Rainy Weekend So Far!

It seems as if most Memorial Day weekends are cold and rainy and this one is no exception. It cleared off this afternoon and I finished moving the plants outside. All except this one – today two blooms opened and as soon as it quits blooming, it will also go outside.

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They are already drooping tonight but I think there’s three more coming. I simply can’t get over these 8-10″ blooms!

I left this picture big so you could get the full effect.

On a ride today through the grove watching the birds I happened to see this very large nest near the top of a tall tree. Wondering if it’s an owl nest? What if it’s an eagle nest?

The lilacs have never lasted this long nor been this beautiful in the 40 years I’ve lived here.

The green green grass of home! Ha!

The longarm machine is now working perfectly – this small baby quilt was my practice piece and sometimes you just can’t beat sewing squares together – such a simple pleasure!

The plants are now outside on the shady south part of the house – the sight of all my plants now living among the rocks is overwhelming to me. I absolutely love it!!

All of these are outside the quilt shop – yikes!

I’ve got a problem – I know.

Working on the borders for The Old Farmhouse.

Enough blabber – I’m watching Titanic as I write this post – I can literally feel the cold from the movie!

67 thoughts on “Rainy Weekend So Far!

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, I’m glad you enjoyed Stella’s photo , she had been to Taipei for the weekend with grandparents, so long know who owns the dog, the braids are cute! You must travel some miles up and down with the quilting straight lines.i have avague connection to Janice Herbert as lead born in Ipswich, Australia and she is near the Ipswich river, USA.small world! Best wishes from sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – I am smitten with your little girls, Sandy! Didn’t know if it was her dog or not – hope it’s just hair on the ears that’s braided and not flesh. I so appreciate Andrew sending the pics. Thank you!

  2. Sunflower from Michigan

    Hi, Mary. Beautiful photos and I enjoyed the comments also. I’ve been busy gardening and things are growing already with the heat we’ve had in Michigan over the holiday weekend. My husband and I went to our localVeterans memorial park this morning. Our sons best friend from kindergarten through high school was killed in Afghanistan in 2012 and we visit the memorial there frequently. We never forget his sacrifice and it’s a beautiful place to sit and remember him. There wasn’t a community program there today because of the stay at home order but several people, like us, were there in observance of the day.
    Along highway M-22 in northern Michigan there is an osprey nest atop a telephone pole with a plywood base. The nest is huge and on occasion we’ll see the birds in the nest. I’ve seen one eagle nest in Alaska and it also was huge.
    Take care!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sunflower – this nest must be a squirrel nest – I’m watching it everyday.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the real eagle nest. Not something you’d see every day. When I started watching the Decorah eagles I thought the nest would be full of poop with those big birds. Well, instinct took care of that problem. They just point their little hineys to the outside of the nest and let it fly!! And they grow so fast, and they don’t fight to get fed first. Amazing. God does take of his creatures. Yesterday I saw the garter snake that had lived under my back step the last 2 summers. It is amazing to watch. Wish I was that graceful. The camouflage is perfect. Of course the birds are great, too.
    Yes, working with fabric is so therapeutic. Housework, not so much….. Take care everybody.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – I moved into the porch today and didn’t scrub the floors or wash the screens – nobody will ever be here to see that it isn’t perfect! And I enjoyed reading in the porch this afternoon between yard work jobs! Housework is just so temporary – I simply can’t stay ahead of it!

  4. Janice M Hebert

    Happy Memorial Day everyone. It’s been really nice here in MA this weekend. A little misty this morning but it’s clearing up now at 5:00 pm. Mary, your yard is gorgeous! The orchid cactus is amazing, I can’t imagine blooms that big. Our neighbor hayed the field this weekend, the bluebirds are feeding their family and my husband just finished my chicken coop! I can’t wait for them to be outside and I have my breezeway back. Actually I will have to wait a few more weeks because the youngest chicks won’t be able to go out until they are all feathered out. My first batch is ready though. I’ve actually loved watching them grow up, lol. We have Barred Rock, Brahma’s, Easter Eggers, Buff and Lavender Orpingtons, a New Hampshire Red and a Black Australorp. Will be getting a batch of Icelandic in June. That should keep me busy for a while, haha! Like many of you, we plan on staying close to home even after the state opens up. If it ever opens up! I have to admit that I kind of like it with less traffic, hardly any airplanes, and we love seeing so many families walking by. Jan Van DeWalle, that eagle’s nest sounds amazing! We see eagles occasionally from our cottage at Lake Winnipesaukee in NH and sometimes from our house – the Ipswich River is about a quarter mile away, but I’ve never seen their nests. Mary, I got the book and the patterns, thank you so much! I can’t decide what to make first but I will send a picture when finished. Jan in MA

  5. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, that flower is wonderful, the colors are so translucent like a watercolor, but at the same time is like velvet. I took my geraniums out the other day and I need to take out my succulents, somehow I killed the pencil plant that you gave me. Have a nice day, hugs.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – I’ll start another pencil tree for you!! Not to worry!

  6. Sue in Oregon

    That lilac phot is beautiful. I can almost smell their sweet fragrance. Your yard is gorgeous. I hope you are having a delightful Memorial Day.
    I received my 2 patterns. Thanks so much.

  7. Donna

    Love the blooms on your unique plant! Very pretty! Reminds me of Tula Pink colors. Enjoy you time outside! With all our rains I’m mowing every 4 days but love my time in the rider, that and behind the sewing machine are my two happy spots!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna – I’m with you! I mowed some again today …. just because and now tonite it’s raining pretty hard so tomorrow will be very wet. So glad I mowed that danged ditch!!


    Wow Mary, when I see your orchid cactus it is so amazing… I love when I look out on the nature around me and see how “God just outdid it in beauty” Your garden looks like heaven, can I come over and sip lemonade???

  9. Marie Fibelstad

    Did you say you don’t have any of your chickens left? What happened to them?
    Love the plants sitting in the rock garden, so neat looking. Marie, Storm Lake, IA

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marie Fibelstad – I have 30+ chickens – you misunderstood something I said, I think. I didn’t get any new chicks this year – they sell out the day they come in! Otherwise I’d get a few more.

  10. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Happy Memorial Day, Mary. No picnic this year–sad. My husband has a medical procedure on Wed. and he had to be tested for Covid. He is negative so we are staying away from everyone until after Wed. Actually, we are like you, we enjoy doing things at home:)
    Your orchid cactus is one of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen! You may not have Amaryllis outside, but you have that beautiful plant! It is HOT here in Central Ohio–in the 80’s this weekend. Whew!
    I love the picture of the farmer with his little lamb, I think it is. Did someone draw that for you? Also, all of the quilts you have shown recently are so much fun to see and also inspirational! I like that you make quilts I can make, too:) Squares, hour glasses, etc. I am going to disappear in the basement with Poldark and my rug in progress this afternoon. I think your nest could be a squirrel’s nest?
    Oh, also, I cannot put my email address in the box, but I can my husband’s!! Mine comes up in red and his comes up in black. It’s ok as long as I get the blog:)

  11. Rita jones

    Thanks so much for the picture of the lilacs! Bring a Southern California transplant from Washington state, I miss that wonderful flower and it’s fragrance. In the Northwest, they grow into lovely, huge trees and were my very favorite!

  12. Lois Ann Johnson

    Happy Memorial Day to you, Mary! Your lilacs are gorgeous! Mine are, too. I think it is because of the cooler weather we’ve had this spring. My church held a service back in the building yesterday; first one since last March. Not many showed up, however. Maybe there were 15 of us brave souls. No music; I missed that! No handshaking; no hugs! Missed that, too. I hope you have a relaxing day with all of your animal friends on the farm–as well as Rick!

  13. Kathy Hanson

    There are no other words than BEAUTIFUL!!! All the pictures are sensational and what a lovely place you have! You have a very GREEN thumb, for sure. Love it all! You have so much energy and I’m sure that your new knees are part of that!! Happy Memorial Day – as we remember those who have given us freedom!

  14. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Best of luck to Paula Philpot on the opening of her fabric shop. That must be exciting. I did notice Hazel over seeing the garden, so cute.

  15. Joyce from NY

    What is the name of your plant with those beautiful blooming flowers that you show in beginning of your post?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joyce from NY – it’s an orchid cactus. I’ll look up the proper name and post.

  16. Julie D.

    Happy Memorial Day to you Mary! And yes, it is raining here as well. The pictures of your flowers and garden are absolutely lovely! BTW, if you heard a car honking last Wednesday past your house, my dad and I went to cemeteries in Britt, Kanawha, and Belmond. Hard to not turn the corner to go to “Country Threads”!
    Also, in regard to your post the other day about ordering from Facebook and being scammed—it has happened to me as well and I will NEVER order from a Facebook ad again!! I ordered a pair of sandals and eventually found out that they were coming from China. It took forever for them to arrive and what I got was toilet paper from another country. I had gone through Paypal and now they (hopefully) are fighting the bill. I hope someday I get my money back, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie D – you know I do pay attention when I hear honking on the highway thinking it’s one of my blog friends – if you’d like to stop some time, please feel free to do that.

  17. Kathy in western NY

    I would like looking too at all those plants and ornaments in my yard too. Know it’s a lot of work carrying them in and out but what pleasure to sit and view it. My two lilac bushes did not bloom this year but we were cold and damp most of spring. Sun and blue skies and warmth have been plentiful the past few days here and could reach almost 90 tomorrow. I am enjoying our backyard immensely this year with adding touches around it to make it more fun to watch from our sunroom or when the dogs go out. Might as well if I am more comfortable closer to home this summer. Seeing crowds now just makes me shiver. Yesterday working outside we finally heard two airplanes fly over head and it seemed so unusual as we have not heard any in the last few weeks outside. A friend came over and we sat outside at a table distancing after both our church services finished zooming, as I have finally finished the last of my mask sewing, I hope.

    1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Hi I’m from WNY too, and I have no blooms on one bush and a few on the other. Very disappointing as it’s the third summer of no/poor results. I’m digging them out next year if that’s all I’m getting!
      I have three bushes around the corner from those two, and they are full of promises not yet open. Last year, those bushes were so profuse I had to keep windows closed, the scent was choking us!

      1. Kathy

        Carol – the bushes were doing well till deer or rabbits must have chewed on some one year and then they have looked pitiful since.
        I love lilacs because it reminds me of the festival held in Rochester NY
        Every year that I would take my mom to. When she was too unstable to walk on the paths with her walker, we would drive by it very slowly one day before the festivities would start.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – I, too, am finding much joy in staying home and enjoying the yard and the animals. The birds have been abundant this year and this morning is the first time I’ve had my coffee in the porch! Simply wonderful!!

  18. Pat Smith

    After a lot of frustration, I finally got this blog post in my email this morning. I don’t understand what happened, but I had to give up trying to use my normal email address and use an email address that I rarely use. I’ve been getting the blog posts by going on Google and downloading them. I love the rock garden with the little antique touches throughout. I find what you’ve done so creative. Seeing all that green grass reminds me of when I was mowing several acres on my little John Deere riding mower. I found it very peaceful and our girls knew not to bother me when I was on the tractor!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – I’ll forward this on to Kayla – I’m hoping she can figure this out. Yes, mowing is great fun and pastime – I even mowed some yesterday just because! Hugs to Sonny! Send me his picture!

      1. Pat Smith

        Yes, I’ll send a picture after he’s prettied up tomorrow st the groomer which happens only about once a year.

  19. Frances

    And I thought I had a lot of plants! Silly me. You have way more. That’s okay. Your yard looks so lush. It reminds me of my aunt’s farm in Illinois when I was a kid. The grass looks different up there. No, that is not an eagle’s nest. They use limbs, not twigs They are amazing to see.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Frances – I agree and I’m glad – I’d have no chickens left! What kind of nest do you think it is?

  20. Paula Philpot

    Your yard and plants look wonderful and I love that LILAC. So much work carrying those in and out of the house. Glad your machine is up and running. I don’t know how you get those lines on your quilt so straight with out a lock on your machine. I caught up some of mine that had not been quilted plus made a new large quilt and have been working on Blockheads 3 with Moda designers. Those blocks come out on Wednesdays and are so much fun. Opening my fabric shop next Tuesday the 2nd. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – oh, I’m so happy for you opening your shop!! About the straight line – I simply holding the handle and walk sideways slowly – they probably aren’t as straight as you imagine –

  21. Sandy

    Hi Mary, your flowers are looking beautiful, l love the lilacs, reminds me of my Nanna and her lilac talc.Does your quilting machine do the straight line quilting? That would be a big advantage over a regular sewing machine. Keep safe everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary

      Sandy – when I do straight line quilting on the longarm, it is hand guided. My machine is not computerized.

  22. Jan VanDeWalle

    The nest is defiantly not aa Eagles nest, they are huge. There was one at a local wetlands refuge , when the tree it was in started to fall they took the nest down with a crane and put it in the museum. They estimate it to weigh 3 tons and is about 5 feet across. I took they grandkids to see it after they got it set up for viewing. Awesome is the only word that works!!Love your blooming cactus so beautiful to bad they don’t last longer. I can’t have that many house plants not much room in my little house and who ever lived here before us trimmed off all of the window sills and took down the wide trim boards to put up narrow molding boards instead doesn’t look modern just silly. the baby quilt is so cute and just my speed will have to make a couple we have 3 new babies, one has arrived and 2 are a few weeks out. Was nice out today my grand daughter Hanna didn’t have to drive tractor today so came up to work for me, amazing how much more can get done by the younger people, She will graduate this year from high school. her sister and brother both grads from college and none of them get a real graduation experience because of the virus.

  23. Susan K in Texas

    Those blooms are beautiful. Kate Spain had one bloom she posted on Instagram. I had never seen them before. Now I’ve seen them on two posts!
    I love your plants amongst the rocks. My husband and I enjoy spreading out container plants among the flower beds every spring. Fall cleanup isn’t quite as enjoyable but we want to protect our special plants. I spent from March to April dividing up my aloes. I’ve got about 14 pots that I didn’t divide. Those I use for selling on Etsy or they were sick and needed care before dividing.
    My kitties Magnus and Klaus like to be out with me in the yard. Klaus chases squirrels and both like to lay under the bridal wreath even in the hottest part of the day. They’re both solid black but the heat doesn’t seem to bother them even in the hottest part of the summer.
    That baby quilt is simple but sweet. There’s just something so relaxing about sewing squares together – I often use that as a restart when I’m feeling stuck or a way to meditate when I’m upset.

    1. Mary

      I was wondering if your greenhouse was full of aloes – if you sell them, how do you ship????
      Sewing squares is a great starter for me, too!

      1. Susan K in Texas

        My husband finished a new greenhouse for me last fall. That one is for my succulents, some mosquito plants, Thai tulips, hibiscus, ferns, and some other plants sensitive to freezes. I had two temporary greenhouses – wood frame coved by plastic- for the aloes. He’s building a permanent one to replace those.

        As for shipping, I ship them bare root. I wrap the roots in wet paper towels with a plastic bag around and then put that in a box with wrapping paper to keep them from bumping around. I have an Etsy shop and this year started shipping both smaller and larger aloes. I only ship them the beginning of the week so they don’t sit over a weekend in the post office.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Susan K – you’re so smart! Love that you figured out how to ship the aloe plants – I loved the greenhouse pictures! Wish I had one!!

  24. Jo in Wyoming

    The blooms on the cactus are incredible. Does it have perfume? The colors are inspiring for a quilt.
    Nothing better than a LA that’s humming along, yes, you are lucky to have the repairman so close.
    Your yards look so nice, and the rock garden. Welcoming.
    How was church today? We’re there a lot of attendees? I’m still kinda skiddish. I’m sure I’ll get over it in time.
    Stay safe, quilt strong.

    1. Mary

      Lots more in church this week! Very encouraging! I think we are all somewhat skittish but we’ll have to get over it sometime!

  25. Judi Leventhal in TX

    The leaves of your orchid cactus (I think that’s what you called it) reminds me a Christmas Cactus. Your blooms are way bigger though. We had buckets of rain this evening. Big claps of thunder, too. One was so close it made the windows rattle! I’ll check the rain gauge in the morning. I love your baby quilt, So cute and sweet.

  26. Jan from TN

    Wow! Your green thumbs must glow! 😅 I am the opposite. I can’t even get a simple Christmas cactus to flower or an African violet. 🙄 I think I pruned my lilacs at the wrong time of the year because I had tiny, itty bitty lilacs that never grew up into larger lilacs. Darn it & they’re my favorite spring flower. The huge blooms on that plant of yours are awesome. Never seen anything like it! Everything by you looks lush & very green. I haven’t even purchased flowers to plant in my porch pots yet. I’ll check after the holiday to see if any place locally has anything left to choose from. 🤞Stay safe & healthy! 😷

  27. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    All the plants look so nice. Hazel is keeping guard. Good job, Hazel. Baby quilt is very nice. Today I moved the 5 poinsetta (sp?) plants outside. They are from the church after the Christmas season. They make nice foilage tucked among other containers. Your lawn looks like a golf course. Stay well.

    1. Mary

      I have my one poinsettia plant out and it’s loving outside!! I should have taken all of them from church when they were begging someone take them!

  28. Dee. T in Illinois

    The plants are beautiful. The nest looks like the ones we get in ours – they are squirrels nests. I am surrerounded with trees. The young ones are out now. Can’t get rid of them because of the bird feeders. They eat off the ground.

  29. Beryl in Owatonna

    Your cactus flower is so beautiful!!! I can’t imagine how beautiful it is in person! And 8-10″ WOW!
    I like the way the succulent garden looks! Do the dogs stay out of it? Your lawn looks so nice.
    The baby quilt is so cute!! So glad the LA is working now!
    My brother and SIL and nephew came down from MN today. We had a good visit and lunch. They arrived after the rain of this morning and the storm warning this evening never produced anything!! We had a lot of rain this morning. I guess more coming the next 2 or 3 days. I hope the mosquitoes forget to hatch this summer…they sill be awful with all of the foliage around here! The birds were so vocal today!! It was fun to listen to them. We have a robin’s nest we are watchmaking. I didn’t realize they grow so fast. They hatched the beginning of last week and will be out of the nest by the end of the week! The parents will build probably 2 more nests. There were only two in this nest. There is a wren in a house, I haven’t looked to see what their habits are. They sure have a pretty song.
    Have a great week!

  30. Connie R.

    I like your boarder for the Old Farmhouse quilt and look forward to seeing your finished quilt. I watched Titanic too. So much better on the big theater screen in order to get the full affect but, still love the movie.

  31. Betty Klosterman

    Aren’t you going to have fun watching the nest? It is hard to tell, especially from a picture, but my guess it wouldn’t be a bald eagle. Their nests are very large and in big “y”s of branches. But that is only a guess. Can’t wait to find out. That beautiful green grass is wonderful. Every time Frank mowed — leveled the weeds & grass — he would stand back and admire how nice it looked. It did look nice, too. It was very windy today and the heat came on a few times. Still working on face masks, but HAVE to defrost big freezer. Sure love to read all the comments. Take care. This thing isn’t done, yet, and I’m staying home. Oh, our JoAnn’s store does not have a single spool of white thread!! Betty Klosterman, Rapid City.

    1. Mary e

      Betty – if I’ve learned anything from this virus, it’s that I can be delighted with simple things – anybody can – they just have to BE STILL and look around. I, too, enjoy the comments sooooo much – it’s like talking to my friends even though we’ve never met in person. I just wish more would write and share their lives with all of us. I really don’t think the nest is big enough to be an eagle nest – probably owl – but I haven’t heard an owl. Hmmmm—-I am keeping watch!

  32. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I have a lilac tree, put it in 2018 and it has yet to bloom. It has grown fine, just never blooms. A second lilac planted next to it has maybe 10 lilacs total, this is the first year it has bloomed. On the other side of the house, three lilacs bloomed so magnificently last year I actually couldn’t open the windows to my sewing room, the scent was overpowering. So what’s up with the other lilacs… any ideas?

  33. Linda Hanley

    Hi Mary – I read your blog all the time and enjoy it immensely. Your lilacs are so beautiful! They always smell soooo good in a house. Please keep blogging. Linda Hanley

  34. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I envy all your plants outside. My husband doesn’t want anything to do with flowers & plants so it is up to me and that’s getting hard to do. My neighbor is planting and weeding for me, she’s an angel. I enjoy seeing all your plants. It’s been gloomy here a lot and will continue for this weekend. Depressing when there isn’t really any place to go with the virus sitting out there.

  35. Rosemary W

    Awesome cactus bloom!!
    Do you plants go through an adjustment period and look sickly or drop leaves?? I’ve kept mine inside until now too, waiting for it to warm up and hoping these warmer temps will be a little less shocking.

    1. Mary E

      They don’t drop many leaves unless I overwater them yet it doesn’t seem to happen if they get lots of rain outside! It’s a mystery – I’m just Along for the ride. R – would you like a “start” of that blooming orchid cactus?

      1. Rosemary W

        I would love a “start” of that blooming orchid cactus!
        I put my plants out today, too. It’s warm and supposed to stay warm overnight too.
        Hoping for the best!

  36. the other Angie

    Hi! All your plants are beautiful!! It must be a lot of work keeping all those “happy”. I do believe you have inspired me to do more of the outside work I should be doing! It is always very rewarding. So glad your long arm machine is back on track. It is so frustrating when things don’t do what they are supposed to do. Your baby quilt turned out so pretty and so sweet.

    Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!! 🇺🇸
    (I hope I got the right flag – those things are so tiny!!)

  37. Maryjane in CA

    Could that be a squirrel’s nest or don’t you have them? Oh those beautiful lilacs! And your grass areas are beautiful, too. Wonderful place you’ve made. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maryjane in CA – I considered it might be a squirrel nest but we are overrun with squirrels and I’ve never seen a nest like this

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