Puppy Update, 6-18-22

No words necessary.

Peonies in full bloom – probably gone by tomorrow in this wind.

Can’t you just close your eyes and smell them?

Rock garden

Tim’s cornfield

Martingale’s presentation of our new book does not go unnoticed by me.

And here it is!

There’s a real story/lesson about the cover quilt that I’ll tell when the book is in your hands next September. Remind me.

And these are some projects from our book Cracker Crumbs that I’m going to start working on.

These will most likely be $5.00 patterns available online and on paper from me. I’ll let you know when they’re ready to go!

Around the farm:

For those of you who are interested in the rat count, we found dead rat #59 in the infirmary pen. Orkin was here to inspect their bait traps and after unlocking all the boxes, it’s very clear the rats are eating my bait pushed down the holes and covered with cement blocks over their bait. Darn – I guess I could have just handled this myself without them but I didn’t think I could back in April. Now I’ll fulfill my agreed upon contract and then let them go.

Please don’t think I’m brave to do this – I shudder when I enter the barn. But I have no choice – if I don’t tend to this problem, they’ll multiply until I have them in my house! I’d have to move out if that happened!

Hope that all of you who are recovering from illness and/or surgery are doing well on this beautiful June afternoon.

Tomorrow I’ll write about the Dirty Dozen – there’s a new wrinkle in the rules and guidelines. I have two projects to finish before July 1 myself! Chop chop!

57 thoughts on “Puppy Update, 6-18-22

  1. Shirley from Oregon

    The doggies are adorable.
    The view towards the horizons looking out Cross the field made me homesick for the prairie from here in the mountains of Oregon.

  2. Suzanne Golden

    I love the pictures of the peonies. They remind me of home. We had many that my grandmother planted. We also had a very deep burgundy colored one.

  3. Tanya T. in Houston

    I love the new book’s cover quilt, especially the binding! You girls are THE best! September can’t come soon enough!

    Nearby town’s guild has a quilt show yesterday and today. Not as many quilts, not as many vendors, but they’re back!! And, apparently, they all cleaned out so the “Trash and Treasures” booth was great. I got a cross stitch table runner pattern with a daschaund (How do you spell that dog???) pattern. One of our daughters-in-law has a little one named Cricket so I try to find something related for her every so often. I am a happy camper!! Oh, those puppies! 🙂

  4. Debbie

    Love the cover of your newest book-can’t wait to get ! The puppies are adorable but I’m sure lots of work. The peonies are beautiful and as best I remember smell wonderful! I haven’t seen one in person in years and haven’t smelled or tasted anything since last September when I had Covid. I really like Glenda’s quilt-simple HST but very visually appealing. Your plant and flower displays are always so interesting. Too hot and dry here in upstate SC for much of anything to grow. We’ve had some storms but the rain seems to miss us.
    We had to have a new water line installed to our house and when they dug down 2-3 feet, the dirt was very dry and dusty.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debbie – oh my! Three feet and it’s dry? I’ll pray for rain for you.

    2. Paula Nordt

      Extremely dry here also. But we have heavy gumbo soil. Dries like a brick or concrete. Can’t dig.

      Mary and Connie, I can’t wait to be able to buy your new book and hear the story about the cover quilt!

    3. Brenda In SC

      Oh my!!! You sound like you are close to me in SC…dry and dusty….we have nothing but red clay dirt here in Pageland, SC. Oh, how I wish I could grow those peonies!! They are so beautiful and I hear they smell wonderful!
      Mary, your yard and flowers are just grand! The puppies are getting so big. We have had some rain and lots of wind type storms. But not enough rain to even keep the garden soaked.
      Our temps have been in the hundreds with the heat index. Today (Father’s Day) we have a repreve with the 80’s. Stay cool everyone.

      1. Debbie

        Brenda, I looked up Pageland and we are around 3 hours away in Anderson. I saw it is the “Watermelon Capital”-I think I could live on watermelon in the summer-I just can’t taste it right now!

  5. Gloria Frerichs

    What a gorgeous day! The puppies are adorable and they look like they’re having lots of fun. My peonies are already done for the season: pale pink, dark pink, white, and apricot. The apricot blooms first and doesn’t last long and the plant itself doesn’t get near as big as the other three. Have a great weekend!

  6. Lynn h

    Wow, those puppies are becoming curioser and curioser!! They look very healthy too! Great job fostering them, Mary!

  7. Georgia

    Love the photos, especially the “pointing” pup with what I call “goony” birds – all comedians! What are the plants forming a nice hedge alongside the house? Ready to bloom, it seems – gorgeous!

  8. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Those puppies are so cute! And they are growing so fast! We took it easy today, we are having a mini heatwave (early in the year for us) it was 101 in the shade in our garden today! I know it gets a lot hotter than that in the states, but I am in northern Europe, and we never used to get temperatures like this in June (or at all!). At least we live in the country, so have fresh air, trees and green around us and a garden to sit in. We went for a walk very early this morning before it got too hot: lots of lovely swifts and swallows flying overhead as we walked through the fields. This evening a bit of hand sewing: my studio is on the third floor and it is way to hot up there under the roof!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fiona – you need to tell the readers where you live.

  9. Lois Ann Johnson

    I loved seeing all of your farm photos! Puppies are getting so big! The peonies are beautiful! Between them and lilacs, I think those are my favorite flowers! It’s a beautiful day here in northern Iowa. Not too hot and a light breeze. The rain we had a day or two ago brightened up everything. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  10. Lori

    Can’t wait for your new book, all your books are timeless 😉

    Are those Guineas? I would like to get some, and am just learning about them.

  11. Melissa Latter

    Puppies are so cute!!!!
    I also have two new puppies and wow thats alot of work!

  12. susie Q

    It has been 50 years since I have smelled peonies…. and can still smell them now.

  13. Kathy in western NY

    So much to look forward to…new patterns, new book, new DD year. And those puppies are so inquisitive! I would be tired out from watching their antics but you have been a wonderful foster home to give them so much attention and socialization with other animals. Glendas quilt is very eye catching with the colors. I went to the farmers market today for rhubarb to freeze and didn’t a car pull over ahead of me so I slowed down to see what why slowed down for and wasn’t it to junk pick rusty old wheelbarrow marked free! And now I see your geraniums planted in one! I was a car length too late!
    We are having wind here too Mary since yesterday but not like those poor folks in Ohio dealing with power outages.

  14. Beryl BC

    Another great set of pictures. The puppies are cute. The cover of the new book is very nice. I noticed the tree trunk planter I remember well. It is quite windy in SW Ohio today, but much cooler than the past few days.

  15. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Wow, Mary, you outdid yourself today:) The puppies are just too cute. Is the far one in the first picture pointing? Looks like it. When our Irish Setter got quite old, he pointed at the gerbils in their cage and sometimes at the TV. Poor old Arsenic. A new puppy visited me today; she’s a Golden Doodle named Zuri and she can already sit on command. Very cute. The DD today is just beautiful and your flowers and around your house are wonderful to look at. Thank you for sharing so much with us:) I am finishing another DD today. It really wasn’t a DD because it’s for a new baby, but I’ll count it:) The weather is PERFET today, 75* much like a Western NY day.

    1. Kathy

      Hi Diane,
      Do you ever remember a tornado watch happening much growing up in Cuba in western NY? We have them more frequently now and small ones have occurred causing damage. Now I keep the dogs collars and leashes on a big hook by the back door for an emergency but I admit it does make me anxious when they come beeping across the TV screen as I have seen what other parts of the country go through with them.

      1. Diane, Squeak, Buddy

        Hi Kathy, I don’t remember any tornado warnings, but I remember in 1955 when I was 5, Hurricane Diane came through and did a lot of damage. My siblings said it was approptlriateky named because I was always running around like a hurricane😹😹. We do get tornado warnings often in Central Ohio!

  16. Julie B in CF

    Oh those little rascals…so fun to see pics of them…but I am sure they are a handful. Bless your heart for taking them in.
    I am enjoying this beautiful Iowa afternoon…planted some hostas, a hardy hibiscus (I love their big flowers)…mine is deep red…and transplanted 2 potted hibiscus plants and 5 houseplants. Now I am sitting with my upper body in the shade and lower half in the sun…love those suntanned toes.

    Glenda’s quilt is beautiful..I believe I have a similar pattern somewhere. I received gelato ombré fabrics yesterday to make the pattern “Sunsets”. I bought the pattern and fabric when I was visiting my sister in Arizona…but..silly me..I cut it out in a hurry and goofed…so now I can finish cutting and get it put together. I have not made a quilt since the end of April. Sunsets will be number 19 for this year…have a few more cut out and ready to go, but it needs to rain so I have to stay in the house.

    Our air conditioning went out Tuesday night..the technician came out that night and did some trouble shooting..back the next morning to talk with tech support and make the final diagnosis. Needed a new inside coil and meter…whoa..$$$…installed them yesterday..so we are cool again.

    A friend had excess rhubarb so yesterday I sat under the umbrella, with a fan blowing and cleaned and cut 20 cups of rhubarb…yummmm. It will taste so good this winter, it fall, or spring, or tomorrow! Rhubarb cake on the to do list.

    Can’t wait for your new book to come out…I am always looking for something new to make. Have a great weekend and enjoy this wonderful weather while we have it.

  17. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

    OOPS, forgot to mention, I am asking for your awesome new book for my birthday in September. Great timing–thanks:) The cover is stunning!! I can’t wait to see inside.

  18. Launa

    In first puppy photo the one I call Tippy (due to white tip of tail) seems to be in pointing pose! Our Border Collie does that so often.
    Thought it was going to be another warm, sunny day up here in Idaho, but clouds moved..then a couple tiny sprinklings showed up on the pond! 63o @ 3:30 🕞 pm!
    Can’t wait to order CT ‘s new book! Like the idea of a couple pillows! Cover quilt secret….how fun..am certain you will be reminded!
    Loved seeing your flowers n rock garden, too!

  19. Linda in So CA

    The puppies have grown! Top picture, one of the pups ready for hunting; must have some pointer in his genes. What’s the latest guinea hen count? Hopefully all 4 have returned home. Can’t wait to see your new book…love the cover. Will you & Connie autograph the books for your readers? I miss having peonies in CA…too hot where I am. Had a backyard full growing up in NY. Low 80’s today; comfortable springtime weather. Please keep posting puppy pictures! Do they leave this week?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – the puppies return to the shelter on Monday – all have families waiting for them – isn’t that fantastic? Yes, we will autograph books in the fall when we get them. I just don’t want all the hassle of preorders to deal with so I’ll give you plenty of warning when they’re on their way.

  20. Jo in Wyoming

    The puppies are so cute, the peonies are so beautiful, the book is so exciting!!!
    My lilacs are just now blooming. They are some very late variety. I have no idea what kind and they have very large leaves.
    Little Chase is doing better, he still has lots of medication. The insurance will pay get equine therapy, so he will get enrolled in that soon. My friends, the Shingles, are still here and making their presence known.
    The wind was fierce this week. It caused many accidents on the highways , one fatal!!
    Have a great Father’s Day to all our dad readers.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I’ve meant to ask about Chase – hope he continues to improve. And you’ve still got shingles???? I had no idea they could hang on this long! I’m so sorry to hear it.

  21. Laurie Mosley

    So many great photos! Bring many smiles and laughs, especially those puppies! Looking forward to getting your new book.

  22. Jan

    Ooh! The new book! It looks awesome, The puppies are just adorable, I know you will miss them – after recovering fully of course. I only see two guineas in the first picture, did the other two come home? The two in the picture are very pretty (for guinea hens!). How is the noise they make Mary? Are you ok with it? I’ve heard them in other people’s yards, not sure I’d want them in mine! But I do think they’d be great as tick eaters and they really are funny to watch. It is 63 here tonight at 6:00. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50’s! Such strange weather. I’d love to know where Fiona of Ice Bear Quilts lives! For some reason I thought she lived in NC, haha. Have a nice Father’s Day everyone. Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – I actually enjoy the sound guineas make but since the other two disappeared, the two remaining are silent! Now wth!! I just don’t get it – the other two, the typical black and white ones, are still missing and I’ve looked all over for them or the telltale feathers if something got them. Nothing. Jan, did you recently post pictures of your chickens by their coop on Instagram? I’d like to put them on the blog if you did – could you email them to me?

      1. Jan

        Isn’t that odd that the remaining guineas are silent!? I’d be happy for sure, lol. But I do like that they are such good watchdogs (birds). Yes, that was me, I’d be happy to send you pictures! Jan

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jan – please send pictures because I can’t find them on Instagram now!

  23. Sandy

    Hi Mary, wonderful photos of puppies and garden, huge number of hydrangeas! Grey day here in New Zealand, might do some sewing and watch The Great British Sewing Bee later, one of My favoutite programmes, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  24. Sandi

    Those puppies are just adorable!! I love the cover of your new book! I’ll be watching for it to come up for sale. Hugs,

  25. Lynda

    The puppies are getting so big. I bet they love to explore everything! Have a good weekend.

  26. MaureenHP

    The peonies are beautiful! The puppies are too cute. And the new book is on my list!

  27. Cathy - SE Alabama

    Oh what fun! Puppies, quilts, and flowers. I cannot wait to hear about the new “Dirty Dozen.”

    Thanks for always sharing.

    Cathy in SE Alabama

  28. Marie C

    Love the puppy pictures. Your peonys are so pretty. Mine really got hurt by the wind. Really like the quilt with the dogs on it. I spent the day putting up strawberries and getting new hay put in the barn.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marie C – our hay is cut and windrowed and I’m just hoping it doesn’t rain before it gets baled. Can’t wait to smell that hay again – like the peonies, I wish I could capture that smell for the blog readers!

  29. Kathy Hanson

    Looking forward to your new book!!
    What fun(as well as lots of work) those busy puppies must be, so cute!!! Our peonies didn’t look nice very long with the wind, etc! Yours are gorgeous! Looking forward to hearing about the DD changes!!

  30. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    This is a wonderful post, Mary. All the pictures were great. You have done such a good job with those adorable puppies, they will miss you. Your flowers are so lush and healthy, and all the quilts are beautiful. I especially am interested in making a half square triangle throw-size. Thanks so much. 🥰

  31. Paula

    Forgot to answer the other night when you asked us to answer from our surgeries. I have a brace on now and next week will be 6 weeks for the brace and new tennis shoes. Getting around really well but still knees hurting from arthritis. I get knee shots every 6 months but this might be where I was down for so long. I am sewing in my sewing room now and oh how I missed it. I have been to my shop a couple days for a few hours also. I have finished 1 quilts since I have been back and I am working on a leader ender in king size which will be done shortly. I also have an applique in the works. Have been cooking just a little also. Hope your husband is doing much better. I hope he can start helping you soon. Paula in KY

  32. Barbara Moore

    Hi MARY! – Congrats on the new book; looking forward to seeing it in full. Love the dog quilt – but where is the doxie? (We have three!) That’s “dachshund” for the lady who was wondering how to spell them! I just finished an Uncle Sam cross stitch and, of course, there’s a doxie at his feet! Those puppies? Too dang cute – and curious. Happy to read they’re all spoken for and homes are waiting. … We’ve been hot, hot, hot here in Arizona. June is the worst month for that – it seems as soon as the calendar page turns, that’s the cue for the thermometer to go ballistic🥵. … Looking forward to reading what changes you have in store for the DD challenge. Mine have languished to the point of just re-numbering them and try, try again for this next round☹️. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!
    Barb in Tucson

  33. jaybirdinohio

    Glenda Fletcher: Your quilt is wonderful! Is there a pattern, or will I be forced to figure it out on my own???
    Mary, your peonies are stunning. Ours were wiped out early by a strong wind, so we really didn’t get a chance to enjoy them. Much like the dogwood just beginning to bloom that was ruined by a hard freeze. Mother Nature is very cruel sometimes!

  34. Candy

    Wow, those puppies have grown in your care! I’m sure you’re thrilled they all have homes to go to. They all look so happy and well-socialized … they’ll no doubt fit right into their new families. Great job with them, Mary … and thanks for sharing all the pictures!

  35. Polly Perkins

    Like the new fabrics in the cover of your new book. Cannot wait to see it all. I am recovering from Covid. Had a nasty case even though I have been vaccinated and double boosted. Traveled all the way to Colorado and was with thousands of people as my granddaughter graduated from high school. Did not get this dreadful virus until I came home. Go figure. Cannot taste or smell and still sound like I am under a barrel. Gave it to my husband now. He has much milder version but was able to double dose on elderberry syrup. He just got PlaxLovid because he has heart conditions. Take care all.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Polly – !! I am so sorry to hear this! Not only for you but for all of us who have been fully vaccinated and boosted! This nasty stuff needs to go away – I don’t want to be as sick as it sounds you were! Hope you’ll feel better very soon.

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