We have not received checks for 5 quilts so this is just a reminder.  If you haven’t sent your check for us to receive it by the 25th, the quilt will be resold and you will not be able to “bid” on another one in the future.  

If you “bought” a quilt, send your check.

22 thoughts on “Reminder

    1. LMK

      a quilt show in mankato, mn. this sat. & sun. we might go. sounds like it will be nice now for a couple of days, will be nice to see the sunshine (cloudy & cool today today) we got more rain last night, think we have enough for awhile. your new little puppy sure is cute, i told denise about her, she “looked” you & her up, she thinks she is cute too. enjoy the nice sunny days. really enjoy reading everything you write about, also the pictures, i read what you write & show the pictures to paul.

  1. Diane

    I sent my check right away on the 11th. I hope it arrived ok. It was for $33.00 for the purses quilt #6. Thanks. Diane

  2. Marilyn K Hooton

    Thank you so very much for the beautiful things I just received my goodies in the mail and have put the coffee cups on my dining room table. It is lovely. Marilyn

  3. Jan

    Hi Mary, Sorry this comment is a bit late, but thanks for the information on the raw food diet for dogs. I have ordered Dr. Pitcairn’s book and am doing some “research”. Seems to make sense to me, but until now I had never run into someone who was actually feeding their dogs this way. Good luck with Mama Kitty , she would be a wise kitty to trust you. Thanks again for the info and the blog. You do a great job!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan – I am no expert on raw diet but I’m learning as I go. What kind of dog are you feeding?

  4. Brenda archambault

    Did you receive my check? Nothing in the mail from you yet .. A punch needle kit.

  5. Karen barto

    Please keep me in mind if you have any quilts for sale, I would love any of them. Thank you.

  6. Christina Mejer

    I received my little house quilt today and it is adorable! We are building a new house in Alaska and I will be hanging it in our new home ! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  7. Eleanor from RI

    Chistina Mejer,
    You are so lucky to have this quilt. It will look fabulous in your new house. Enjoy!

  8. Robin Boggan

    Thank you Mary! I receive my runner today and I love it! Found just the right place for it.😊

  9. Sandy Block

    I picked up my two quilts from Connie’s garage yesterday and I love them! Thank you so much!

    1. Cynthia Sabinske

      The purse one, correcting my original inquiry. Bet did have a home tho!

  10. Barb

    Sent my check for the Civil War Pinwheels but have not received it. If someone got in before me (I don’t know how cause I was on immediately) and they haven’t sent their check yet do I get it since it’s already paid for???

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