It was a busy day on the farm.  I wanted to move the plants outside but before I could put them in the plant area south of the house, the windows should be washed otherwise I can’t get a ladder close to the windows.  Before the windows are washed the gutters above all the windows should be cleaned so I don’t drop any “yuck” on the clean windows.  So up,to,the roof I went with my leaf blower.  Then I  tackled the windows with the half screens that are hard to put on without another person on the outside. Reed to the rescue!  He came over to see all the animals and he helped me not only with the scenes but moving plants and then the barn chores.  He loves the “bad hair day” chickens because they’re so docile and can be picked up and held.

He even took the hen outside with us to see the goats.  His two chickens are thriving!

Yesterday Becky and I played for the birthday party at the care center and I brought Hazel.

She did pretty well – didn’t bark too many times.  She’ll get used to the routine.

Everything that was mentioned to put into the cat pen was already in there.  I put a bigger box for the family of 6, a carrier for Mama to get used to, and a regular litter box.  She still hates me!

It was such a busy day with more to do tomorrow plus mow lawn – I love to mow!

18 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Brenda archambault

    If you don’t have enough to do, you could probably hire out for lawn service! Looks like Miss Hazel is learning her manners and gets to go to a lot of fun places. Have a great weekend, or what’s left of it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda – I would LOVE to hire out for mowing — ha! I wish I had more hours in the day.

  2. Carolyn W.

    A cat’s attitude is…Take a Number and Wait. She may smell Hazel on your clothing.

  3. Martha Engstler

    I always get a smile from your blogs but especially today with “Boy with chicken” a great photo. I know the folks at the care center love to see the dogs and Hazel looks like she will fit in just fine. Can’t believe all you got done yesterday, nice to have Reed there to help.

  4. Synthia Noble

    You are a regular tornado!! But doesn’t it feel good to get so much done in one day????

  5. Kathy

    It’s nice to have a willing helper who loves your animals as much as you. They will grow up to respect and treat them well too. I am sure the residents at the home love seeing the puppy dog trot in to greet them. Happy Mother’s Day from all the animals you have loved and cared for now and thru the years.
    It’s your caring heart and soul that makes us all mothers to many.

  6. Mareen

    I wish I was helping with those windows Mary you know I live to wash windows! And I see Gracie Mae Vanwert looking at Hazel😊 Can’t wait for retirement!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mareen – I thought of you when I was washing windows! Do you know anybody looking for a cleaning job? Maybe once a month. I have way too much yard work!

  7. Jan

    Thanks for all the updates – it’s such fun to see everything that is happening on the farm. Reed is a lucky boy to have you for a friend/mentor. He will learn lots from you. Regarding Mama Kitty ; have you tried just sitting in her area (for just a short time) and having a “conversation”. Bring an extra special treat each time, along with your voice and the fact that you visit, but respect her space may help win her over. I know you are “crazy” busy – but maybe a few quick extra visits when you are in the barn will help. It worked for one of our feral cats – he is now a house cat. Good luck!

  8. Diane

    Reed is a great help. How old is he? I love the picture with bad hair chicken. He’s a cute young man. What did Hazel think of the black and white dog? Good luck with Mama Cat. If anyone can win her over , you can.

  9. Kay Crandall

    If only the Mama cat knew what a great life she would have with you, she wouldn’t be hating you! Hopefully you will be able to work with the kittens, and maybe Mama will come around when the babies are older. I really enjoy your posts and pictures – Reed looks like a real sweetheart!

  10. Ann Barlament

    Wow, what a busy Saturday. How wonderful that Reed came to your rescue and was so helpful!! He will be the perfect chore boy to have around this summer.

    Looks like Hazel just likes being around dogs and people.

    As for momma barn cat…perhaps she doesn’t want to be domesticated…she seems to be a “wild child” like me!! Hahaha

  11. Dee T.

    I am having computer problems. Don,t forget me. My phone is blocking you. But I can receive you on my PC so far. You are not the only one.

  12. Tanya T.

    I have forgotten how old Reed is, but, really is there anything more perfect in the world than a 10 year old boy? They can go to restaurants and have conversations with you. They can make their own beds. They can go to the bathroom by themselves. They don’t want car keys, new clothes, or much except maybe extra dessert. They give great hugs. And, obviously, they are great helpers on a farm! What a great kid!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tanya – you are so right but I’ve never really known a young boy so I don’t know this. Reed is a special kid in my eyes – a good friend to have. I just finished The Little House and loved it! Thank you for the recommendation.

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