Actually it’s basketball Saturday with many games taking place today.  Iowa State will play West Virginia for the Big 12 Championship this afternoon at 5.  In the meantime I’m binding tablerunners for the sale.

This picture was taken last Saturday.  Our refrigerator needed major repair which was covered by the warranty.  It was a terrible mess but my refrigerator is now as clean as if it were new.

Remember when everybody discovered I had parakeets and you all wondered about the cats and the birds?  Here is Colton leaning over from his perch showing his curiosity about those birds.  Also notice that the cage is tied to the cat bed support just because I know it would end up on the floor if it weren’t.

I sound like a broken record – Ginger arrived this morning.

Ginger is a rescue, probably a Cairn Terrier, and has been here before.  Mo, Mia and Ginger are all getting along with Telly and Rox so we’re a happy household.  As soon as the last one goes home on Monday I have to get the oil changed in my van.  With the exception of church, I’m home bound while the dogs are here.

It’s cold here today – mid 20’s so nobody wants to go outside including me.  Snow is heading our way.

20 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Carolyn

    There must be something in the air…I have been thinking about making tablerunners and table toppers. Mine will be for the house and not for sale. I do love yours, but not any thrift stores closers than 60 to 75 miles one way. I am busy using fabric stash so I will not be known as a fabric horder. Enjoy your weekend and everyone there please stay warm

  2. Sandy

    Homebound with furry friends, beautiful quilt projects and sports. Sounds like heaven to me. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  3. Judy Emmons

    Love your posts about all your dog visitors
    and other animals. Enjoy seeing all your
    quilting projects. I would love to go to the
    sale that you are having soon. Can you please
    give me more information about it?
    Big snow storm coming our way Sunday
    afternoon into all day Monday. Where is

  4. Susan Sundermeyer

    Colton better watch that tail! I can just see a parakeet taking a nip at it!

  5. Kathy

    We had a major wind storm hit our part of NY wednesday and knocked out power and utilities to so many businesses and residents so it’s been tough for many here. No school either. But today all is better for us although many are still out of power but I just heard we might get some snow. Yikes – crews don’t need that to hinder them. Anyways seeing the bird cage and kitty cat picture just made my day! As well as I just got cable and internet back so I was happy to read your blog once again.

  6. Jeanie

    It is always fun hearing about your furry boarders, Mary. I really love the table runner made from thrift store shirts; I think I need to start a similar collection.
    It is cold in sw IL, but we have no snow. I am watching IL high school basketball.

  7. Kathy

    i love hearing about all the animals, big animal lover myself, and quilter, love them to. but i really love that pic. of colton and the bird cage. so cute.

  8. Donna O

    Mary always love your posts, furry ones and your latest projects and today my favorite is Colton and the parakeets.

  9. Diane

    So sorry to hear about your refrigerator. At least the warranty worked! Today I saw a TV show with a place called Lucky Dog Ranch. The man rehabbed dogs for adoption. He trained one that went to a boy with Autism. Really neat!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      We watch Lucky Dog every Saturday at 8 am – I love it and Brandon can train a dog for anybody!

  10. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary.
    It has been quite a hunt but finally I have found a sheep shearer!! He will be at our house in a week or so. I am anxious to see how they look sheared. I’ll send pic’s when their done.
    I also have a question — I have one orchid and it’s roots are growing out of the pot at the top of the pot. How do you re-pot yours? Sue Davis, Argyle tx.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – I would look online. It’s quite specific and I didn’t do it right. You need to buy soil meant just for orchids which I didn’t. And they don’t like the next size pot to be much bigger. That’s all I can remember. I’m anxious to see your little sheepies –all shorn!

  11. Patty McDonald

    Always enjoy your blog and pictures . I’m envious of your snow. We’ve had many rainy days in southern Ca. but I’m not ready for it to end. It has been in the mid 80’s this week and will hit 95 on Monday then it will cool to the 70’s. Hate this weather!! We get so much sun that I long for winter and pray for rain. Also, I’ve had a great excuse to stay in and quilt the last couple months. Now we are mowing and weed wacking. I like working outside but do want 4 or 5 months of cooler climate. Glad your fridge is running again and that this didn’t happen in summer. Also, your runners are very pretty.

  12. Sue Kruckenberg

    I have a picture of an embroidery sampler done by Mary that starts with A is for Alphabet… etc. , dated 1998. Would that pattern be available anywhere for purchase?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – yes, I did that sampler but the pattern was not by Country Threads. Maybe Brenda Gervais? You’ll need to search online – 20 years is too long for my memory!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lynn – Bless your heart! You two should make contact here.

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