Rainy Friday

The weatherman predicted an all day rain today so I hurried to pick some nice pampas grass yesterday before the rain pretty much ruined it.  Thank goodness I did because it has been raining all day.  If you look to the outside beyond the table, you can see water standing in the lawn.  Now that’s a lot of rain!

Millie says “hi”.

And then dogs began arriving until I had Gus, Bentley, Toby and Dakota.  Nobody would pose, of course.

Gus has been having a good time in the feed room and biting at the irrigation water.

Here is a short review of the book I just finished called “Olivay”.  A couple spent the night together after just meeting casually in a restaurant.  The next morning a terrorist attack takes place right outside the apartment building where they remain injured and trapped.  They don’t know each other well and the story unfolds of their past secrets and the ending could not have been more surprising!

This book has intrigued me since it came out in 2013.  I’m going to start making some blocks just for fun when I am watching TV so I’ll show them to you every now and then – no deadlines.  Here are the first 3 blocks.


17 thoughts on “Rainy Friday

  1. Carol

    Your little Millie looks a lot like my Kitty…you remember her from the May Mishap, better known in my neighborhood as the Kitty Caper, when Kitty got out on Grandmas’s watch! So cute! You once said you were not adventurous in your fabric choices for your quilts. I beg to differ! I would never put together the fabrics you do, yet they look great. I am too conservative to take chances….I should make an attempt to break my own mold! That’s why I’m going to do The Gypsy’s Wife…I’m going to use Kate Spain’s Canyon fabrics, and then add solids and polka dots and checks. Should be interesting!

  2. Angie Rowland

    Another book I must read. If you or your followers have not read “The five people you meet in heaven” I strongly encourage you to read it. I thought it thought provoking as I thought about people that influenced me and encouraged me and did things for me that have made an impact that I didn’t even think so until I read this book. My second grade school teacher was one and I had her in 1956. It is a definite super book. He is the author who wrote “Tuesdays with Morrie” also a good read.

  3. Karen

    I have that book too and have hopes to work from it on and off again too … think I want to use some “Different kind” of prints and colors other than what I have in the stash though — OR, just grab “go withs and begin cutting and stitching … AFTER I finish 2 other thibngs first!

  4. Karen

    oops! hit “reply” too soon — wanted to comment on how cool I think your blocksare! What interesting fabrics and I like how you used them.

  5. Louise

    I think those 4 legged critters have no interest at all in making nice nice ..too funny, except
    Gus. He might be a possibility. I am really excited in your new blocks, you jumped way out of the box
    They are great!! We were supposed to get a full day of rain today, ended up being just half the morning.
    It is predicted also for the next 4 days, hope that happens. The state of Washington known for it’s abundance of rain is really hurting.

  6. Diane

    Those blocks are letting you move into a new area of choices!! Love it. Beautiful in Central Ohio the last few days–low temps–70’s and low humidity. But, no rain so we are dry as usual for August.
    Millie is very pretty and looks just like our Squeak, the Big Lots Parking Lot kitty. Both books look interesting:)

  7. Maryjane

    All that rain! How wonderful! None here in S. Calif. for sure – 101′ today on my patio. All those adorable dogs just wandering around your house. What fun! I love the little quilt on your table with the kitty sitting on it. Nice colors. How wonderful to have those big windows to see all the outside. Lovely home. Thanks for sharing everything with us – always look forward to your blogs.

  8. Launa

    Oh Mary, You really thought outside the box with your fabric selections; some of my favorite amber colored fabrics in the eclectic mix. Love all three.
    Gus seems to have quickly caught on about the mouse hunting spot. You are really going to miss the pup when he goes home.
    Nary a speck of rain here in the valley; not that I expected any this time of year.
    Thanks for the heads up on Olivay. Your pampas grass setting looks so lovely.

  9. Martha

    I’d love to see photos of the grey/yellow quilt on the table beneath the pampas grass arrangement.
    Happy piecing!!

  10. Beth L.

    Love your fabric selections for these blocks. I am so traditional I would no doubt have trouble making those selections. But love looking at them. And happy you got that Pampas grass picked. My neighbor has some I am often tempted to raid but haven’t had the nerve yet.

  11. Judy

    Love your pretty corner with all the wonderful windows. The new blocks are great, just saw that book of modern blocks and came really, really close but….

  12. Jeanne H

    Mary, your blog is one of my absolute favorites! I enjoy seeing the animals, especially the dogs, and admire your collections and home decorating. : )

    Love what you’re doing with the blocks out of the Tula Pink book. I much prefer your fabric choices to hers! One of my complaints about “modern” quilts is their reliance on white or grey or black for backgrounds, sashing or borders. So I wonder what you will use to set off your blocks, and look forward to seeing what happens.

  13. Diane Meyer

    All the dogs are sweet! Gus is a cutie. Some friends of ours have an English Labrador. We had over an inch of rain here in Wisconsin. Everything is very green. My Sweet Autumn clematis is just about ready to bloom. Have to get back to sewing my fair project- due tomorrow.

  14. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Love the fabrics! Are some of them African wax prints? They look really cool, ans so different to the fabrics in the book. It is so true that the fabric makes the quilt, isn’t it.

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