Presumed innocent

Innocent until proven guilty — and we can find no trace of the guinea remains so we think possibly a hawk beheaded the guinea and took off with the body dropping the head as it left. I understand beheading the prey is what hawks do. I punished Telly quite severely which I am feeling very badly about but on the other hand she has no doubt how I feel about dead poultry.
Jo Morton’s fabric line called Madison Manor arrived this morning and we are busily rearranging the shop for our Urban Farmhouse Renewal Event April 12-13. Pop a balloon for your discount which could be as high as 30% off your entire purchase!
If you’re making the $5.00 quilt, we’ll be seeing you tomorrow in the shop!
Mary E.

7 thoughts on “Presumed innocent

  1. Marian

    Poor Telly, she looks pitiful! She just hates it when her mom yells at her……..I think she’d working on making a sign that says, “The hawk did it!”

  2. nan Conway

    poor Telly! be kind to her. We lost our precious yellow lab, Nara, 2 weeks ago after 15 years, 5 months, and 6 days. We miss her so much.

  3. Connie Blyler

    I hope you gave Telly a hug after you decided she was, in fact, innocent of the dastardly deed!! This picture is so pitiful… I hate to remember her that way. How about a new photo showing Telly ‘smiling’…. (happy)! :*)

  4. Connie Martin

    Does your Urban Farmhouse Event mean that you all will not be at the Cincinnati Quilt Show? 🙁 I always look forward to shopping your booth since I live so far away from Iowa!

    I actually just finished my March Unfinished Project, Yea! I will post a picture tomorrow because it is 11:45 PM.

    Connie in Columbus, OH

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