Saturday Bullseyes, 1-23-21

More wonderful quilts to post!

And a couple of Dirty Dozen projects:

This quilt was made in France and when I complimented the maker on her arrangement, she admitted she did it out of laziness so she wouldn’t have any of the same fabrics touching! We are an innovative group,aren’t we? Ha!

And I have to admit to falling in love with this one – I put all my yellows away on the shelves and now I can pull the brights!

This Country Threads pattern is available in the online shop. Go to the top of our blog home page and click on the tab that says SHOP. Then search for Spring Bouquet. There is also a tab at the top of the blog home page that will instruct you how to download your pattern after you purchase it. And – yes, you can still order a paper pattern from us but it will come by snail mail and you will need to have patience. Any questions can be addressed to me at my new email:

Here is Spring Bouquet!

There is also a tab for FREE patterns and here is the latest – Square in a Square Tablerunner. Get out that tub of strips and get to sewing!

Here is the latest Disapearing 9 Patch I just finished last night.

Here is the Disappearing 4 Patch.

And here is the Noah Novelty quilt.

These three patterns will be in the store very soon. I will let you know the minute they have “landed”.

So – it’s another basketball and sewing Saturday. It’s snowing and the perfect day to cut out a new project – maybe one I purchased last week in Des Moines at Creekside Quilting. So much fun ahead!

15 thoughts on “Saturday Bullseyes, 1-23-21

  1. Kelli

    Love the quilt from France! I am a huge football fan and to me it looks like footballs! Very innovative. Thanks for sharing and have a good day!

  2. Kathy in western NY

    Just loved the quilt show! Nice to sit down after lunch and see your email pop in. I knew I was in for a treat. It’s so neat seeing all our versions of bullseyes. Rita in Iowa’s captured my attention today with her placement so gets me thinking. We are getting snow here too and it’s a perfect day to watch it fall gently down cause I am inside sewing. Took a long time for winter to arrive here but I am thankful I have food in my freezer and pantry items so I can stay home.

  3. Sandy

    Hi Mary, your first dissappearing nine patch looks very Japanese! Great quilt show today, thank you. Enjoy the snow, take care evergone, best wishes from sandy

  4. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Mary, I love your attitude of, “So much fun ahead.”

    I heard on the radio that life is like a swimming pool. Mostly beautiful with a filter full of gunk. Don’t focus on the filter all the time.

    Have a great time sewing. I love making small things so may try the Bullseye pattern for a pot holder.

  5. Nancy TD

    It hasn’t started to snow yet in SE MN. Did some outside things to beat the snow.
    So fun to see so many bullseye quilt variations. Great job everyone. I plan to choose my backgrounds. Hope to clear out some more treasured scraps. Happy quilting everyone.

  6. Sherry Whalen

    Oohhh – the one with the black back round!! If I didn’t have my flannel back rounds already cut out….oh well, I guess there will be another bullseye with black back rounds in my future! Thanks everyone for all of the ideas! Sherry W.

  7. Anonymous

    Love the layout of the bullseye from France – have saved the picture – I am a huge football fan “Go Pack Go: so I might make mine like that.

    We are supposed to be on the northern edge of the snow, only 2-5” predicted.

  8. Mandy Stewart

    Mary, have to give you a giggle re. the square in a square quilt. Years ago we were attending a show in Oklahoma City and I was reading the show catalog to my friend as we drove to the city. One of the vendors had her new pattern listed.. ..”A Squat in A Square Quilt”. What a priceless typo…My friend and I have never been able to say “square in a square” quilt without laughing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mandy Stewart – oh, that would be a funny typo for sure! I’ll be saying it now, too!!

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh my word! A squat in a square. …I’m still laughing. Reminds me of the kid that wanted Crap ‘n Crunch for breakfast, aka Captain Crunch!!
    Beautiful show.
    We had a small snow blizzard today. It lasted about an hour, but the roads were much like Mary and Connie’s trip the other day.

    Keep smiling everyone

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