Saturday in St. Cloud, MN. 6-12-21

It’s been a big day! After breakfast we went to the swap meet – I found several treasures which are in the van right now and I’m writing in our room. This was the best thing I saw all morning! And I can’t remember the dog’s name but you must know I did ask!

After the swap meet we visited the Munsinger-Clemens Gardens – over 20 acres of gardens! Absolutely gorgeous!

That’s the Mississippi River in the background. I could have spent many more hours there.

The swimming pool was calling Camber.

She will be 5 on June 16. Eric’s birthday is June 14. Rick and I got married on June 14 and so did Eric and Nikki. It’s a big month!

Before I left home I showed my pet sitter the orchid cactus that was going to bloom while I was gone. Here it is Friday afternoon.

Here it was today – spectacular!

It only happens once a year – and I missed it.

This was the sky when we drove here on Friday – lots of wind but no rain. No rain at home either.

We’ll head home after breakfast in the morning – I’m sure missing Hazel but we’ve had a nice time! I’ll tell you about my 3 quilt shop stops next week.

29 thoughts on “Saturday in St. Cloud, MN. 6-12-21

  1. Donna O

    Cute Camber & wasn’t she just born 2-3 years ago ??? LOL
    I’m sure the pool was a hit for her.
    Safe travels home. Tonight I can sleep with Windows open …YEA!!!

  2. Carmen

    We were in Hawaii, heading to the airport to come home. I noticed something unusual about the vehicle in front of me. The man had 3 basset hounds, decked out in leather vests, chains, hats, one even had a wig! It was hilarious to see.

  3. Diane Bauer

    Can’t wait to hear about your treasures from the swap meet as well as from the quilt shops!

    Your bloom is gorgeous! Glad the dog sitter took a picture for you if you missed the one bloom of the year. I’ve got a beautiful ruffled iris blooming in my backyard right now that only blooms every 2-3 years and each blossom only lasts one day. God’s amazing creation!!

    It’s hot here which is unusual for Colorado. The western slope is expecting 110!!! Thankfully, not quite so bad here.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane Bauer – I saw your beautiful ruffled iris on FB – only every 2-3 years, huh? Too bad. We are getting a break in our 90 degree weather but it’s coming right back – I hate having the AC running all the time! So annoying not to have the windows open.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    What a beautiful day you had. Tomorrow will be wonderful too.
    I love the Mississippi River. I could watch it all day. Paddle boat trip is on my bucket list.
    Camber is a doll. Happy birthday to her.
    Happy Anniversaries to everyone else.
    The flower is spectacular, I’m glad you got pictures.
    Enjoy your treat.

  5. Kathy in western NY

    I am so glad you found a pet sitter and could get away to be with your family to celebrate a special birthday for your cutie pie and also your anniversaries.
    Days to remember. Nothing like a vacation whether it’s a day trip or three days away to recharge and appreciate home once more. Enjoy and thanks for sharing your days with us. Now we will look forward to your posts this week sharing the treasures you found.

  6. Sandra Goddard

    Camber is getting so big. What a beautiful young lady she is. The swimming attire is a scream so funny and cute. Your plant is amazing. Such a green thumb you have. Glad you all had a good time still there is no place like home.

  7. Diane in Maryland

    Camber is so precious. I can only imagine how many times she may have asked to go back to the pool when you were at those beautiful gardens! Haha. What a wonderful birthday for her!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Rick, Eric and Nikki, and Happy Birthdays to Eric and Camber. Lots of reasons to have cake in June for you all! Sounds like a wonderful vacation for everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in Maryland – we rarely get together because they live 8+ hours away so it’s an impossible weekend trip – that’s why we met in the middle and it worked well. Now after Kansas City quilt show, I can stay home the rest of the summer! I’m not a very good traveler.

  8. Sally J.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time!! The Orchid Cactus flower is fabulous!!
    Can’t wait to see all your treasures!!

  9. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Happy Birthday to Camber and Happy Anniversary to you and Rick, Eric and Nikki. My oldest daughter, Char and her husband, Todd, share the day with you, will celebrate 34 years. Love St. Cloud, next time the Minnesota Quilt Show is there, I will make sure to get to the garden, beautiful. Will be 90 again today, sure hope this hot streak breaks soon, would like temperatures in the 70s again.

  10. Launa

    So enjoyed your family trip photos…Camber is a real hoot in her swimming attire and the glasses. A real happy child.
    Looking forward to seeing your shopping “loot” and treasures!
    What a beautiful blooming plant.
    Elk have been here early mornings; more each time. Our weather is heating up..was 50o earlier!

  11. Gwen

    Great pictures. I especially love the last one. How I miss the flat land and big open skies of Iowa.

  12. Sherrill

    Oh MAN!! I missed the swap meet! We’ll be up that way week after this, flying into Minneapolis then driving through Iowa, Nebraska, SD and ND, hitting all the state capitals and other sights. 10 days of fun!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherrill – you have to explain – you’re flying into MPls but then renting a car to drive? To what destination?

      1. Sherrill

        We’re driving from Minneapolis to IA, NE, SD, ND and back to MN. Hitting the state capitals and other sites. Might stop at Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, etc. So far since TX opened up, we’ve done Austin, then up to OK, KS, MO, AR, then we did LA, MS and AL and then we headed to NM, AZ and Death Valley and last was TN, NC and SC and all in the last year! In Aug. flying to SLC, then a week in Yellowstone and will hit ID and CO as well. Prob more info than you wanted..sorry.

        1. Betty Klosterman

          My niece and a friend just came from Yellowstone. They took the all day tour of the park and loved it. The easy way for everybody to be able to see everything. Also saw tons of the animals. When they got here, they went to Custer State park and saw many more animals, too. Their favorites were the baby burrows! CUTE! And try to drive by Chamberlain to see Dignity. She is beautiful. We were able to see her come to being.
          Betty in Rapid City.

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Betty Klosterman- I had to look up Dignity because I didn’t know – wow! She is beautiful- I’d love to see her in person.

        2. Mary Etherington Post author

          Sherrill – you must love to travel! All that driving – ugh. Be safe and let us know what you saw that interested you.

          1. Sherrill

            We used to RV all over when DH was still alive. I’ve really missed that. But now that the capitals are getting farther away, we fly in, drive from place to place (I like to see things in between, too) then fly home. We take turns driving and often take the ‘scenic route’ rather than the freeways. I’ll letcha know!

  13. Sheri

    Those gardens are beautiful. Love the Hosta. I tried growing some and the snails thought I was feeding them. It is hot in Utah today 100, then 102 and 103. I like the bloom on your cactus.

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