Reposting Pictures, 9-30-23

Have no idea why these didn’t post – if they don’t post this time, I will wait till next week and try again.


Hope these post – I’ll hold my breath.

117 thoughts on “Reposting Pictures, 9-30-23

  1. Joy in NW Iowa

    I didn’t e e I’ve any pictures except Norma on the first one. Not Sue what’s going on. I have an iPad

  2. Jeanine from Iowa

    No pictures at all this time.😒 I just got part of them last time. Isn’t it frustrating???

  3. Caryn Goulden

    This post and the last post are the first times I have not been able to see your pictures. All has been good until now.
    I hope you and your helpers can get to the bottom of this. I love your posts. Don’t know how I could have coffee in the morning without you!!!

  4. Sarah F

    It’s funny. Your last post the pictures came through perfectly reading in my email. But when I went to read the comments as a web page I couldn’t see over half the pictures. Now with your new repost of pictures this a.m. I can’t see the pictures either place. Maybe it’s just the end of the month. Do you have any idea what Rick’s mom used that red box for or what came in it? It fabulous!

    1. Judy

      Sarah, check your email again. Maybe it was just slow coming in. I think that happened to me today. I didn’t see them at first but they were there later when I checked. I still don’t have pictures from today on the website.
      Mary, I forgot to mention that yesterday, on yesterday’s web page pictures with Norma and below did post. The earlier ones did not.

  5. Sherri Huff

    All the photos came through in the first post for me, and it reminded me that I wanted to order that rows pattern!
    Have a glorious day!

  6. Diane in Maryland

    I also got the pictures the first time but enjoyed them again. You did a great job on your mother-in-law’s box. It is lovely! The kitties are precious. Sun is coming out after a week of rainy cloudy weather. At first it seemed cozy and I made a pot of chili. After a few days I had enough of that weather…haha

    1. Linda in central IA

      Same here, got them all both times. Using Dell laptop and Metronet for web service and Google Chrome for email.

      1. Linda in central IA

        Let me clarigy. Got all the pictures in the original email, but none when I went to the comments either time/

  7. Carol

    Great pics Mary, I so enjoy your efforts and they spur me on to get some things done. I got about half of these in your first post. Technology is sure something isn’t it! Ha! Sunny and warm in Southern Illinois. Enjoy your weekend. Can’t believe tomorrow is October!

    1. Linda in MI

      Hi Linda – I didn’t get any on this post either! Think it’s our cloudy overcast weather? I want to see the red box!

  8. Robin Boggan

    No need to hold your breath! They showed up just fine! Have a great weekend. Thanks for the great pictures. 👍😃

  9. Debbie G in SE WI

    I had pics in the first post but not all that were in the second post! Technology!!! 🤦‍♀️

  10. Alice in SW OH

    The first time I was only missing one picture, saw all the rest. Got all of them this time. I’m wondering if since it’s the end of the month that systems are updating? I don’t think it’s anything on your end, Mary. Now if I go back to your previous post, that one picture loads slowly. I follow Bonnie Hunter’s blog & I had the same problem seeing some of her pictures. I also sent birthday texts with pictures to both of my grandsons this week & neither got my text, but after I resent them 2 days ago they received those. Go figure!

  11. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Love the leaf wall hanging, and of course, the kitties!
    I haven’t been on here much to respond, the last several weeks have been nerve wracking. My husband collapsed at breakfast in a hotel in a small town in the Finger Lakes region of NYS, the morning of our fiftieth wedding anniversary. Weeks of waiting and testing, and an angiogram and two stents (95% blockages!) and an angioplasty later, and everything is finally resolved, as far as we know.
    A mouse got in our house the other day, and my husband finally agreed… we need a cat! Our poor Kitty died a year ago this month, it took a mouse for him to consider opening his heart to a kitty. Or maybe the angiogram!
    I still remember the lovely card you sent me last year when Kitty died. You’re such a sweet soul.

    1. Jan Hebert

      Oh Carol! What an awful thing to happen and on your anniversary. I’m so glad to hear that things are resolved – will be praying it stays that way! So glad he agreed to get a new kitty! I hope it’s a great hunter! Jan in MA

    2. Diane in Maryland

      Yes, Mary, you are dear to all of us! I made the leaf wall hanging from your pattern years ago and always hang it in the Fall. Just love it! Carol, you should get Mary’s pattern and make it.

    3. Kathy in western NY

      Carol that is terrifying to experience being away from home , a different medical facility and on your anniversary no less. I am glad his tests and stents are over now and he can enjoy that he is still here on this side of Heaven with you. A new kitty will bring both of you some joy while relaxing and counting his blessings.

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        Thanks, Kathy. A total surprise, he’s thin, we do high intensity interval training at a gym 5x a week, adhere to a paleo diet (haven’t had dairy since 2014, minus small amounts of cheese). He has no signs of heart disease at all. The diagnosis is that his condition is genetic, not related to lifestyle.
        Well, we are on the upside of all that and are looking forward rather than back. Thank you for your good thoughts!

    4. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – I am so so sorry about your husband and so so glad he’s better! He must be feeling better if he’s okayed a new kitty for your house! I remember when kitty died last year and you were very sad. I hope you send me a picture soon of two new kitties – two are easier than one!

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        Thank you Mary, my husband will be thrilled to know two are easier than one! Ha ha, he will not believe it but I’ll try!
        I know you’ve been through a lot, yourself and your husband. It’s so interruptive of ordinary days, suddenly you get really busy, really fast! And tired! Boy, nothing is more tiring than a day in the hospital.
        Looking forward to some sewing time this week, finally.

      2. Mary Etherington Post author

        Carol – tell your husband I’m only concerned with his recovery and two kitties are more entertaining for him while he’s resting – ha! I have only his best interests at heart – smile!

        1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

          I’m sure he’ll appreciate that when he cleans double the kitty litter!

          1. Kathy

            Carol, it’s like a double edge sword knowing it’s genetic and not related to his lifestyle. You do all the right steps to prevent and live healthy and then our dang ole parents genes filter on down complicating what we are doing right. I have friends who refuse to take genetic Alzheimer’s testing as their mothers had it but now some new meds are holding it at bay with good results so I would at least try it early but that’s me. Keep on the right path but I think kitties will help his attitude to recovery even more! Ha!

  12. Chris

    Thanks for reposting, Mary. I loved the kitty pictures and I got to see a gorgeous wall hanging I hadn’t seen in the earlier post. Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful day.

  13. Dianne in CA

    I got the pics both times. I have an iPhone. Thanks! I LOVE you farm and animals. I don’t quilt (I needlepoint) but drool over the pictures!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dianne in CA – we all like needlepoint, too – why don’t you send a picture of what you’re working on to my email and I’ll post it here.

  14. Lois Ann Johnson

    No photos this time. Last time, could not not see “the red box” everyone was talking about.

  15. Nancy from PA

    All the pictures came through both times except the cats weren’t on the first time. Love the red box and the arrangement on it. I enjoy pictures of your house.

  16. Judy

    Alice, I have also had pictures posting later than the print message in text.
    Mary, Today the pictures appear in the email but not in Safari, where I usually read your blog.
    I went back to yesterday’s blog. The pictures appear in the email but not in the Safari download.
    I am using an iPad. Yesterday was the first issue in a long time. Someone mentioned that it was the end of the month, maybe that was the issue. Another idea, Apple just released the newest iPhone. Maybe that has upset the system. I have no idea has all of this technology works. Headed to my sister’s wedding celebration today. She lost her husband 10 years ago as he and his buddy were riding their bicycles, training for a triathalon. Hit by a passing motorist. That brings to mind that it is harvest season. Farmers need to be on the roads moving slow farm equipment. Slow down for them.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy – go back – you mean your sister who lost her husband is getting married again? Oh, how great! And the accident that killed her first husband sounds like something from a horror tv show! I hope the passing motorist was charged.

      1. Judy

        Yes. She was married yesterday. Happy time for all. Got to see relatives from afar. And it was a beautiful day.
        And there were no charges filed when her husband was killed. The prosecutor said there was nothing to charge the driver with. Maybe it was just as well for my sister instead of prolonging the situation.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Judy – glad for the happy occasion but it sounds like reckless driving to me – so sad.

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Judy – oh,Judy, how horrible – I’m so glad your sister has found a new love.

  17. Brenda Furlong

    I got no photos today and yesterday, strangely enough, I got no photos above the one with Norma and all the ones below Norma. Computers and smart phones drive me crazy. On a recent visit with my son he cleared up all the problems I was having with my computer and my phone. Why did they happen in the first place? I am 83 and not dumb, but I had no computer training. I learned how to use the systems at work but not how to fix anything. I truly believe that someone could develop a fool proof smart phone and computer for seniors, but they aren’t motivated, I guess, because it wouldn’t make enough money for them. Or whatever, it really ticks me off! I hope you get it fixed. I love reading your posts and seeing the photos!

  18. Judy

    Alice, I have also had pictures posting later than the print message in text.
    Mary, Today the pictures appear in the email but not in Safari, where I usually read your blog.
    I went back to yesterday’s blog. The pictures appear in the email but not in the Safari download.
    I am using an iPad. Yesterday was the first issue in a long time. Someone mentioned that it was the end of the month, maybe that was the issue. Another idea, Apple just released the newest iPhone. Maybe that has upset the system. I have no idea has all of this technology works. Headed to my sister’s wedding celebration today. She lost her husband 10 years ago as he and his buddy were riding their bicycles, training for a triathalon. Hit by a passing motorist. That brings to mind that it is harvest season. Farmers need to be on the roads moving slow farm equipment. Slow down for them.

  19. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…Received your pictures the first time and comments. No pictures the 2nd try just comments. I will send a card to the “sweet lady” when you give the go-ahead. A few days ago there was a comment regarding Marie Webster. I have a book “Quilts, their story and how to make them”…copyright 1915. It is all in black/white print. The book I have is republished. When I started quilting, books on the subject were rare. (at least to me)…this was before the rotary and using templates. To Betty K. we visited your area a few years ago. Beautiful State. At that time a volk walk was going on at Crazy Horse. That must be an exciting fun event to be a part of. I try and read all comments as I enjoy learning of your areas. Thank You, Mary and enjoy your cooler days. Next week it is back to triple digits….

  20. Wanda

    Hi, Mary … for what it’s worth, I don’t think the photo problem originated with you. I use a couple of Kindle readers, and on those, most of your photos did not arrive yesterday. On my laptop (not Apple), all photos arrived in both of your postings. The same thing happens sometimes with Jo from Jo’s Country Junction: sometimes the Kindle readers display alphabetical gibberish, while my laptop shows exactly what she intended me to read.

    Hope this final day of September 2023 is a good one for you. Here in Northern Virginia we’re finally getting some sunshine and rising temperatures after a cold, wet week.

    Thanks again for all you efforts to keep our NothingHeads community alive!

  21. Melody in Wisconsin

    Hi Mary,
    I could not see the pictures yesterday before Norma’s picture and today none of the photos show up. There is just tiny boxes where the pictures are supposed to be. I always read your blog on my Samsung android tablet. Strange because I usually don’t have any problem. Oh the frustration of technology!

  22. Kim from Wi

    I got the pictures both times and love the red box. Has Tim started to harvest the field across from you? maybe I missed that post. The potatoes are being harvested here and cranberries. I would love to see cranberries being done and take a tour. One of my neighbors told me about the Cranberry Discovery center that is fairly close so we are going to take a ride and see it. Fall is here and the trees are looking magnificent with all the colors.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – Tim is working in other fields but he’ll soon be combining across the road. Then the Japanese beetles will arrive in droves! I dread it.

  23. Jeanine from Iowa

    I have to say that your pictures did post to my email on my computer, but when I went to your website they were not there. So, I did get to see the pictures! Thank you so much. I always read it on your website so I can read all the comments and click on the ads. I didn’t even check my email, I just clicked online. Don’t know why that happens. We feel left out when we can’t see all the pictures. Have a good weekend.

  24. Colleen Misner

    Oh dear Mary! I hope you didn’t really hold your breath! I got some of the pictures yesterday. None today. Norma and her pal are both beautiful!

  25. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    Hey Miss Mary! I saw all the pictures yesterday and today, except when I go to comment they turn into little pictures icons. Love Gracie and Greta pictures 🥰! Sending pictures to you again you might have missed. Hugs 🤗

  26. Sharon G.

    Mary – I could see the photos.
    The red box is beautiful!
    My former in-laws cancelled their visit today. I had a feeling they would. I’m okay with them staying home.
    Take care everyone.

  27. Beryl in Owatonna

    Sorry Mary, no pictures today, Norma and quilts yesterday??? Norma looks so familiar but don’t know why…what a pleasant happy lady! Happy Birthday!!

  28. Linda Jaymes

    Maybe because the images that are not showing up are “heic” files instead of jpg. I believe some pics taken with an iPhone are saved to the iPhone as heic files instead of jpgs and will not show up on everyone’s systems unless we have the codecs for those files on our computers/phones/tablets or the pics are converted to jpgs. I can see the jpg files but not the heic files on my laptop and my Gallaxy cell phone.

  29. Fiona at Ice

    Hi Mary,

    I saw them both times, so they did post! We are having unseasonally warm weather here too, but it was nice for a walk today to the ruined castle in the wood where the red squirrels live (in the wood, not the castle!). My husband is flying to California tomorrow for his work, so that means no need for cooking in the evenings this coming week and hopefully more time for quilting after work. I have just got some new backing fabric for a couple of Autumn themed wall hangings, that are ready for layering and quilting, so I had better get on with them!

  30. Susan K in Texas

    They post on my laptop but not my iPhone it must be an apple issue. Yesterday I could see them on my iPhone. Technology! Arg!
    I’m putting the last border on the blue quilt. I’ll have to lay it on the grass and stand on a ladder to get a picture. It’s huge! And I’m really really glad I made it.
    This afternoon I’ll get to work on a new project. I haven’t decided what it will be yet. Too many choices!
    I like the red box. Antique boxes or basically any box are interesting to me. When we cleaned out my father in law’s shed, I kept four wooden cigar boxes. I hate cigars but loved the boxes. I’ve also bought several boxes from a guy who uses different woods to make quilt block boxes. I keep them all in my sewing room and look at them all the time.
    I hope Gracie heals quickly. What a scary thing to have happen to her.

  31. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l had no problems yesterday with photos, what was the red box used for previously? Going out for cafe lunch for Stella,s birthday today,take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  32. Sue in Oregon

    I got part of the photos yesterday and none today. I really want to see the red box and I hope you will resend next week when hopefully all the gremlins are gone. I always get my blog letter on my PC, not my phone. Sounds like the phone viewers got it better?? Don’t really have a clue.
    We have our son here with us and he and his dad are working on the water system. The water is clear off right now, but the electricity and my computer are working just fine and I get a break from cooking. (and them) HA! Of course, we finely got rain so it is muddy (all through the house) Sounds like I am complaining, but I really am not. I expect you are all reading through the lines. TeeHee

  33. Marilyn Stevens

    I did see the pics yesterday and today! -on my iPhone 😉I appreciate all of your hard work. Don’t give up this blog, I look forward to your posts.

  34. Diane in Colorado

    Interesting. I got most of these, if not all of them, with your first post. I love the red box, too!!

  35. Kris in WI

    Huh. All the pictures showed up through my gmail notice, but not on the blog. Go figure. Heidi might be right…gremlins!
    Could the little red box have been used to store seeds? It looks like a few of the sections are lined with metal, maybe to keep seeds dry. It turned out lovely and what a nice way to raise a lamp and some “pretties.”
    So sorry about Fluffy Buns’ tantrums. I’m glad Greta and Gracie are friends, not to mention great “paper” weights to keep your fabric and sewing machine from floating away. How is Three these days?
    I cleaned out my machine and changed the needle yesterday so I’m ready to roll! I think I’ll sew a maple leaf or two for coasters. Thanks, everyone, for sharing your pictures and to Mary for persevering through tech issues! Kris

    1. Jeanne in Co.

      Mary, I got your pictures both days on my IPhone. I don’t think the problems iis on your end at all. Sounds like it’s a technical problem with one of the carriers. I, too love the red box. Does Rick know what it was used for? It does make a nice base for your lamp. You do have a great knack for arranging your “finds” and putting them to good use. The red adds great color to the arrangement. How did your pumpkin crop do this year? We had a stray vine come up among the zuchinni, squash, and tomatoes . We decided to let it grow to see what it turned out to be. For a while it looked like a watermelon because of the shape, but it surprised us and turned out to be a pumpkin vine. It had to have been a seed in the compost bin that germinated because we have never planted pumpkin seeds. The largest one ended up rotting on the bottom and collapsed, but there is a second one that will make a great jack o lantern for the grandkids. Don’t you all just love fall? Weather has been perfect this week. It is to turn cooler next week. Aspens are turning golden in the mountains, but I miss the beautiful leaf colors back in Iowa. You don’t very often see reds and rust colored leaves here in northern Colo. We have grandkids (and great grandkids) visiting this weekend from
      Ks. City, Mo. Hopefully we can get a reservation to visit Rocky Mtn. Park while they are here.
      Maybe tomorrow when everyone is home watching TV to see the Broncos play, there will be a chance to snag a reservation. Have a blessed weekend everyone, Jeanne in Co.

  36. Beryl BC

    I only received 4 pictures on the first post and none on the second. I do not receive by email, but look via the website. I tried both my desktop computer, an older one, and my Android phone, a newer one. I used Chrome in both cases.

    1. Beryl BC

      Also, someone mentioned, .heic vs .jpg. I have had problems opening .heic from other senders.

  37. Sally

    Still not seeing the pictures, just a blue question mark box. Yesterday and today is the first time I have experienced this with your blog.

  38. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Funny, in the email I see the pictures but when I click comment I just get the blue ? I really like that quilt and it is a good way to use up leftovers. Our guild donates quilts to the NICU at the local hospital and that would be a great way to use my scraps.

  39. Barbara Firesheets

    YAY! Your pictures came through! Looking forward to seeing your Rambling Rows come together. 😊 The reclaimed red cabinet looks great!

  40. Char in Michigan

    I got the pics the first time also. You just never know with technology 🙄. That red box is a real treasure! And the quilts are beautiful!

  41. Brenda Ks

    I have never had trouble with your blog pictures until yesterday and today. So I doubt that it is anything on your end. Could be the full moon. Haha I am very envious of everyone that got to see the red box however. Hot here again. Hopping for cooler weather next week.

  42. Deb E

    No pictures received, just icons which don’t bring up pictures when clicked on. Don’t you hate the tech part of all this? I applaud you doing all this – I’d throw my hands up and say “I give up”! LOVE your blog and appreciate all your work & effort – and its always wonderful to see your beautiful place. It was a lovely day here in Northern California. I went all by myself to a quilt show in Placerville, CA (hubby had other plans). The BEST quilt show I’ve ever been to – the most organized and well thought out to help everyone enjoy themselves as well as to raise money. They had gallon bags for people to stuff from scrap bins (for $1 per bag), tons of books at $2 each, yardage at unbelievably low prices & I picked up 2 small Omnigrid rulers (the square ones) for $6 total. Everyone else’s scraps are always MUCH more interesting than my own. As people were stopping by to see what I was doing I was commenting that with fabric at $12 plus per yard EVERYONE should be doing the same thing. I turned around and a bunch of people immediately grabbed bags & were stuffing them with their treasures. I was commenting what I’d be doing with some….like a set of scraps had hunky young men on them and I said “THIS will be a Christmas gift for my granddaughter”! Everybody was laughing as they agreed it was a GREAT idea. “Well, I may have snow on the roof but I still have a fire in the furnace”! (By now everyone was laughing hysterically). I went by myself was I don’t have any friends here yet (we’ve been working non stop on our home since we moved here & bought it 2 years ago) — and I met the most lovely woman that I chatted with going through the show. She was also there by herself….I’m going to join the same quilt guild in 2 weeks, so we’ll get together again. Quilters are the most lovely people. What a great day!

  43. Janice Brown

    Mary, neither the Country Threads email I received nor the actual blog post itself shows any photos.

  44. Karen Knutson


  45. Glenda Fletcher

    Mary, I received the pictures both times. I have apple products. Don’t know if that makes any difference. Like your Rambling Rows quilt. It is a good one for scraps. Have a good day.

  46. Vicki Ibarra

    I tried this again, October 2, and received all pictures. Who knows why, but I can see the “story” you tell with pictures. Now I know what you meant about the red box! The leaf quilts on the porch make a delightful display.

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