Quilts For Sale

20.  Fall star sampler $65

21.  Stars $25 (on left)

22.  Stars $25 (on right)

23. Flag pillow $15 each – we have 3 of them.

24.  Pear punchneedle kit $5 each.  We have 5 of them.

25.  Pincushions – start in upper left 1,2,3,4 clockwise.  $10 each.

26.  Bright men’s shirt runner $25

27.  Brown and tan diagonal squares runner $26

43 thoughts on “Quilts For Sale

      1. Patty Turner

        Wonderful to the 2 quilts and 2 pillows. Do I make the check to country threads or Mary E. ?

  1. Helen Jane

    Mary…when the “dust settles” will you let us know if anything is left…it would be fun to have something from Country Threads sent to Texas…

  2. Rose Mikulski

    #22 Star Quilt-$25.00 and #3 Black and Gold Pincushion please–I assume you confirm to let me know I won the bid before I sent the check.

      1. Rose Mikulski

        Whoo–hoo the check will be in the mail tomorrow! Kiss Piranha Baby good night for me, those baby teeth sure are tough.

  3. Diane

    Should I make the check to you or to Country Threads? Since it’s closed, I thought maybe to you. Thanks. Diane PS This was fun.

  4. Jeri Niksich

    Not sure how to put this without sounding wrong but here goes my attempt….It looks like more money would be made for charity if all the quilts were 1st posted here on your blog for whatever price y’all determined. Of course more quilts would have to be made to fill the demand that just your followers snatched up rather quickly as they were all beautiful. Maybe so many posted here for sale and then (x amount) put up for sale at the sales location in Iowa (my home state 😀). Then what didn’t sell at the regular sale could be posted here and snatched up again. I missed the postings unfortunately tonight due to feeding DH darn it. Again people were able to buy some beautiful quilts tonight for a song and a dance. I hope a great deal of money was raised.

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