Rainy Thursday, September 19

Thunder sends Hazel to my lap every time – and we’ve had two half days of it so we’ve had a very close connection lately –  ha!  Farmers were hoping for dry weather so they could get into the fields but it won’t be today or tomorrow – very wet here.  I’ve gotten some #5’s so wanted to post them.



I think this is the best black and white quilt I’ve ever seen AND it’s a Bullseye!

I wish I could see more of Jo’s quilt.

A Garner gal showed  up at my gate and wanted to buy some plants from me but I just couldn’t take her money so all of these plants went home with her.

Busy day here – vet appointment and new tv hook up scheduled and my new chair hopefully coming yet this week.  Friends coming tomorrow afternoon to spend some time on their way home to Poulsbo, WA.

I’ll close with a quilt from A Country’s Call – coming next month!

27 thoughts on “Rainy Thursday, September 19

  1. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    The black and white quilt is wonderful, it inspires me. If not black and white perhaps blue and white since I’m a blue person. Looks like you will have a few plants you don’t have to take care of this winter. A lucky lady to get these great plants from you. Poor Hazel with the thunder. My kitties sure run and hide from it.

  2. Gayle Shumaker

    I love the black and white bullseye quilt. I never would have thought of that color way. I have a lot of black and white fat quarters I collected for another project, they ended up not being used when my design changed (guild challenge). Grrr…. I’m ready to get my bullseye instructions out and start cutting. Nope can’t do that cause I have a broken arm and separated shoulder. Oh well I guess I will just go sew the blocks I already have cut out. Today through Sunday is like a mini retreat for me even though I’m not leaving home. My husband left with our dog to head to “Bird Camp”. He will be joined by our 2 sons, another dog, a nephew and 2 family friends. I have that time to sew whenever I want to, eat what I like and not have to take care of anybody. I’m stocked up on Chocolate Hagen Dasz, life is good.

  3. Sue in Oregon

    I bet the lady who received your plants was thrilled. Nice selection that you won’t have to put away.
    Love the black and white Bullseye quilt. And the Flying Geese #5. Very colorful.
    I did not get the last photo from A Countrys Call, sorry to say.
    I had a dog that was terrified of thunder. He would jump in my lap but not stay there. Then he would start prancing everywhere and panting. He would just keep moving like that in and out of hiding places, in my lap, etc. Our storms usually only last 30 mins or so, thank goodness.

  4. Nikki M in Tx

    What a wonderful bullseye! Kudo’s to the maker. Hard to believe is the 19th. My #5’s went to church last night in preparation for the Lords Acre sale & auction. Besides the fabric bowls & pouches took2 lap quilts & 1 baby quilt, don’t know if quilts will go in sale or auction. Ms Maci not a fan of thunder either. So if I have things to do just put here in the kangaroo pouch & she is snug & feels safe next to my body. Carrier comes in 2 different sizes. Purchased from Amazon, machine washable, choice of colors, light weight.

  5. Linda

    Love the black and white bullseye! I have already made two of them and love the pattern! It’s very addictive! Thanks so much for all your efforts to keep this blog going I look forward to every post!

  6. Tanya T. in Houston

    Friends, This is Talk Like A Pirate Day! Unfortunately, north and east Houston have enough rain to sail ships down the highways, but we are ok in the west. A good day for some humor! Did you know that pirates wear socks? Only ARRgyles! Did you know that pirates are musically inclined?? They loved to hit the high C’s!
    And, how do you know that you are really a pirate? You just ARRR!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Tanya, my sister lives in Cypress, west of Houston so I was thinking of her and wanting to give her a call soon to see how she is doing with the rains, so thanks for letting me know. She used to be in Kingwood and in our little town in NY isn’t there a bbq place where the owners moved here from Kingwood.

  7. Joan Baxter

    So glad to see your blog is up and running again with no snags. I am wondering though, did you say you were going to have a quilt a long of Hidden in Plain Sight from your book Beyond the Battlefield? Or did I dream it? Thank you, Minnesota Jo

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    Wow Tanya, great humor considering the news we are getting from Houston. I’m going to the International Quilt Festival this year and will contribute greatly to your economy. A lifetime dream.
    I’ve ask Mary to send some rain out to us, we need it.

  9. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    That is a stunning black Bull’s Eye quilt. Poor little Hazel; thunder is so hard for some of them. Squeak, however, likes to sit on the screened porch and watch a storm–odd child.
    QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU. Our neighbor dog, a Sheltie rescue, has horrible foot problems. Instead of having narrow little front feet, his about the size of my hand. He is WELL loved and taken care of, but has a terrible time walking. I told my neighbors I would make doggie booties for him because his feet are too big for the regular doggie booties. I have a pattern of his foot and thought I could put thick batting in the bottoms. What would you recommend for the outer part? I was thinking thick batting in the bottom and maybe upholstery fabric for the outer part. I thought I’d put strings on them to tie them on. ANY help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you:)

  10. Tina W.

    The black & white bullseye quilt is beautiful and looks to be quite large! Our Chesapeake/lab doesn’t seem to be affected by thunder storms and we’ve had a couple doozies this summer. He’s about 80 pounds but would love to be a lap dog!
    The Country’s Call quilt didn’t come thru. I’ve got my check written for the book and am just looking for my mailing labels to tuck into the envelope before I mail it off.
    It has been pouring rain this morning in Eastern Oregon. Looks like more coming. Great day for quilting!

  11. Bonnie

    Thanks for all the nice comments on my bullseye quilt. It is a king size and absolutely the most fun quilt I have ever made!
    My black lab Sadie used to be quite scared of thunder but she crossed the rainbow bridge this year so I’m sure there are no storms there!

  12. Connie Heffner

    Love that black and white bullseye quilt. Now I have to go back and find out how it is made. Do you remember what month you were teaching how to make it. It sure would save me some looking for it.

    1. Wanda D.

      Connie Heffner, go back in archives to Jan. 1, 2019 for beginning of Bullseye QAL. New instructions and pictures each Tues. following (and sometimes in between).

  13. Kathy in western NY

    That is a quilt I never have thought of making- black and white, but I do love my red and cream quilts so now I have another idea for another bullseyes someday…polka dot one is first after I finish machine quilting my flannel bullseyes.
    Our little rescue is afraid of thunder and shakes and trembles. I hold him but it doesn’t help him calm down, poor little guy. Good thing we don’t have a lot of storms here.

  14. Montana Kathy

    To Diane, Squeak’s Mom: putting Velcro straps on for the closure would work better than strings, and if it were me, I’d put a water resistant fabric lined with flannel (or something warmer) for the booties themselves. But then, it’s cold here and lots of snow and ice in the winter. We had a dog whose feet would get such icy chunks attached to his fur, he couldn’t even walk most of the time in winter, so we got him some booties, but he hated them and refused to budge from one spot. I guess he preferred the ice to anything strange on his feet! Good luck to you, and to the poor little guy.

  15. Diane Squeak’s Mom

    Hi Montana Kathy, Thank you for the great ideas. I did think about flannel, too, since i’m the flannel queen😃. I love your state!! I am starting on the booties now.

  16. Jan from TN

    LOVE the black & white bullseye quilt! I just followed the masses & did mine in scrappy. Never would have thought of making it a 2 color quilt but love the idea! I closed 5 ads today. Only one was not closeable. I also didnt get the last pic that you indicated was from your new book.
    We sure could use the rain here in TN still. They’re now saying that this may be the driest September ever here.
    Have a good day & I hope your storms go away so Hazel can settle down. We’ve had dogs that also were nervous during storms. Finally used Thundershirts on them which worked well. Once they both went deaf, they were no longer needed. Our new adopted dog seems ok with thunder — yes, we’ve had many “thunder” storms that produced ZERO rain this summer. Very weird!

  17. Connie R,

    The pictured quilts are stunning. I love the bullseye pattern and never would have thought of it in a two color quilt. I also did my quilt scrappy but it shows that anything goes with this versatile pattern. It opens up new possibilities. Beautiful.

  18. Launa

    Mary, Thanks for the pictures. I closed 5 ads today and some yesterday! We have rain, but nothing like Houston. Our temperatures have dipped to 47 this evening and we could dip into mid 30’s tomorrow!

    Our Border Collie doesn’t care for thunder either, but doesn’t mind rain

  19. Anita Fetzer

    Sure wish we had some of your rain, its been weeks and everything is crispy dry..

    The new book looks fabulous.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I hate to tell you – we got 1-1/2” yesterday and another inch early this morning. We are soggy! I do wish I could send you some!

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