Sew Along Triangle Squares Finished

Lots of football on tv meant time to work on my triangle squares which I finished and sewed together in fours.  Tammy, JB’s sister, helped.

Then I measured my blocks which should measure 3-1/2″.  As you can see mine are a bit shy of 3-1/2″.

Measure your triangle square blocks before you cut your spacer blocks and cut accordingly.  I am going to cut mine on the small side of 3-1/2″ so everything will match up better.

Do not cut your spacer blocks – those specified as red check – until you have finished your triangle square blocks and measured them.

I’ll give you a couple more days to finish your triangle squares and then we will start piecing rows.

8 thoughts on “Sew Along Triangle Squares Finished

  1. Jan Kallestad

    Hi… the pattern for sunshine on my shoulder by Cherie Ralston in her book under the stars?I must make that quilt………..thanks a million …Jan from MT

  2. Pamela Williams

    I listened to your Christmas cantata last night while I sewed. It was beautiful and what a nice job you did accompanying. Candle lit services are always so special and meaningful. To God be the glory.

  3. helen freese

    I guess the triangle papers are NOT that accurate after all. I use the 7/8″ method and mine always come out perfect. Go figure?

  4. Diane

    Your blocks are looking good; I love the colors. I haven’t started yet–nasty cold and no thangles, but I’ll start soon:) Thanks for encouraging us!!

  5. Becky R in IL

    I got the half square triangles sewn but need to trim them and then sew them into the blocks.
    Also decided to make my top a little larger and am working with a total of 25 blocks for the half square triangles.

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