Saw Blade Quilt

Last Friday I went shopping for furniture and on a whim, I bought 2 matching chairs for the porch. I will show them to you soon but in the meantime I hung the red and white saw blade quilt that we are going to make in fall camp. I usually save it for Christmas but I wanted you to see it now so you can consider coming to camp. It is not our original pattern so I am going to contact the designer to get permission to make it in a class situation. The book it was in has been discontinued some time ago.

Today is the 16th which means we have posted another 100 bolts on the sale – please take a moment to look at them. Can you buy current fabric for $7 per yard anywhere else from people as nice as us? Ha!

The parakeets, Sherman and Timmy, say “hello”. I’ve been letting the cats go into the piano room for longer periods of time and honestly, I think they’re getting better – no jumping on the cage, no staring them down and I think the cats have decided the birds are just boring. Could I be so lucky?


5 thoughts on “Saw Blade Quilt

  1. Launa

    Beautiful Saw Blade quilt……red and white quilts are my all time favorites. My husband put plank boards on the kitchen dining area wall and I use small applique pins to hang quilts and seasonal wallhangings there. Staples sound easier so I may give that a try. Thanks for the tip!
    Off to browse the new bolts.

  2. Ann Barlament

    Love the jagged edges of the quilt and when I stare at it long enough it takes on different shapes.

    I wouldn’t trust the cats at all….but then I am 100 percent a dog person!!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      My quilts are hung in a very unconventional way so many of you will not be able to do it — my walls are wood so I staple the quilts to the wall! I am very careful when removing the staples so that I do not tear the binding. And that is the main reason I choose wood walls — I like to hang lots of stuff and the tiny holes that remain look like they’re natural to the wood.

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