Recipe Update!!!

See what I mean about posting recipes?  I think I have a mental block when it comes to them.  Please make this addition:

Bread and Butter Pickles need 4-1/2 cups sugar!

Thanks to all who caught this – I read them over each time – it’s like proofing math in a pattern – I always make the same mistake!

6 thoughts on “Recipe Update!!!

  1. Bonnie

    We know what we wanted to say and so when we edit it, we see what we thought we wrote, even if there is a mistake. I do it all the time!!!

  2. Angie Rowland

    Not a problem. Try spelling some words. If spell checker has its way God help you. You corrected it in time otherwise we think people in Iowa are just a hardy group. In MD they also sometimes add garlic to these pickles. Tasty but not like Mom made.

  3. Rita S

    My mom always added a little green food coloring to give them a rich green color. I used to eat pickle sandwiches on FRIDAYS before a basketball game. I guess I needed the sugar peak before the game. It didn’t help though. Lol

  4. Kate

    I put a recipe for applesauce chocolate chip cake on my blog and left out the applesauce! Yes, it is easy to do.

  5. Nicole Hanson

    Thank you for sharing your recipes, stores and quilts. I pray your life is getting better now.

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