Quilt Show

When we finally DID get to the quilt show, we had a great time. We both took lots of pictures and I’ll show some of mine to you. It’s been so long since I attended a quilt show! I was always working on Saturday and was too tired on Sunday!

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Rosemary’s Bullseye – love the black backgrounds.

This antique quilt was made entirely of fair ribbons.

This sweet little quilt by Cheryl N. Has embroidered centers surrounded by 30’s fabrics.

This entry is a Country Threads pattern.

I believe this is called Flags of the American Revolution and I honestly think I made this quilt OR maybe I just thought about it. I’m going to look in my quilt closet.

Cheryl Barkema used to work for us and she loved fall anything. After she passed away a friend finished this quilt for her.

Miscellaneous quilts we both liked.

Here is Cheryl N. with one of her quilts.

This is a Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern high I also have made – mine is red and brown. Love it!

This was one of our patterns many years ago called the Free quilt because it’s denim from old jeans and scrap squares around each denim square which we all have loads of.

I should make this again!

I never got a picture of Reed! We just didn’t have enough time there at the show. Reed bought some fat quarters and I bought this old pattern.

Hahaha! Remember when we were trying to find this old pieced block and had to redraft it? Now I’ve got a pattern for our files. Sweet!

Reed and I talked about joining this quilt guild – they meet on the first Thursday of each month and I think he’d enjoy seeing show and tell and speakers and quilt activities.

Several asked what patterns are currently available. Here they are:

Spring Gameboard – $5.00

Harvey – both sizes – $10.00

Little Harvey only – $5.00

Bullseye is still available – $3.00

Two issues plus misc. of Goat Gazette – $12.00

Beyond The Battlefield. – $31.00

All of these offers include postage. Checks should be made out to Country Threads. Cobblestone is no longer available – it ended 6 months ago. We simply can’t keep a quantity of patterns available. Harvey for example will be dropped on Easter Sunday and we’ll present something new for you to consider. We can see that it makes a huge difference when we limit what’s available – Quilters get their new patterns done! Patterns don’t pile up because we all concentrate on a few at a time. I’m anxious to introduce the next door banner.

I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy laying out fabrics and just thinking about what I should make. When we first got acquainted and started talking about a pattern company, we knew there were others out there, like us, who enjoyed studying books and patterns and simply thinking about and planning different projects. There is no way any of us could actually make all the projects we wanted to but that’s OK in my book. I so enjoy collecting books and patterns and just thinking about the quilts I could make. I no longer have any guilt about it. Take a lesson from Connie and me!

Debbie’s 85 year old mother made this Bullseye quilt several years ago.

Here is Buckwheat, Alfalfa’s twin, looking quite lost without his brother. I cannot find any records that tell me how old they are but I think about 12-14 years which is pretty old for a Goat.

I am starting the raking this afternoon and have a fundraiser supper to attend tonight with Becky. As soon as I hear from Connie on the cruise, I’ll let you know. Here’s our temp today – just lovely outside!

And then there were 7 in the herd west of the barn.

As we were in the barn treating Alfalfa Hazel jumped up on Dr. Stock’s lap. I wouldn’t call her shy, would you?

Doesn’t she look like a perfect angel?

The games last night were so good! I didn’t really have a favorite in the first game but I do think Auburn was cheated out of the win because the double dribble was not called. For those who were watching, you know what I’m referring to.

45 thoughts on “Quilt Show

  1. Kay

    It seems they knew Buckwheat was alone without Alfafa and came to comfort him.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Lynn H – he doesn’t treat my cats and dogs but there’s nobody else around here that works with goats and yes, he’s a very nice man!

  2. Doris Gardner

    Mary, I received my patterns but not my book. Do you ship the book separate? I love your blog and also Jo’s blog. Thank for all the beautiful pictures and information you share!
    Doris in Alabama

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Doris GARDNER – I will check on your order first thing tomorrow and if we made a mistake, I’ll get your book in the mail tomorrow. I’ll find your address on your order.

  3. Cynthia Sabinske

    Loved seeing the quilts! Quilt shows are inspiring to me! Makes me think positive on new projects and the ones I am working on as well to complete and on to something new! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Carol

    Mary, a question: I made the jeans quilt top, love it, I used my husband’s jeans after we changed up our diet and started a paleo lifestyle – he lost 20 pounds and I gained quilt fabric! The question: do you change the size needle you use on the long arm to quilt through denim, and do you quilt the denim with a different needle than the surrounding cottons? I’m thinking you don’t change up the needle between cotton and denim, because you straight line stitch your quilts. I was advised to quilt all the denim first, change needles and then do the cotton. Sounds inefficient….

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – I have never quilted a combo denim/cotton quilt but I doubt I’d have to change the needle. I really don’t know. I want to quilt over those denim seams so I wouldn’t want to quilt the denim first because that would defeat the purpose of stitching through the seams. Maybe I won’t make another one of these quilts. Too many questions about the quilting which I can’t answer.

  5. Amy M

    Well I commented on yesterday’s post (twice somehow?) I think the same time you were writing this. Great Quilt show and I think Reed & you would enjoy the guild. They certainly would enjoy him! I don’t understand what constitutes a double dribble anymore, or a foul for that matter because it seems like most of the time they are shoving and pushing. After watching Charles Barkley the entire tournament and enjoying him cheer on his Auburn Tigers, when I heard him say after the game, he agreed it was a foul on the 3 point shot (to get the free throws to win) and that the double dribble call was only one call in lots of calls in a game. He was very gracious and not asking for rule changes or replays or anything. All the other announcers said the same thing, they did not notice it and no one from the Virginia bench noticed it and was up pointing like “you missed this”. So I don’t feel like Auburn got “cheated” out of the final. It’s a situation of hindsight (or replay) is 20/20 but if you analyze that one call, you have to analyze the whole game. Yes I wanted Virginia to win for my bracket but I would have also been thrilled for Auburn to win and go to the finals! So happy that the “traditional” basketball schools were shown that other schools can play as well this year. I particularly liked when Auburn’s starting line up was announced, all were from Georgia or Alabama I believe. No long distance recruiting like the “big” basketball schools. Ok I’m done before we have to change this to a sports blog 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – please tell me we can make this a sports blog! No? What I don’t understand anymore is traveling – how can they take step after step on the way to the basket and it’s never traveling but if they wiggle a pivot foot, then it’s traveling? I just got home from a church missions fundraiser where we discussed the games last night adnauseum. Looking forward to tomorrow nights game!

  6. Rita Scott

    Here is a quote I thought was fitting for those of us who are older and wiser? “Aging is a gift not everyone gets” I thought about making this and putting it above the door as I’m going outside. What do you think?

    Love your pictures of the quilt show. Thanks for sharing.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rita Scott – I love that quote – it could go on a quilt!

  7. Sharon Lowy

    So sad you lost Alfalfa. Sad for Buckwheat too. I hate when we have to say goodbye.

  8. Rita M in CT

    Sorry about Alfalfa but I am glad he isn’t suffering.
    I have been outside in the gardens all day while John kept an eye on the dogs. John does not like the outdoors in the least. He would rather wash the dishes and give treats to the dogs. Me!!! I hate to come inside if the weather is nice. Today I picked up branches and sticks, pruned last years leaves from the Helebores and other perennials. I planted 12 flats of pansies. The Easter garden flags are finally hanging outside. It is starting to look and feel like spring. Oh and Friday I started little Harvey I need to sew even if only for a little while for my sanity.
    Love the show quilts especially the Halloween quilt.

  9. Patty McDonald

    Hazel does look like an angel! Our lab turned from a nut case to our angel around 3 1/2. We figure she was just a late bloomer. Love that you take us along to the quilt show. Also, I’m sorry for your loss. It is always hard to lose a pet even when it’s expected.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patty McDonald – I said she LOOKED like an angel, I didn’t say she was an angel!

  10. Chris

    Beautiful quilts and so much work. I also have a pup that looks like an angel and I love her to bits.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Chris – tell me about your pup! I should have said, doesn’t she LOOK like an angel because she isn’t always so well behaved! Your pup probably is!

  11. Ellie

    Thanks for the pictures of the show! It looks like it had some lovely quilts. Several I’d like to add to my to do list! Why does it always get longer,faster than I can quilt!

  12. Diane in Central Ohio

    I met a tan Hazel today who is 16!!! She was a hoot—barking a little at me, a little unstable on her legs, but thrilled I petted her🐶🐶. Hazel is just a cutie. I love the quilts you pictured; great choices. Mary, our guild allows children, but some don’t. I wonder how young people get encouraged to quilt if they don’t get to see other quilter’s work?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in Central Ohio – they would welcome Reed they said but I’m not sure that I want a commitment. I thought I might ask his Grandma Cheryl or Grandma Jan to go with us. Might be fun!

  13. Chris Harrington

    Hi Mary, I love the Louise & Friends pattern. Might this be one that you will be selling in the future. I understand it’s an older pattern that is probably no longer in print but I love it so I’m hopeful. Thanks so much for sharing the quilt show with us. I’m sorry for the loss of your sweet boy.

  14. Marie McDonald

    The Flags of the American revolution was a Block of the Month Club by Jan Patek. We did it at a local quilt shop quite a few years ago. Fun to see pictures from the quilt show.

  15. Beth T.

    Poor old Buckwheat. We have two brother goats, Oscar and Langley, and they are inseparable. I dread the day we are down to one goat, and hope they’ll be able to find company with our mini horses.
    The copy of Louise & Friends that you drafted looks great–I haven’t started on mine yet, but plan to. Still, what fun that you found an original at the show. Thanks for sharing the picture of the Bullseye with the black background. I haven’t finished my first and now I have a plan for a second quilt! Isn’t that always the way?
    And I love the picture of Hazel and Dr. Stock; the lighting is wonderful!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth T. – I’ve already decided that when the day comes when one of the last two leaves me, I’m going to have the last one put down. I did that with my sheep because I knew the last one would just be too sad.

  16. Sue

    Thank you for taking us along to the quilt show. Love them all. That BullsEye on black is very sticking. I see quite a few I would like to make. Just need to clone me to work faster.
    Your Vet looks like he loves little precious dogs.

  17. Diane Bauer

    I’m sad for Buckwheat as well. I’m not sure animals understand as we do, but I know they miss friends when they are gone. I worry a bit about mine when Riley and Ruby leave again as they are all getting along fabulously right now. We took all four for a walk in an open space area yesterday. Today they got their own walks again.
    I finished another Harvey this afternoon and love him!! Jenica took hers back to her apartment yesterday and has him brightening her space. Tonight I am working on another pinnie. Love the quilt show quilts! Loveland just announced “Warmth to Wonder” opening Friday, April 12. I’m excited to see the quilts they display!

  18. Patricia Tucker

    Do you have the name of the quilt with embroidered flowers and the 30’s fabric?

  19. Paula Philpot

    Yes, Auburn was cheated! I am anxious for next door banner. Also, I will look at my old Gazettes and see if there is a pic of Buckwheat and Alfalfa in one of them. Paula in KY

  20. Judy Linn

    That cracks me up that you bought that pattern! Did the vendor selling it know YOU were buying it!

    The antique quilt of all the fair ribbons is AMAZING! Can you still read what they were for? Jellies, jams, quilts? That is a LOT of ribbons!

    You encourage me again – yes, “I am a Stager.” At least that is what a friend mentioned to me the other day. I had not thought of it in today’s terminology with all the DIY tv shows, remodelers, etc. I LOVE to pull fabrics out of drawers just to lay them out. Then tomorrow I change at least one….Yup! NO guilt here!

    When I growing up in Ohio my dad had many jobs and we moved a lot. I went to many schools. We lived in many houses (not as much as a military family moves, but it makes me empathize with them!) When I think of a real estate person coming into my dad and telling him we needed a “stager’ to help sell the house. HA! He would have laughed them all the way to the door!

    Happy ‘staging!’
    Judy in Texas

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy Linn – the cashier knew who I was and laughed and asked why? Haha!

  21. Marie J.

    Hi Mary! I too am sorry to hear of the loss of your goat. My daughter and family have two goats that are pets to our grandchildren, they certainly make fun pets!! I hope theirs have long happy lives like yours! Besides the goats there are chickens, turkeys, bunnies, dogs and a part time cat too! As a treat for them I’ve started a quilt with your pieced turkey pattern and your dog and chicken patterns! (of course in the colors of their farm pets!) So I would also be interested in purchasing your goat pattern if you decide to make it available!

    And extra thanks for sharing the quilt show pictures! Must be so fun for you to see your handiwork created so often!!

  22. Kathy Hanson

    Another Reed and Mary Adventure that we all got to share. I spent this last few days at a Quilt Retreat in Downsville Wisconsin with 11 other friends – what a good, time with lots of projects either done or almost done. Love seeing the quilts that you and Reed liked. So sorry about your goat and his sad brother, furry family members are so special and so missed when they pass. Hazel is darling as usual. My husband was invited to go to those Final Four games last night – and that same person has invited both of us for tomorrow night’s Championship game. Exciting!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson- I am literally turning green with envy! The national championship game! Wow!!!

  23. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Fabulous quilts from the show, thanks for sharing the pictures.

  24. Sandy Kolarik

    I’ve always had big dogs but decided the older I get I wanted a dog to walk and not walk me. I got a mix rescue terrior and she’s as cute as can be. Her name is Lily but most of the time I call her brat. I’ve never owned a terrior but they can sure get into everything. I love hearing about Hazel so entertaining. Love hearing about all your adventures and the animals on the farm. Thank you.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy Kolarik – your terrier can be a “terrorist” as can Hazel but the next minute she looks like a perfect angel – ha! Here’s a hug for Lily! ()

  25. Debbie B

    Great quilt show pics. Thanks! I agree with you on the BB call. I think Auburn should have won, but oh well. Should be a great final.

  26. Janice

    Those quilts are beautiful! Love the thirties fabric one with embroidered centers. I, too, would be interested in “Louise and Friends” pattern. I love that you ended up finding that pattern there!

  27. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I ave no guilt over fabric or patterns collected; it’s still cheaper than therapy. Thank you for taking us along to the quilt show, some wonderful quilts there to look at. I am so sorry for your loss; your memories will fill that hole in your heart over time. Yes, I, too, think Auburn had that game won; that final outcome stings. I don’t have a dog in the final fight tonight but am cheering for Tx Tech as my good friend is an alum. The warmer springtime temps help everything be better!

  28. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I have no guilt over fabric or patterns collected; it’s still cheaper than therapy. Thank you for taking us along to the quilt show, some wonderful quilts there to look at. I am so sorry for your loss; your memories will fill that hole in your heart over time. Yes, I, too, think Auburn had that game won; that final outcome stings. I don’t have a dog in the final fight tonight but am cheering for Tx Tech as my good friend is an alum. The warmer springtime temps help everything be better!

  29. Brenda in Iowa

    I made two of your Free Quilt pattern quilts for my two boys at Christmas. I had been saving their old jeans and my husband’s jeans for the centers. The blocks around the denim were made from shirts from my husband, my boys, and my dad which made it really special. I should get a picture and send it to you. I think it would be great to make another Free Quilt using homespuns around the denim.
    My Harvey is almost done – working on the binding and then to sew on the buttons down the front. The buttons won’t take long.
    Thanks for showing the quilts from the quilt show. I loved the small embroidery quilt with the 30’s fabrics.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda – what a good idea to use homespun or brushed in the middle!

  30. Lynn

    I had to laugh when I read you purchased your Louise and friends pattern. I’ve learned my lesson on passing up patterns I love just because I may not get them made. I was so jealous of the woman who found the Wear Warm Clothes book at the thrift store. Now I refer to my books and patterns as a collection and I don’t care if I ever get them made. I enjoy my collection. I’m working on both the snowman and the Harvey quilt. So glad you are offering patterns and inspiration. All the Harvey quilts are wonderful.

  31. Jan from TN

    I, too, know I’ll never live long enough to make the bazillion quilts I see in books & magazines! But, I LOVE collecting quilt books & looking thru them—not for inspiration so much as just because! I think you get it! Glad you got to go to the quilt show with Reed. I missed a really large one in Pigeon Forge last month because my husband had just undergone lifesaving emergency surgery. He’s recovering but that show was the only big one I’d attend this year. Well, as always, family first & I certainly couldn’t be gone for a full day 36 hours after is surgery. I’m sure I wouldn’t enjoy the show/vendors much had I gone & I likely saved some money! Lol! Sorry about Alfalfa! I love goats!

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