Reed and the Four M’s

Mary, Marigold, Minnesota, Mantorville – we had a big day yesterday, Saturday, September 8. Reed and I drove over 2 hours to attend Marigold Days at Mantorville, MN.

We shopped the flea market, ate some really great food, visited the antique malls and loved the quilt show!

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We met up with my friend Sherry of the sponge cake recipe who had 4 quilts in the quilt show. Two of the quilts were our Goat Gazette Samplers, one. Rowan and one blue.

She also made this one, an American Patchwork and Quilting pattern by our friend, Jo of the blog Jo’s Country Junction. I’m guessing that many of you follow her. I love this quilt!

I have always meant to make this attic window pattern with a panel. Maybe this fall?

In the antique mall I found this wonderful display cabinet. I can just see stacks of quilts in here, can’t you?

I also spied this German picture of God Bless Our Home – just like the one I picked up at the thrift store last summer.

I always forget to take pictures of what we bought – maybe because I don’t want to admit to buying things I don’t need such as more plants! Ha! They were ones I don’t have!!!!

We also visited Hubbell House, a restaurant which began in 1854. I took Reed inside the lobby is see the collection of over 1000 glass shoes. Also in the lobby is the guest book with Ulysses S. Grant’s signature when he ate at this famous dining spot. Reed and I plan to go back for lunch someday.

On our way home we stopped at one of my favorite greenhouses, Hill’s in Albert Lea. Once again succulents, huge begonias, houseplants, etc. were half price. I am a bad influence on Reed when I can’t resist buying more plants because he likes to add plants to his collection, too. He, however, does not have as many sunny spots to keep them as I do.

It was another fun adventure for Reed and me. Where will we go next?

This week I want to transplant some hostas and two sun king bushes and start sewing on a quilt for our next book. And a reminder about the patterns for sale. Please note that Sugar Maple,

Pattern is $3.00.

Oak Leaves and Acorns pattern is $3.00.

Two Hour Couch Quilt Pattern is $3.00.

We received several confusing orders so please be diligent in making note of what you’re ordering.

Talk again this week!

27 thoughts on “Reed and the Four M’s

  1. Pamela forsling

    I look forward to reading your mail every day! You said in the instructions for the couch cover to split it in half???

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela Forsling —NO!!!!! You’re thinking of the chair covers!!!! Couch quilt has a single piece of fabric in the center. I hope you didn’t cut it yet.

      1. Pamela forsling

        No, I did not cut it yet. I was trying to figure the pattern out. Thanks for verifying it. You are so great w replying!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Pamela Forsling – Whew! That was close! You’re making the couch quilt, right?

  2. Janet B

    I visited my friends who live in Mantorville last year. They had the most beautiful hostas. Our hostas tend to be narrow leaf. We brought four broad leaf hostas back home with us and they bloomed beautifully this year. Mantorville is a cute little community.

  3. Kathy Hanson

    I always plan to go to Marigold Days but never seem to get there. So glad you and Reed had another “Adventure” there. Looks like a wonderful time with lots to see. Jerry and I do have lunch at Hubble House every once-in-a-while. It is always good.

  4. Anna-Karin Larsson

    The sign Gud velsign vort hjem is Danish not German.
    I just want to sa,y I myself is swedish. I like to read your blog about all your animals and quilts.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Anna-Karin —- this is even better because I’m Swede (Anderson was my mom’s maiden name) and Dane (my dad/my maiden name) is Larson. Thank you so much for telling me in these comments!!

  5. Judith Berna

    Lucky Reed or maybe you are the lucky one to have a partner in your travels and who likes the same things you do. Always read your blog – love it and many times I tell my husband of thing you do.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judith – thank you! When I see a name in the comments that I recognize, I, too, feel like I’m chatting with a friend!

  6. CountryThreads Post author

    Kathy – you are right when you say dog/animal pictures are scarce. They weren’t when I started collecting so I’m glad I started when I did. Continue to look because there won’t ever be more than you find today! This sounds like a reason to go to flea markets and thrift stores!

  7. Diane

    It is always fun to see something from the Goat Gazette! I still have several of my copies; I always looked forward to it, but the blog is great because it arrives more frequently. I am working on a Country Threads project. I’ll send a pic when (if ) it’s finished–lol.
    It looks like Marigold Days is a fun place. Please do post what you bought:)
    Country Living Fair is this weekend in Columbus. Tickets are now $18.00 ($13.00 if purchased early) and $5.00 for parking. A long time ago, I invited you and Connie to stay here if you ever needed to; that’s still open:) It rained 4.5 inches this past weekend so I’m happy that it isn’t coming this weekend to ruin the fair.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – I remember the year that Hurricane Ike arrived in Columbus on that Sunday afternoon. Tents blew down! We threw our stuff in the truck and left – some of our stuff was abandoned in our tent because we didn’t have room! I will keep you B&B in mind if we ever come back to shop! And thank you!

      1. Diane

        Oh yes. That was quite a storm! We didn’t have school or electricity for two days. Others had it worse. We’d love to have you although you might not see Squeak. She is sometimes anti everybody–odd little critter!!

  8. Pat Smith

    Thank you, Anna-Karin! I thought my German had sunk even lower as I didn’t recognize the saying on the picture. Today I bought fabric for the maple leaf quilt in a store inLittleton, NH where we are camped. My stash is in FL, but I’m dying to sew something up here in New England with the arrival of much colder weather, so I had to buy a lovely collection of fat quarters. It feels like maple leaf time now-my favorite season of the year. Loved the pictures of Marigold Days. I’m so looking forward to the new book!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – glad you’re in the mood to sew something for fall! Hugs to Sonny!

  9. Sherry Whalen

    It was so fun to see you on Saturday and to meet Reed! The weather was spectacular, I can’t remember a nicer day for Marigold Days and it wasn’t muddy which after getting 6+ inches of rain last Tuesday/Wednesday was very surprising. I hope you got out of town before the truck parade. We had a long day spending time with 5 of the 7 grands there and walking, walking, walking. We finally walked home and arrived there at 6pm. Yesterday we went back for more – the parade, more ice cream, and had to pick up my quilts. I am so glad that you took photos of them, I forgot to do that! The two Goat Gazette samplers were made mostly from scraps from 2 different kits, it was interesting how different they looked made in different colorways. For anyone that is interested in Jo and Kelli’s pattern, it is called ‘Points of Interest’, found in the April 2017 copy of American Patchwork and Quilting. It was fun and quite easy to make.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherry – Reed and I are coming back sometime to have lunch at the Hubbell House and bringing Becky along. I thought the vendors had too much craft stuff this year. I’d hate to think it would turn into a “craft show”.

      1. Sherry Whalen

        I thought there were a lot of crafty type things too – I think more and more each year. On Sunday I sure saw a lot of antique things being hauled out of the park though. I am the very worst kind of flea/craft market consumer, I didn’t buy anything except food. And beer. Food and beer are easier to carry on my 2 mile walk home – LOL. Did you buy that display case!?!?! Hubbell House is a good place to eat – lunch more reasonably priced, usually less busy, and just as tasty. Their onion rings are very good. Oh and the garlic toast, yum… Closed on Mondays though. Let me know if you come over – would love to see you again!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Sherry – no, I didn’t buy the display case. If I decide to go get it, I’m betting it will still be there. I think it was $750!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo – your quilt design was the first one on the wall and I knew it immediately! Nice quilts, all of them.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Sherry – congratulations! Reed and I helped with that vote and it deserved an award – I love that quilt! I’ll tell Reed.

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