Rox is home

All x-rays and blood work were negative so Rox is back home again.  She immediately went to her favorite place – see her in the corner of this picture?  The loft gives her full view of what’s going on in the house yet nobody bothers her.  I’ll bet she’s tired so I’m going to let her rest this afternoon.

Bentley arrived and he and Hope have gotten reacquainted.  Telly and Bentley tore through the grove – how do I know?  He came in with cockleburs in his tail!   We have them combed out and he’s ready to go back outside.

The eggs were piling up so I made oven eggs for the dogs this morning.  Rox has some medicine to take and she loves eggs so I know I can hide the pill in the egg.

My Homey Triangles quilt top is finished — I so wanted to have the border fabric “float” the inner part by using the same fabric as my spacer squares and I thought I had it figured to the gnat’s eyelash.  BUT if you look in the left lower corner you can see I can up short and I had no more fabric so….I did the only thing I could do – patch the corner.  Darn!  

If your Homey Triangles is finished, please send me a picture – I have received a number of pictures that I would like to get posted.

I finished all the arcs last night so I will carry on making them into blocks, both 4″ and 8″.  I’m almost done tearing off all the paper, too.  With extra dogs here, I’ll be staying home all weekend so maybe I’ll have progress to show you Monday.

23 thoughts on “Rox is home

  1. Launa peters

    Am not all unpacked here in cold Idaho yet. We lost our cell service for a few days. Our new home north of salmon, Idaho is totally off the grid with solar power, propane, lots of wood to burn in fire place and downstairs fireplace has an insert. 3 feet of dry snow so the men use the snow blower to keep our long driveway and two thirds of mile to hiway driveable. Lots of elk and deer all around. Loved your New York beauty solid color blocks and your other eye candy. I see Jen kingwell has a new book out. Stay warm Mary.

  2. Rebecca

    I love paper piecing but hate tearing the papers off. What a cute pup looking down on his mommy!! You must be feeling better because all the sewing has started back up. Good for you….

  3. Sue

    Such a good idea for extra eggs. Do you dole them out to the dogs? Seems like a good way to fix them for us humans, too. Some salt and pepper, of course, and a bit of butter. Scrambled eggs get tiresome.

    I love your wallhanging, too. Needles are a good thing to use for hanging. Quite a few across for one so heavy. Needles are strong and thin. They don’t leave much of a hole in the wall.

    Love the Homey Triangle quilt. Wish I had time to do it right now. I am behind on the group project we are making at Quilt Club and trying to finish up old projects stacked up. It’s my New Years resolution to finish things.

    I hope to get to see a bigger photo of Rox. I once had a part Lhasa Apso named Vinnie. He was the most adorable dog with a Huge ego. Loved him so much.

    1. Jeanne H

      I had heard of using used sewing machine needles as ‘nails’ to hang things, but I don’t recommend it myself. The needle broke, and it was a pain in the neck to remove from the wall. Just FYI.

  4. Diane

    Wear Warm Clothes is still on my list!. Can you put little darker squares in each corner and use the other to fill in the bottom left corner? Your Homey Triangles is adorable. Those eggs look good. Good luck to little Rox. I worry about yours, too.

  5. Synthia Noble

    I’ve never heard of ‘oven eggs’ before. Do you crack the eggs into muffin tins and bake? If so, how long? You are such a wealth of information and inspiration on sooooo many subjects. (big smile here)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Synthia – eggs are baked in generously greased muffin tins at 400 degrees. They fall out of the pan! Takes about 10 minutes to bake solid.

    2. Jeanne H

      Synthia, thank you for asking this question because I was about to do so myself! : )

      And thank you, Mary, for telling us. Cooking eggs like this had never occurred to me, but how clever! : )

  6. Ann Barlament

    My physical therapist and I went “shopping” on second floor for a table that I can put my new toy on. I got an early birthday present…a 1951 Singer ‘hand crank’ sewing machine. It came from Norway…

    I love Helen’s idea of putting a half-square in the corners of the diagonal, on your Homey quilt.

  7. Judy Emmons

    I enjoy reading your messages. Your pets are so lucky to have you as their owner. Pets are such a blessing in our lives. I have three quilts that need the binding put on them and they are done. I like
    to put the binding on by machine and then do one side by hand. My hands don’t always allow me to stitch for long. Is there a special hint to sewing binding on by machine to get it to catch and look right?
    I would appreciate any advice you can give me.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy – someone asked for a tutorial so the next time I add machine binding, I’ll take pictures and post.

  8. Dee T.

    Your quilt is beautiful. Soon I might be able to sew and will make one. Simple enough.
    Why not make a label on your patch?

  9. Robin Rauk

    You have one of my favorite quilts hanging up! I just love that one! No Libby this weekend, Wisconsin did not have snow. Maybe I will sew too 🙂

  10. helen freese

    I am sure you know this–but if you took out the top and bottom borders, put another half-square in each corner on the diagnal (sp.) I think you might have enough. Sometimes I have to do a lot of un-sewing to fix things up. I have been trying to hand-quilt with arthritis in my hands lately and it is quite painful. I am afraid if I don’t move they might stiffen up more. Good luck.

  11. Joann Baxter

    I love your wall hanging. How do you hang your quilts? I have several to hang, and just wondering how you do it?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joann – since my walls are all carsiding, I am able to staple my quilts to the wall – no holes will ever show!

  12. Paula Nordt

    I’m still putting my triangles together! Found a scrap of red check that would look great with the triangles, went to the quilt shop to buy some yardage, and they were out! 😢Trying to find something close on line. Super glad that Rox is home! Hope she makes a full recovery. And the dogs seem to be having a blast!

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