Red and White Log Cabin Quilt


Here are the measurements of my log cabin blocks: center is cut 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ and the strips are cut 1-1/4″ wide. We could cut a red and white kit if anyone is interested but these particular fabrics are long gone. I made this about 12 years ago. Let me know if you are interested in a price for a kit.

29 thoughts on “Red and White Log Cabin Quilt

  1. Carole

    Thanks so much for the pictures. The quilt is even more wonderful than I thought when I just saw it peeking out from under the cat and the pinecones. A perfect Christmas and winter quilt and so cheery to warm the winter days.

  2. Karen Cottom

    I would so be interested in a price for the Christmas log cabin quilt. I am on a mission this next year to make some red and white quilts cuz my Christmas quilts are very limited.

  3. PJ Combs

    Yes I would b interested in a kit if the colors r similar, I know those are not around any more although I love them…thanks..PJ

  4. Anita Fetzer

    I would be interested in the price of a red and white log cabin quilt…..full size please….thanks

  5. Anita Fetzer

    would love the price of a red and white log cabin quilt…I would love to have this on my antique bed next Christmas..Beautiful

  6. Lee

    Great accidental marketing. If it is that old and scrappy…bet you have some pieces of “Wear Warm Clothes” fabric in there. I have a pinwheel king quilt made with all those fabrics and the reds were my favorite!
    The quilt is beautiful. Love a log cabin.

  7. Loreen Ridlon

    Yes, I am interested in a price on the Red and White Log Cabin quilt. Also the size.

  8. Diane V.

    Love log cabin quilts, especially your red and white. I would be interested in a kit. Thanks

  9. Bonnie McKee

    Mary, I love your red and white log cabin quilt, and would appreciate a kit price for a throw, or larger, quilt.
    Thank you!

  10. Florence

    Hi there, just came across this post in my search for red log cabin inspiration ideas. Red is my favourite colour and I love your quilt! If you are still offering a kit, I would love a quote for a lap size in the gorgeous varied fabrics similar to those shown in your quilt, size approx 50×70 inches, including the borders as shown.

    1. ANITA Fetzer

      Yes I would love a kit for a red & white log cabin lap size quilt. Let me know the price I will send it off to you right away.

  11. Leslie kelly

    Love this Red & White quilt. If possible, I would like to purchase a large, queen size kit. Thank you.

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