Sewing In the Wee Hours

Another night I couldn’t sleep so I got up and sewed on HIPS.  I consider this time all mine!

And VOILA!  I’m done with the top!

Note Heidi curled up on the steps below – they should all still be sleeping but the dogs get up and bark at any unknown noise, running out the dog door barking and waking Rick up, too.  What to do?

Here’s a better picture.  And NOW I can start working on #5.

As I stare at it now I see blocks that should be somewhere else depending on color but I was so sick of putting it together, I just gave up and sewed.  I loved making the little blocks but hated putting it in rows.

And then I will start 100 Wishes.

You will receive this pattern FREE with your purchase of A Country’s Call which will be here very soon.  An autographed copy can be yours for $33.00.  And here’s my first project from the book – one block of the cover quilt.

Each block is 18” x 18”.  The quilt consists of 9 blocks with border but I’m going to make a one block table topper.

Next, forgive me I’m rambling here, I will make this easy project with the gazillion strips I have in many containers.  This is a project for everybody who has leftover strips!

I’m going to make another cup of coffee and organize some strips.  Happy Sunday!

43 thoughts on “Sewing In the Wee Hours

  1. BarBQue

    Love your quilt Mary. I don’t see anything out of place – maybe you are just too picky.
    Can’t wait to see your next project – whatever it is, it will be great.

  2. Paula Philpot

    Try this for sleeping: Lay on your back, breathe in slowly till you can’t take another breath, hold, then very slowly breathe out. Do again about 3 times. This relaxes you and should make you drowsy, it works for me. Try to clear your mind but it is like mine, it never stops. Paula in KY

  3. Nicole H

    I don’t sleep well either. But I I can’t sew as I get everything bassawards! Spend more time ripping out than in productive sewing! Took a nap this afternoon. After fifteen minutes I got up. I was exhausted from making sandwiches for the firefighters!
    Baloney and peanut butter marshmallow fluff! Wonder what I ate before I took the nap!
    Have sent a check for the book and pattern. Want to make the pattern soon! Also have flannels for the Bullseye, so hope to make that a winter project! Hope you get some much needed sleep very soon!

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, just a note. I was looking back at the pictures of the Playhouse Pumpkin to see how they quilted it. FYI it doesn’t look like any of the pictures are on the past postings. Don’t know if that is how it works or if something is still wrong.

  5. Margie

    it must be quilting something….
    please solve the mystery!

  6. Sunflo

    I love your HIPS quilt! Very nice! I worked all day clearing my Vegetable garden and mowing the lawn After I picked up a million black walnuts! I hate that job but I use a tool called the nut wizard and it is much easier. It was a cool fall day here in Michigan. Warm enough as long as I kept working.
    I roasted the last of my tomatoes with onions, peppers, and spices. The house smells great!! Have a great week.

  7. Betty Klosterman

    The paper said Rapid City got 9″ snow. T there could be a lot of variation in the other parts of town. The snow has melted except where we piled it up and God and his sunshine cleared the last of my sidewalks. It is very nice today and no wind.
    Mary, I am very envious of your color sense. Your HIPS colors are great. That is the hardest part for me. In the meantime, I’m sorting thru piles of fabric finding some really nice things that I started and never had time to finish. Several years ago I made a 9-patch quilt with over 200 different blues not repeating a single blue. Since I have so many different blues, I’m now making blue and white quilts!! I love blue. Even tho I’m not doing your dirty dozen, it is about the same except if I don’t like it, it goes to Project Warmth. Why waste time on something you don’t like? Oh, the Playhouse Pumpkin is ready to quilt. Maybe there is hope?

  8. Candy

    We were just on a bus tour and the tour guide (looked to be about 80!) said he was told that if you don’t sleep well you should eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich before you go to bed. He said it actually works for him. Personally, I don’t really want to consume all those extra calories at the end of the day, LOL. However, I’m usually a good sleeper … otherwise I might try that! Can’t wait to see your book cover quilt block.

  9. Linda in So. Cal.

    Love your HIPS. Can’t wait until your new book arrives. Thanks for including the free pattern. It will be perfect for the left over baby themed fabric that I have been collecting. Our guild donates quilts to the local children’s hospital. Do you think the “Tribe” will hold still long enough for you to count beaks? I’m guessing 13-15. The wind has finally settled down & so have the fires. Bad air though. Hopefully you will be able to sleep tonight.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Your HIPS is good looking. But, I love all that you do!
    It’s chilly here and a bit windy..nothing like California, but breezy none the less.
    We got the big chill last week so all the leaves are brown and falling off.
    No need to start cleaning up till they are all gone.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      This is the last comment I can find from you on the blog. I have absolutely no odd comments or replies. Unless you count all the readers that don’t pay attention to what I’ve bothered to write. How can any reader not know by now what HIPS is? The book and that quilt came out last February and I swear I’ve been talking about it ever since!

  11. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I understand sewing in the quiet stillness of the wee hours, it’s wonderful time to claim. Your HIPS quilt top is wonderful. I need to get my check in the mail for an autographed copy, will do that this week– you have made this so tempting by showing all the gorgeous quilts that I can no longer resist! 🙂 Have a pieceful Sunday!

  12. Chris H. in Washington

    Was up at 4am with my husband who had a low blood glucose reading at 27. Yikes! Would have loved to sew but the puppy was demanding my attention and then fell asleep in my arms. I was afraid to move her as I figured she would be wanting to play, run in and out of the dog door, barking the entire time while harassing her two older partners in mischief and mayhem. Yawn~ maybe a nap after church. Closed about 6 ads. Can hardly wait for my new book to arrive! Have a blessed Sunday, Mary.

  13. Tina in Oregon

    Your HIPS quilt is gorgeous! The one 18” block from the cover quilt reminds me of a Parcheesi board game! It’s been in the 20’s and 30’s in eastern Oregon and beautiful sunny but cold days lately. Went to a fall barn sale yesterday over the mountain from me and then hit the local junk shops with friends. Was a fun day! Hope you can get some rest.

  14. Mary Lu

    Inspired by your HIPS. I am working on it also but
    it will be awhile before it’s together.
    It’s a beautiful fall Sunday morning in Salem Oregon.
    The sunrise was spectacular!

  15. Launa

    27 degrees here, Mary! No new snow! Suppose to be sunny for a few days!; am thankful for that! Closed 5 ads, too.
    Many times I sew a large block and make a table topper rather than a big quilt that would become a UFO!
    Thanks for showing the quilts from your new book with Connie. So tempting to go thru strips n be prepared to sew.
    Happy Columbus Day.

  16. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Mary,

    I have trouble sleeping to and have started taking a Benadryl (25 mg) and it has helped me stay asleep. I love your HIPS Quilt just as it is. The block placement is great. Blessed Sunday.

  17. Janice Hebert

    Aw, I can just picture you and your sweet Lab having that conversation Linda! I hope she continues to stay quiet for you. I’m having some nights good and some not so good. My hips have some arthritis in them and I’ve used pillows which provided some help, physical therapy – again some help and now I’m trying cbd oil. Have had a few good nights now and have been on it for about a full week. We will see how it goes. I am going to try it for my little dog too. Been reading good things about it for pets. It is absolutely gorgeous here in MA today. Mild outside, not cold but not too warm – a perfect fall day. Going to visit my sister who is dealing with COPD, we thought we were going to lose her yesterday. Lots of prayers and she is doing better, I can’t help but think that had something to do with it. Have a great day! Jan in MA

  18. Sue Smith

    Your HIPs quilt is going to be a stunner when finished. I would love to get up and sew some nights, but I know it would wake him. My sewing room is too close to the bedroom. So, I lay there and think about my project.
    This morning we are in Redmond. We will be here all week and I brought my tiny machine and some projects. Great quilt stores in this area so shopping here I come.

    1. Diane in Central Ohio

      Are you from Oregon or just visiting? We returned from a great trip there in Sept. I found a neat quilt shop in Redmond about two blocks from the Black Bear restaurant. Good food there, too:) Have fun.

  19. Rhoda Ebersole

    Hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque NM today and we spent the night in Gallup NM on Rte 66. I swear there was a lightning bug on the ceiling and I slept poorly. On our way to Las Vegas today but snow flurries in NE Wisconsin yesterday and friends had a wedding there.
    Sunny here and 46.

    What is HIPS short for?

  20. Linda from Oconomowoc

    Oh how I know what you feel! I cannot sleep either. I have all the pills, tricks and zen….still doesn’t help. I feel like I am a walking zombie. Then, when I really want to take a nap, my Lab decides to bark at nothing. Last week I had to lock her in her kennel. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a long talk with her, her ears are raised, head tilted and staring eyes into mine. Telling her she just has to stop barking unless there is someone down our driveway. Funny thing, she has gone 4 days without barking at nothing. Call me crazy but I think she understood?? We will see how long this lasts?

    1. Jessica in Florida

      I have cats who insist on waking me up 15 to 20 times a night for pets, to go under the blanket, because someone else was annoying them, etc. I had a long talk with the worst offender last week and he has only woken me up once. I swear animals can understand much more than we think. Hoping your Lab continues the no barking etiquette.

    2. Karla T.

      Oh the HIPS is wonderful! I wanna make one! Sewing is a productive (and fun) way to use sleepless time.. I have been up sewing every night this week with my 87 yr. old mother till 2-3 am! We are working on gifts for Christmas. Mom can work circles around me! We’re not sleepless tho, just night owls, hah!

  21. Anonymous

    Mary, Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your Hips quilt turned out wonderful. I love how everyone is giving a weather report in their replies so I will too. Minnesota is about 36 degrees this morning which is better than the last couple days of cold drizzly rain/sleet. Oh well, it’s coming.

  22. Jan from TN

    Sorry yo7 have problems sleeping. I take a prescribed sleeping pill from my dr & it’s great. No hungover feeling in the mornings either.

    We had our first frost over night. It was 33 degrees at 6am. Now, at 8:30am, it’s all the way up to 36 degrees. But it’s bright & sunny today. We went from summer with recording-breaking temps throughout most of September to late fall in about 2 weeks. I’m sure we’ll have an “Indian summer” soon. Still need rain, tho..
    Love your quilts! Closed 4 ads today! Have a good Sunday!

  23. Ellie

    I’m glad you’re able to turn your sleepless time to good use. I’m anxious to get the new book. The quilts are so beautiful!

  24. Diane in Maryland

    Your quilt top is lovely! The blocks all look great where they are placed. You could have been moving blocks around all night playing the “shell game”! Instead it is done and looks beautiful. Guess the dogs think they need to be protecting you since you are up? Lock the doggie door? A special toy? Guess giving them a treat wouldn’t be a good idea! They’d probably wake you for it when you could sleep!

  25. Diane in Central Ohio

    My husband’s knee surgeon told him that when he woke up in the wee hours and couldn’t get back to sleep, it was time to have his knee replaced. Are you there yet. Mary? I love the HIPS quilt and the placement looks great. I can’t wait to start the strip quilt. Some of mine are in my started, but unfinished, rug!! 35 here this AM.

  26. Joyce from NY

    Love your quilt. Frosty here this morning, is supposed to warm up this afternoon. Planning on washing a couple windows & hoping to see. Made applesauce yesterday & had a visit from my grandson, who is home from college this weekend. Brought me a nice warm hooded sweatshirt from St. John Fisher. Be nice to wear while watching my other grandson play soccer. Enjoy your day!!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Oh Joyce your grandson goes to a well respected college in my area here in Rochester NY ! Wear your sweatshirt with pride as it’s a great accomplishment attending that school. Fall is finally showing up for us so you will get lots of use from it. This week I had to put on socks so that tells me I am getting cold now.

  27. Beth

    My “wee” hours are on the other side. I can’t sleep past 4 am no matter how late I go to bed…. must be some “rooster” crowing in my brain as there are none close by in reality. I get more work done between 4 am and 8am than the rest of the day. I love it as it also “my time.” Quiet except for a cat wanting breakfast… LOL I love the idea of the left over strips quilt. I am working towards completion of my 9 patch out of scraps. My try this one next. I have too much stash I MUST use up. Lately I have been also filling up a box of excess fabric to donate to our local Linus Project group.

    This morning I had a surprise visitor run by my window. A young buck,

    1. Jan Frank-de Ois

      I’m also an early a.m. sewer. I always labelled myself a night owl, but in retirement I’ve switched. Either extreme means no outside telephone calls or meetings! Pure sewing!! Bliss.

  28. Pat Smith

    I really like your HIPS quilt. So many little pieces…We are on the way to FL in the Winnie, last night near Binghamton, NY. When we get home I will order the new book which I can’t wait to get. I finally bought the Bernina I’ve been saving a long time for, and can’t wait to try it on a project. It is, of course, a lot more complicated than my older sewing machine. I’m hoping I’m not stymied by this, and learn to operate it properly using all it has to offer. It is beautiful here with fall color and we are enjoying the drive.

    1. Diane in Central Ohio

      Hi Pat, What was your starting point? My husband’s chicken farm (eggs) was near Binghamton. Safe travels.:)

  29. Sur

    HIPS is wonderful. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the whole process at times. Thanks that takes off some pressure.

  30. Kathy in western NY

    Love your quilt….wee hours of sewing proved a good result!
    Busy Sunday to get outside for us after church with lawn mowing and finishing up some hallloween decorations. Mac and cheese and some pork chops will simmer in the oven later this afternoon. Enjoy your day Mary!

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