Saturday, September 5, 2020

This quilt was called Summer from our 1997 book called “Life In the Country With Country Threads” which is out of print — maybe you could find it on Amazon.

Quite a few pages to copy so cost is $15.00 plus $2 postage sent to Country Threads.

Harper has had a big day already with a friend’s dog named Bailey.

We are rich in tomatoes.

We had BLT’s last nite for supper – we just needed one slice per sandwich.

I’m starting to work on my indoor plants that have been outside all summer.

Here is the pumpkin vine growing over the playhouse – I planted two seeds in one pot outside and this is it today! I circled the pot it’s growing from.

This morning I started hanging fall quilts and decided VOTE needs to hang until I change for Christmas. The VOTE pattern is available in our online store. At the top of this blog home page, click on “shop” and it will take you to the store.

And here I sit in the porch for one of the last times this year which makes me so sad. Next week our weather is changing to highs in the 50’s and low 60’s. Maybe with a sweatshirt I could read out here but it won’t be the same.

I hope I’ve answered all the questions – if not, let me know.

46 thoughts on “Saturday, September 5, 2020

  1. Betty Klosterman

    The one thing I really miss about Iowa is tomatoes. Mom even used to send care packages filled with tomatoes and unshelled peas. We must have eaten tomatoes 3 times a day and inbetween while we sat in the neighbor’s empty cob shed with our salt shakers. Happy childhood?
    Enjoy the last really warm days, we have a freeze warning for Tuesday! Betty

  2. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    I would love your cooler weather!!!! The heat index here has been between 106 degrees and 109 degrees also very humid!
    I’m in boca raton florida🥵
    Bea knight

  3. Susan D Janka

    I’m very happy for your retirement. Well deserved. But I sure do miss coming to your place. It was my go to place when I was sad, bored etc. Or I just needed a shopping fix. Sometimes I didn’t buy much. I would have gladly paid admission just to come out and relax. Can’t quite describe it but it was peaceful and calming. Some people paid lots of money at spas and all it took for me was a trip to Country threads. I am beyond overjoyed that you are blogging


  4. Diana in Des Moines

    I’m looking forward to the cool temps this week, because rain will accompany them. We need the rain so badly in central Iowa. I’m sure we will have warmer temps after this week, so don’t close up the porch just yet! I’m putting the binding on a new quilt for our bed so I will be ready, but please – not yet!!
    My tomatos are being eaten by the squirrels. Ornery little buggers….

  5. Kathy Niemann

    Good reminder. Headed for the vote quilt now.
    What is the quilt with four patches under the dog hope this isn t one of those questions to drive u crazy.

      1. Rita in Iowa

        Kathy you can find the pattern in the book Skip the Borders by Jaybird Quilts. Called Four Patch Shift. Just happened to look through the book today.

  6. Sandy

    Hi Mary, those tomatoes are spectacular, perfect with some salt and pepper. My brother is coming down from Auckland for the day so looking forward to seeing him. Enjoy your day, best wishes from sandy

  7. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary you’re tomatoes look delicious. Nothing like homegrown.

    I thought I might have the Life in the Country book in “my Country Threads book collection,” so went downstairs to see if I did. Eureka, I found not one but two pristine copies! Will share one with my daughter who also reads your blog.

    Take care and stay well! ❤️🧵❤️

  8. Launa

    I have the book! Used the sun idea across yoke of a vest! Just opened our porch deck door screen. Can’t walk out til tomorrow because newly painted earlier in week! ..miss sitting out there looking @ pond, 🐿 Chipmunks n birds.
    Hope to receive the VOTE pattern soooooon! Plan two pillows.
    Elk bow hunting has started….is 90o out, but frost is predicted for Sunday night and a few showers on Monday. Had a little snow in rain during the week!
    Doesn’t seem like Kentucky Derby Day without the spectators’ wonderful hats!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – your VOTE pattern went out last week, the beginning, but it’s rolling around out there in the system!

  9. Kate

    Seems like you just put out all your flowers and got the porch ready for Summer and here it is, Autumn already. It’s gone incredibly fast, hasn’t it? I prefer a little cooler weather, good for sleeping and not so humid. I can’t stand humidity and I don’t like to sweat! I noticed today I had so much more energy because it’s cooler here in Indiana.

  10. Cheryl

    It’s Iowa dirt! Northwest Arkansas has good soil. And we grew and canned tomatoes. Central Arkansas and basically south of the river is rocks. Boulders and rocks. All I can successfully grow, with compost, is Zinnias, early peas and asparagus. This was the fastest summer on record !

  11. Jan VanDeWalle

    we are having a couple of cooler days here in NW Oregon, but the upper 90’s are coming back in the next week or so but this is Oregon it could change.
    Love the Cocker Spaniel sitting on the shelf under Vote, They are my favorite dogs, Learned to walk hanging onto the back of Bunny my first cocker, Over the years I have had many others Right now I have a Blue Heeler cross who is a couch potato,
    Love the blog and all the pretty quilts you post
    Watching the Kentucky Derby this afternoon. Jan

  12. Meta O’Connell

    How lucky am I Mary, I went on Amazon & found your book. Lucky me!
    We need some of your cool weather in TX, with the heat index it is too hot.

  13. Pat Smith

    Those tomatoes are good. Today we went to a farmers market to buy tomatoes hoping for Iowa ones, but here in NE Ohio they are much more firm. I hope they ripen up and soften for more BLT’s. We also bought corn to try for dinner tonight—we’ll see if it measures up to Iowa corn. I have the out of print quilt book and am glad if it’s out of print. I saw that quilt on the wall in one of your blog pictures and wondered which book it’s in as I’d like to make it. Now I know. We’ve never been able to sit on our screen porch in northern VT during much of Sept. makes me sad to put it all away as it is our favorite thing. Sigh.

  14. Lynn in Scottsdale

    I love pumpkin vines. Thanks for showing us yours.

    110 here today. We are watching movies inside, and I am embroidering.

  15. Nikki M in Tx

    Mail does take longer than we were used to… even Amazon slower. Ordered fleece jacket & pants ( we used to call sweats but obviously that is no longer PC) & was surprised to receive 2 days earlier than they said. Won’t be wearing for couple months but figured if I waited to order would be out of stock, & petite length so hard to find. Garden fresh, vine ripe tomatoes, nothing better! Shot 2 pigs last tired of damage they are doing!! Sunday evening two friends of my son are coming up to pig hunt, son still not able to hunt but don’t mind these guys coming, they all work together & are a good group of men.
    Everyone have a fun, safe holiday.

  16. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Two seeds! That vine is amazing! I like the chair quilt, did you make up your pattern? The colors are so soft and inviting, judging by the occupant!

    I always enjoy your photos and your stories even when I don’t comment for a few weeks. This summer I didn’t do much but spend time making masks, and just when I thought I could not stand to make one more, my son asked me to make 30 masks in three different solid colors, same color inside as outside. So ten ochre, ten sienna and ten cyan masks later, I am very sick of solid fabrics and boring masks! Can you tell my son is an artist, theses colors translate to a honey yellow, a burnt orange and a deep sky blue!?. The color theme for the wedding evidently.

    I was kind of hoping for “plaid”… you know, jeans, flannel shirts and turtlenecks? I have purchased three dresses since 1999! The wedding is at a “lodge” and it’s only four of us parent/oldsters and ten young couples. They are camping on the grounds or staying in the lodge, thus my hope for casual dress. But no, cocktail party dress and a genuine out master bbq chef… guessing s’mores instead of cake?!!
    Sadly, being from New York State and the wedding being in Pennsylvania, I am completely freaked out at the concept of travel, staying in an Air BnB, and being in a place with 20+ other people. My mother lives with us and is 90, so we have done nothing more than drop mail in the outdoor post box at the post office, take few rides to farm stands for yummy tomatoes like yours, and fill our tank of our car once since March. Go nowhere, do nothing, and then put me in a “crowd” of 20+, I’m almost hyperventilating… I’m almost agoraphobic!

  17. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Also, Mary, I think I closed at least a dozen ads today! Even if I don’t respond, I try to do that.
    I guess you can assume, although I didn’t directly state it, the masks are favors for a wedding in September, my baby boy. Still my baby in my heart. Also, a highlight as far as I’m concerned, evidently it’s a Pittsburgh thing, maybe it’s a thing in other places… a cookie table is prepared for post dinner munching. I hear there is no wedding cake, they don’t like cake … so pie! My other son and his bride did the same thing. New traditions!

  18. Donna Ondler

    If I have the book Life In The Country, which i think I do I’m willing to sell it. First I must find it as I’m still unpacking from a recent move.
    If I have it it’s first come first serve. I’d have to mail it I’m sure. Not sure how long before I find it. Mary knows how to reach me.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Ondler – if anybody wants it, I’ll put the two of you in touch. Thanks, Donna!

  19. Charlotte Shira

    Your tomatoes look delicious! Mine never got that big and the plants are starting to die out now. It is 97.7 on my patio here in northern CA. Supposed to be hotter tomorrow and Monday. I’m fine as long as they don’t do rolling blackouts because of the drain on the electricity grid.
    Have a great weekend everyone!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee – I mowed it once but won’t mow again until we’ve had some rain. I’ll take a picture.

  20. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    The first tomato out of my garden was always put between two slices of Oatnut Bread by Brownberry Ovens and coated with Miracle Whip. When tomatoes are plentiful, I have more than one a day. My favorite way to eat tomatoes.

  21. Judith Ann Jaques

    Seems we just put the house plants outside. I too am going to start bringing mine in. I just looked at Iowa weather,for Alden. We are in for 2-3 cool days here in the coming week, but then a week in the 70’s, Tues 8th 49 degrees low. wed 53. From then on it goes up. The 12th -19th all 70’s.
    I will not be heating the greenhouse this winter. Because of green algae all my fish died. I bought a product that said safe for fish and plants. NOPE killed all my 20+ year old goldfish,with in min. of treating the water. Made me so sad. Everything happens for a reason and heating the greenhouse was an expense I can do without.
    I loved bread & butter and a sliced tomato,white bread sandwich. Can not longer eat them— but enjoyed making juice for friends this year. 50 pints canned and 9 quarts frozen. Hope I am not repeating myself LOL. judy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judith – oh no! Your fish! Did you contact the company that made the product you used? You should! 20+ years”?? What a shame – I can’t imagine your loss – I am so sorry?

  22. Kathy in western NY

    I know how you feel about saying goodbye to summer. It makes me sad too. I like the fresh air outdoors and don’t take it for granted at all. But I also tell myself that I like living where we have four seasons as each one makes me feel a Little bit different.
    I smiled seeing the black gingham fabric in your wallhanging. Gingham Fabric is coming back again.

  23. Anonymous

    50’s and 60’s sounds like heaven to me. It was 113 here today in the desert southwest. We are SICK of the heat. By the time this heat wave breaks ( we hope ) we will have 54 days of 110 or above. 33 days was the last record. 19 days is the average. Ugh!! Still….. having grown up in the frozen tundra ( north west Wisconsin ) we will suffer through the heat to enjoy heavenly fall, winter and spring. But we do pay the price!!!

    Bundle up in one or your gorgeous quilts and enjoy your porch!!

    1. Marj in Western Wisconsin

      Wonder if you miss the snow, lol. I couldn’t stand all that heat and humidity, don’t like it over 75 degrees, preference is about 65.

  24. Jo in Wyoming

    That tomato looked heavenly. A little cheese and miracle whip, takes me back to my “growing up” days in Tennessee.
    The golden retriever in the pool, how classic.
    It was 95 today, forecasted to be 17 Tuesday night. That is a swing of temps.
    Great post today, Mary…thanks

  25. Linda baker

    Wonderful post with lots of pictures. But what caught my eye was the white dog/planter sitting on a plant stand to the left of the VOTE quilt. I have that same dog, he was my mom’s, and she had him as long as I can remember. I’m 73, so that dog is an oldie! Love all of your plants, if only I had your green thumb.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda Baker – I love that dog and have collected them in many colors – have given them for gifts with a plant. I know it’s an oldie!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dorothy Blumer – oh, I remember when you lived down the road from me and you brought me those two chicks, one red, one white. I named them Chico and Juanita and they became real pets! They would come when called and sit on my lap outside. Such a wonderful memory!

  26. Susan K in Texas (in Iowa now)

    I just love the picture of the playhouse and the plants around it. It’s such a peaceful picture. We’re visiting Iowa for a quick weekend trip to see the grandbaby. It’s raining at home and up here. Much needed in both places.

  27. Sunflower from Michigan

    Mary, what a beautiful post! The picture with the pumpkin vine is so serene. Regarding the Summer wall hanging, did you design the other 3 seasons in wall hangings also? Just curious as I’m partial to fall quilts and patterns.
    I like the picture of the dog in the pool. My daughters dogs will drink from and walk through their pools but don’t lay down and “swim”, wonder why not?
    I’ve got a free afternoon today and am heading to my sewing room. Happy Labor Day, everyone.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sunflower from Michigan – yes, they’re all in “ Life in the Country”. We also did the four seasons in our first book with Martingale, the quilt shop series.

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