Puppy Report, 9-24-2020

These guys are getting so fat! Rolypoly little sausages! They are eating like there’s no tomorrow which means they poop a lot, too. Joan, who adopted George last summer, came and helped me do a thorough cleaning of both kennels today. Her husband told her not to come home with a puppy! Haha! He knows her well!

And as the title says, here’s the daily puppy update:

Nala is such a good momma – I think she should start weaning them.

I cut the hydrangeas in front of her chair in the kennel so she could see out better.

She sometimes likes to lay behind that hydrangea bush.

Tonight’s salad.

See this sweet little navy and cream and gray zigzag quilt? The longarm machine totally ruined it with snarls on the back and loops on the front and I couldn’t fix it. I kept trying until Tony came and adjusted it. I am not going to take out all that stitching – it’s going just like it is to Jenny in Louisville for her favorite dog named Atticus. He won’t care.

You readers have been so very generous with your help for Momma and the puppies – food being shipped, gift cards right and left at Amazon and Chewy and fantastic moral support. I am stunned at your willingness to help me take care of these guys – if they could talk they’d thank you, too. They will lack for nothing while in my care, thanks to you!

And the message lives on – yesterday I got this devotional from Jeanine in Ottumwa. Could it be any more appropriate? No, I don’t think so!

It has been my theme since March so I will close by saying Be Still.

40 thoughts on “Puppy Report, 9-24-2020

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary , lovely to see George’s mum, how is he? Glad everyone is helping to care for the pups.we can see the start of summer coming now, take care, best wishes from sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – how I wish we were just seeing the start of summer! George, renamed Buddy, is just great! He loves his walks thru the neighborhood and his naps that follow! What a sweet dog!

  2. Diane and Squeak

    Mary, Nala’s ribs are disappearing:) That is great. You are doing such a great job with her and the
    puppies. I love to see their little fat bellies and now she is looking so much better, too. Bless you:)

  3. Maryjane Bailey

    Look at those fat little tummies and mama’s sides are filling out too. Maybe you should keep her. She looks so sweet and needs lots of love and stability. So interesting how those puppies are different colors. When you’re ready for more Chewy, let us know. Be glad to help.

  4. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Having food and shelter to take care of her physical needs, hopefully Nala can also heal from the emotional trauma she has been through.You were so kind to take her, Mary. 🥰

  5. Beryl in Owatonna

    Nala is filling out too! She looks sad or maybe just tired! She looks pretty sweet though. Her puppies are doin so well! Did you see the video of the puppies getting into a dog bed that was posted on FB? It was so cute and reminded me of your new friends!!

    The dogs’ quilt looks nice from the distance you took the picture. I am a blue person so it would!!
    Looks like Hazel was checking out the trim job! Hope she approved!

  6. Donna

    Nala already looks some better too. She doesn’t seem quite as bonyas she did when you first got her. So glad she and the puppies are getting your good care.

  7. Charlotte Shira

    Nala’s ribs are definitely disappearing and the puppies are precious. Great job Mary!
    Be Still.

  8. Jean

    Mary you are golden! Not many people would cut their hydrangeas to the ground so their dog could see. It makes my heart happy that there are people like you. Thank you for being you!

  9. Kelli

    Mama’s ribs are disappearing! Your love and tender care are a gift to her and her wee ones. I love all that you share on the blog – thanks for taking time to write in the midst of your busy life! Blessings to you 🙂

  10. Cinders

    The puppies and Nala are thriving! You are doing a wonderful job of taking care of them!

    Also, I hope I don’t get scolded, but I did not write down your salad recipe and your photo looks so yummy, maybe someone can repeat your recipe. I did not locate it looking back. My hubby and son and myself have been helping my cousin empty her family home and what a lit of things we keep. I will be thinning out my treasures and accumulations when we get done there. September has been so lovely, Dems warmer than usual.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Cinders – her cornbread salad recipe was her 9-10 Blog post if that helps you locate it.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Cinders – this salad was not the cornbread salad – this was lettuce, sweet onion, tomatoes with garlic salt and pepper – dressing is oil and lemon juice. So easy yet so delicious!!!

  11. Diana in Des Moines

    One of my favorite things in the world? Puppy bellies! Poor Nala just looks so sad. I’m praying for a good home for her and the pups. Bless you for taking them in ♥️

  12. Diane in Maryland

    I noticed that also and thought the same! I couldn’t help but smile when Mary wrote that she cut the hydrangea back so Nala could see out better from her chair. Mary, you are the most thoughtful and caring person ever!

  13. Kathy in western NY

    Nice pictures of puppies, quilts ,of Joan and kindness shown so mama can look out her window knowing she is safe now. I agree that she too is gaining some of her weight back too. You can only imagine what she felt being outside after what she endured. You will have to share some quotes with Be Still from your new book.

  14. Lois Ann Johnson

    I am so happy to see mama Nala thriving with your TLC and all the puppies thriving because they can nurse from their mama. A happy ending to a once sad story. Thank you, Lord, for bringing this little family to a home where they receive what they need! And THANK YOU, Mary, for taking them in and providing them what they need right now. God is good–all the time!

  15. Pat Smith

    I love seeing those little fat sausages asleep in a pile. Yes, I can just imagine the poop patrol from this group—so much work. I doubt Nala has ever had the caring or love she is getting at your house. It just makes me so sad to see her downtrodden face, but then I realize she is finally safe. My prayer is that she gets to live out her life in a loving home. Jeanine from Ottumwa—I’m also from Ottumwa and only rarely hear of anyone else from there.

    1. Kay Crandall

      My first teaching job YEARS ago was at the high school in Ottumwa! I have fond memories of the town.

    2. Jeanine

      I am actually from Oskaloosa. I bought the devotional book in Ottumwa. I have followed Mary for a long time. I so enjoy her blog as all of us do.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Jeanine – oh, that’s right! I was working off my poor memory late in the evening – now I remember that! Sorry, Jeanine! I love the book!

        1. Jeanine

          Mary—-When I saw the book your name was written all over it! I am glad you like it. No problem about where I’m from…..we are neighbors to Ottumwa. They have more shopping options than we do in Oskaloosa.

  16. M

    ………and any leftover Amazon gift cards can go towards the needs of the next fostering you take on.

  17. Ann in Va.

    I get joy reading about you and the puppies/ Nala. Her ribs are showing less and less!!!

    God is smiling on all you do for them!

  18. Sue in Marion, IN

    Bless you for caring for these darling puppies and their poor mama…she does look better already. Nala looks like a sweet dog…so glad she’s getting some TLC!

  19. Donna

    Looks like Mama’s ribs are starting to fill in. Yay!!
    Those puppies look bigger every day, too. They’re just too cute! Maybe there’s some shepherd and heeler in their bloodline. But they should be pretty healthy being Heinz 57 mix. I can’t have a puppy but I like to think anyway which one I would choose.
    Thank you and Bless you!

  20. Paula S.

    Oh I love to see the puppy update! Nala is looking so much better and that is encouraging too. Mary, you are such a good care-giver to these dogs and all of your own animals/pets. I am of the same mindset there. I can’t stand to see animals hurt or abused.

  21. Betty Klosterman

    The pups are full of bellies, love and poop! Sure wish you had the 4 bags of newspapers waiting to go to recycling. If wishes were fishes? God really made babys, both animal and human, so darn cute that (most) people just couldn’t help but to love and take care of them.
    My quickie question: did you use white thread to quilt the blue zig zag quilt?
    Being “still” might not be an option for awhile. Things will get more interesting from here! Betty

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty K – I used a light tan that I didn’t really like when I got started – I had intended to follow the zigzag piecing and change colors on the top thread but then the machine acted up

  22. Jane Boyer

    Our daughter in New Jersey has adopted several dogs from a basset rescue group. She’s kept in contact with their fosters and would bring the dogs to basset gatherings so the fosters could see how their former charges were coming along. These have been adults so perhaps it’s different with puppies. But do know the fosters were always happy to see their former dogs.

  23. Linda in So Cal

    I smell puppy breath…times 8!!! Even Nala has gained weight. You are a Mom extraordinaire. Kudos to you. Many thanks to everyone else who has pitched in to help you. They definitely are fat sausages. I still worry about Nala. We will never know what she has been through mentally or physically. She deserves a special home. I look forward to your nightly updates.

  24. Felicia Hamlin@bevcomm.net

    Mary, God bless you for the good you do taking care of God’s creatures, only you would think of cutting the hydrangea so momma could see out. I love those two gray and black puppies, Zena’s colors, I wonder how big they’ll get. Nala is not really big and she is looking better. Did you hear of the dog someplace in Europe who had 18 pups? My goodness owners are going to be busy keeping those little guys fed. Have a nice day!

  25. Mary Says Sew!

    Mary, thank you for the daily updates on Mama Nala and her puppies. With all the time you’re spending taking care of them and all your other animals and daily life, I am doubly grateful you take the time to share their progress.

    Nala’s ribs and spine are definitely getting less noticeable. She still looks so sad and dejected. I hope the day she realizes her life has changed and she’s never going back comes soon! Thank you for taking her and the kids in!

  26. Tammy Guerrero

    Just wondering how old you think the mama is? She just looks kinda sad to me. Her puppies look great! Mama needs still some fattening up. I know she feels love and a caring hand with you looking over her
    Bless you and these beautiful pups.

  27. Jennie

    Great to see the puppies. Wish I could come and play. With time Nala can over come her sadness. With the right forever home. Need anything let us know. Blessings Jennie

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