as a cowboy as a little girl and as a family we went horse shows all the time. One time, with her cowboy hat on and short blonde pixie hair, a boy said to her “Haha, you look like a girl!”

  2. Diane In Colorado

    I have so enjoyed the “Points of Interest” photos!!! I am a lover of collections and antiques both, and I have really had fun seeing what others have cherished over the years! I feel like I am finally moved in enough to take a couple of photos to send if it’s not too late.

    The Grands are coming to spend the day with me tomorrow. I’m so excited!! Also, I closed on the house yesterday so am ready to get back to living and creating (instead of cleaning and stressing!!!!). Looking forward to figuring out what my next stitching project will be!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – oh, I am so happy for you!!! What a relief – I’ll bet you’re so relaxed and thankful and now the grands are coming to visit. So fun for you. It’s never going to be too late to send Points of Interest photos! Ooh, what will you make????

  3. Marian Stever

    Jenny’s note brought tears to my eyes. Love all your PO Interest. Isn’t it something how all your friends stepped up to the plate to enter all their favorite places in their homes. Love all the quilts, too. Am gonna start Little Harvey now! Hope we are soon getting out of the deep freeze 🥶 soon.

  4. Moe in NE IL

    Awwww! We had so much fun with P.D. didn’t we. Remember when you and Connie went to the parachute shop where I worked to see P.D. I wish I was there too. I am loving these Points of Interest photos…. I am happy to see that no one has gray furniture and decor. I was beginning to feel like my furniture was too old fashioned, now I can see… quilters like me are just who we are! I love seeing all of it and will have to send a couple of photos too. Hope you are feeling better, thinking of you. Moe

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Yes, I remember going to the parachute shop and I loved hearing about P.D.! I know your life now is too complicated for another dog and for that I’m so sorry.

  5. Karen

    Hi Mary, I’m backtracking from this morning’s post as I’ve been a bit busy. Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos shared! Can you or anyone share the name of that heart quilt. Thanks in advance.

  6. Karen Cyr

    I’ve been so impressed by all the points of interest photos and how creative each everyone is in displaying their beloved possessions ( and how neat everyone’s space is!). And all the Hoosier cabinets. I’ve always loved them and they are perfect for so many displays. This was a wonderful idea, Mary. N

    Karen C.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      We love our hoosier cupboards. Mom and Dad had one since I can remember. I always wanted it. Frank had never heard of them and was about ready to divorce me when he had to move it to RC from Clarion. Then he found out the top came off so everything was fine. It is all the original except for the paint. Nothing is missing, even the wooden wheels. I remember Dad brought me a couple pigeon eggs he found in the haymow. I had a saradine tin the egg, flower and coca and made my cake on the corner of the counter. The dumb things we remember? My cloth body doll didn’t survive my childhood, either.
      Betty in Rapid City

  7. Carla

    I would also like to know the name of the heart quilt. And to the person with all the kerosene lamps, I love them! Especially that Aladdin lamp on the end. I keep fuel on hand for my lamps as I find them very useful when the power goes out. I saw some other lamps in the points of interest pics. They’re all so pretty! Blessings everyone

    1. Cynthia from SWMN

      Thank you for noticing the Aladdin lamp tucked in the corner! One year for Christmas my husband’s parents gave each of their kids an Aladdin Lamp! And we bought the bracket lamp to the left at their estate sale. I have kerosene oil but only two have any oil in them. The guy who brought his horse for photoing, my cousin had a very cute picture dressed in the western clothes and it was a very pretty pinto horse! They live in Hopkins, MN at the time, this was probably in the mid 50’s! He looked so authentic!

      1. Carla

        Cynthia, I found a perfectly functional Aladdin lamp at a thrift store for something like 8 bucks. And my mom had a spare shade, so perfect! What a great gift you received. I use the Aladdin lamp fuel in my lamps.

  8. Sharon F

    I believe the heart quilt is Boho Heart, designed by Jen King well. I’m not the one who sent in the photo of that beautiful quilt, I just recognized the pattern.

  9. Donna Wyatt

    I love all the pictures! So many give me inspiration for decorating and projects! Thanks to every one it’s fun!

  10. Ginger S

    I have just loved all of the Points of Interest pictures. I’m so fascinated by all of the “collections” as well as the quilts and animals. Fabulous blog Mary!!

  11. Jo in Wyoming

    I have enjoyed seeing all the prized possessions. So much fun.
    Thanks to all for sharing.
    I have shoveled and shoveled this week. Loretta came in with huge snowballs on her legs…I told her she smelled like a wet dog. Nap time.

  12. Li

    The image of the glass walled screened-in porch is magical. This puts me outside in April on our deck which is the best place I have ever been. With the right kind of window I think summertime is a heartbeat away.

  13. Coleen

    The tall snowman is so so cute with the twinkle twinkle little star embroidery. Is that a Country Threads pattern? Or does someone know the pattern name ? Thanks in advance for any answer !

  14. Becky in WA

    Love Karla’s quilt and seeing everyone’s lovely spots. I had a sunroom similar to the photo. In the summer the windows could be completely removed, leaving just the screens, however I found it very pleasant (and less work) just sliding them open. I considered it a 3 season room, really too cold in the middle of winter.

  15. Dorothy

    I am amazed that “points of interest” photos all seem similar to me–most of us are either in the same age bracket, or the same area of the country

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