Rose’s Visit Post #2

Here is the selvage from the alphabet panel – so there is no actual pattern.

I have decided to cut out my initials and use them as a medallion and improv piece around them.

Connie is working on a pattern called Mochi by Beyond the Reef.

Rose absolutely LOVES her die cutter!  Connie and I are skeptics but she demonstrated and it worked perfectly.

Here is Rose’s first block to use with her alphabet panel.

Lunch time – 

7 thoughts on “Rose’s Visit Post #2

  1. Louise

    I too am anxious to see the finished projects. I am also curious about the die cutter my daughter gave me 2 years ago, still unused in the box. Is there a tutorial on line anyone could recommend?j

  2. Sharon

    I’m anxious to see Connie’s Mochi quilt. I’ve recently discovered their patterns and want to try one.

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