Should we have a cup of coffee?

I can’t wait to put my porch together but today I’ll sit at the table and chat awhile. I’ve loved hearing what you girls are doing – chores, projects, quilting, plants, gardens, animals and most of all purging and organizing!

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When I move to a room, everybody moves with me! As you can see I had to clear the table so I could type! And there’s a cat in every single chair that you can’t see!

Reed came over yesterday after school and we moved his plants and his chickens to his house. I know those kids are beyond excited to have those chickens in their barn and I would be selfish if I didn’t let him take his hens from the previous two years. They spend the winter in my heated barn. I’ve said this before – I just love to see those happy chickens roaming the acreage – all over the yard, in the grove, by the wood piles, scratching for bugs and now they are living in a pen in the barn. I know they’re just chickens but why should this bother me so much? Think how happy those kids are! I probably should not have even written that but it’s on my mind this beautiful spring morning. Myra was so happy to those chickens! Wonder if she can get 7 on her head and arms? Haha!

Speaking of beautiful mornings – it’s going to get to 80 today and then possibly severe storms and then go back to 20 degrees below normal. Why oh why can’t we get some nice days all strung together? As I sit here writing this there are Orioles in the trees singing away stopping for a bite of grape jelly as they go by.

Recently when Rick was mowing he found quite a number of owl pellets – the regurgitated remains of animals the owl have killed and eaten.

Yesterday on my way to the garden I saw this huge pellet by the road – look how big it is!

Remember when Reed dissected those owl pellets last year and Hazel stood over his shoulder watching? Haha!

Mo is staying with us for the weekend while her dad goes fishing in South Dakota. She is so easy to have here – knowing all the rules when she arrives and she fits right into my day. The first night, last night, she didn’t sleep well so neither did I but tonight she’ll be very tired – I’ll make sure she’s very tired – haha!

My companions this morning.

I didn’t get to sew at all last night – late supper and could not get started! This is what Connie is working on – her Bullseye quilt! I love her fabric choices, don’t you? Yes, mine is finished but not quilted.

Next week I’m going to tell you about a new “game” we’re all going to play. For you longtime Country Threads followers, do you remember Connie’s UFO game? More next week on that subject.

So it’s outside to get to work for me now. I’ll look forward to hearing from you girls tonight when I come in!

89 thoughts on “Should we have a cup of coffee?

  1. Suzanne Beech

    I love your posts. They are always so relaxing!! I have a couple of ufos to finish, but we are going camping this weekend so they will have to wait. Come on Friday 5pm…..camping take me away!!!!

  2. B. J. Berlo

    Love Connie’s Bullseye Quilt! Speaking of (new game to play) my bestie and I just did a small Sudoku Quilt using 2 1/2″ squares. What fun! !! We each chose three Crayolas (blindly) and that gave us the color families to use in our fabric choices. We then added six more fabrics to the mix (anything we wanted) and following a completed Sudoku puzzle sewed all these little squares together! What fun we had. I’m ready to start another one with 4 1/2″ squares.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      BJ Berlo – please send a picture of the Sudoku quilts to my email – I’m curious!

  3. MartyCae

    Chickens make me happy too! I never tire of watching them.
    Having a mess of projects started makes me happy too! I love to cut out and sew 1/2 of the quilt and then on to the next one. My nieces will have a treasure trove some day – ha!
    Happy spring to you, Rick and all your critters.

  4. Teresa

    I am fascinated by the Owl pellets! I didn’t know that was a thing and I apparently missed your posts about them last year.

    Last year, we had toads galore on our farm. I miss having chickens and Guineas. Always relaxing to see them out scratching away eating bugs.

    I agree with everyone that sometimes starting a project is the hardest thing so to push past the procrastination, I gather all the needed supplies, organize into a box or bag ( for cross stitch) and then it’s so much easier to get going. My next project is going to be the nine patch blocks from a charm square. Thanks for the idea and instructions.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Teresa – the owl tears apart the kill and the teeth, bones, and feathers are regurgitated – I should do a little research about owl pellets.

  5. Sharon Lowy

    Love the stories and the animals. I am working on 2 quilts right now..1800 from Pam Buda..I have my 600+ 2 1/2” 9 patches made so I can now cut out the other squares. Since I had so many strips cut already I decided to make “Sew Many Strips” from American Patchwork &Quilting. I don’t know what I was thinking! Both quilts are small pieces, MANY small pieces. Just like the Energizer Rabbit, I keep going and going and sewing and sewing. I like to make one time consuming quilt at a time and then if I want some diversion, I make a mini. Oh well I will get these done. I keep telling myself there is no rush.

    My yard is looking better every day and I have loved the last 3 sunny days. Today is overcast but the temp is pleasant. Rain tomorrow for our road trip to Bishop Hill, Illinois for their quilt show. We adore that little town. Norman Rockwell would have loved it! It is only a. Outlet of hours away from us in Yorkville and we wait for it every year. Wish you were riding along.

    Love hearing about Reed and his chickens. Why doesn’t he let them roam? All I know about chickens is what they look like. There was a beaver in my backyard the other day.

    I am going to sew now..wishing you a wonderful day.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Lofy – I wish I could ride along to the quilt show! I love “interviewing” people and you know I’d like the show!

  6. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Love Connie’s Bullseye quilt, it’s on my to-do list in the near future, after I finish everything else ahead of it! Finally returned from a week’s trip to the Seattle area to spend Mother’s Day with our children and their spouses. Finished planting my veggie garden yesterday, a good thing too, as it started raining in the night. Today will be inside chores and maybe some quilting. Enjoy your coffee on the porch, it looks like fun! We have a lot of owls here but I have never seen an owl pellet, very interesting!

  7. Judy

    Love all your posts – it is just like having a cup of coffee with you and chatting. Maybe you should buy more chicks to replace the ones that Reed took home. Just think of how happy those little ones are to have the chicks home even though they can’t run free. I love seeing all the animals and how much you care for them – they are like family to us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy – Vera and June love those chickens, too, and go out there to see them during the day when the big kids are in school. What a good idea about chicks— I think I’ll call Bomgars right now!

  8. Diane in Wi

    The dogs and cats look so happy and contented. They are lucky to be with you. It is storming here, and rain is predicted for a few days. We also have orioles singing in the rain and coming for oranges and grape jelly. I agree with you about having nice days strung together. The farmers around here are behind schedule. My daughter and son-in-law made me a tall planter box so I don’t have to knee on the ground any more. My son and daughter-in-law gave me the dirt and a gift certificate for plants. I was so surprised. Good day to sew. I have enough projects to fill my day. Stay dry.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane In WI – I’m trying to beat the rain with my outside work today so that when it’s raining for several days, I won’t be so stressed about it. Jeepers- does that mean I can sew?????

  9. Deb Harrison

    Thank you for the reminder to put my toad houses out! I just finished a unicorn fabric sundress, white w/ purple u’s) and a piece of purple I purchased at CT (proof was that it was still in the CTbag) for the collar that ties in the front. Fir my granddaughter turn 4. Also finished my Mah Jongg print tablecloth with wild green Kaffe Fassett fabric for the border. Also working on baby quilt for granddaughter of Canadian camping friends. And yes, we are heading out for 4 days of rainy camping, 2 dance recitals, family pictures and a unicorn birthday party! Next week, the porch plants get potted and the Martha Stewart idea tiered herb garden gets moved to our deck. Still loving reading about everyone’s day and what they are creating!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb Harrison – you are very busy, Deb! But oh what a fun busy! BTW – I cannot always find your Messenger posts because I have two FB accounts, one being Country Threads so if you can, maybe you could send to my email instead? Years ago we had to set up our company name under an individual and now I’d like to delete it but don’t know how. In a way it can be helpful but it’s very confusing for me! And so aggravating!!!! Have a great camping weekend! Where are you going?

  10. Launa

    I have my share of UFO’s in various stages. Planned to sew some bindings on and quilt today as it will be raining, but someone is stopping over so I have to tidy up a bit.

    Mary, I can always pull some fabrics and put in cut down box to audition when Gameboard pattern arrives! My envelope, etc, requesting it went out in today’s mail!

    The Aspen trees around our pond are really leafing out more daily. More Elk are coming at night, but the Mule deer group come early and stay. Seems they are here for breakfast, lunch and dinner lately.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – do you feed the mule deer and elk? What do you feed them?
      I had company last night so that supper was late and I didn’t get one thing worked on. Tonight will be different!! I finally cleaned up my kitchen this morning – don’t you just hate sacrificing sewing time for guests? Hahaha! Just kidding.

      1. Launa

        Mary…our acreage butts up in back to National Forest and Fish n Game advise against feeding any wild animals! Since we are so rocky here there is no lawn, but plenty of Buffalo grass they love….plus we have a couple mineral blocks.

  11. Holly Christian

    I just have to tell you how much I love reading your blog everyday. You inspire me to do more, whether it’s quilting, sorting, organizing, or working outside in my yard. I met you once at Ironwood Springs at a quilt retreat, I remember you had the blue and orange quilt made from men’s shirts, amazing!

    Please keep sharing, you brighten my day!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Holly Christian – I would so love to get back to that retreat in October this year! Maybe I’ll see you there!

  12. Cheryl

    Your column makes me wish I lived in the country again, until pictures of winter. We are watching all our lovely perennials come up here in St Paul. Really excited about yesterday and today weather and wondering if I dare put away winter clothes. I’m just two weeks post knee replacement and am starting to feel like I could sew again…after brain fuzz from pain pills and anesthesia. I visited your lovely shop in Iowa the tear you were recognized as a “top shop” by one of the magazines. I have several of your books and the fabric to go into those projects. Love all the dog/chicken/wildlife stories and your current pace.

  13. Diane, Squeak's mom

    Five ads today. Sometimes I read your blog, then have to go do something and come back to read the comments so I click the ads at least two times in a day:)
    I love seeing all the dogs and kitties right with you. Squeak does that, too. When I move to a room, there she is with me!!
    The owl pellets are very interesting. We love birds, too. The hummers are back. The baby ducks hatched and moved to the pond the next day. They are soooo tiny, but they all made it.
    I just sent you the pics of our Amaryllis plants which are outside all year and we live in Central Ohio.
    I am heading to a retreat today for the weekend and I have my book to work on the flannel Bullseye quilt. Thanks to you, Mary, and Kathy in NY:)
    Thanks for sharing your days with us!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane, Squeak’s mom – good luck on your Bullseye! Just relax and do it and don’t worry about a crooked circle or an uneven seam – with this quilt, it will all be fine!

      1. KAthy in western NY

        And Diane we are very excited you are doing yours knowing the “fear” of not matching every piece and just rolling with it. You will feel such a sense of peace and freedom at your retreat working on it. I still have to sandwich mine and quilt it but I am so looking forward to cuddling up with it next fall and thinking of the joy I had making it. Not that I wish summer away….it’s just making that quilt taught me I must enjoy the journey more. My weekend is prom pictures, dance recital and a masters degree ceremony for another granddaughter so we are using today to mow before rain tonight.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Kathy in Western NY – I am anxious for Diane to experience the joy of the journey, too! Sounds like we’re all “making hay while the sun doth shine”!

    2. Nicole Hanson

      Did you use flannel for your background fabric? I have gathered flannels for the Bullseye’s but was worried that flannel for the background would make it too heavy. Looking forward to what you have chosen. Thanks in advance.

      1. Kathy in NY

        Nicole- I used flannel for my background and my circles too. It doesn’t feel too heavy cause remember you are cutting away the back with the layers. I will use a very lightweight batting but I love love love mine. Some quilts are happy quilts and this is one I adore.

  14. Rhoda Ebersole

    I am on my way to Mason City from NE Wisconsin on our way to Wichita for a grandniece’s high school grad on Sunday. 78 here at Chippewa Falls.
    Was 41 and rainy when we left Lakewood. Trees are further along here too.

  15. Julie D

    Oh, I love how your animals follow you all over. I think they are just as excited as you to be in the porch!! I have to admit I do not know anything about owls so I have never in my life seen an owl pellet. I love Connie’s blocks–so colorful!!
    Enjoy this nice, warm, sunshiny day!!! I wish we could have three or four days of this in a row so farmers (including my husband) could get field work done.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie D – Amen to that thought! All the neighbors are working as fast as they can today before the rain starts. One tractor after another on our road and every time I see one go by I am thankful for my fence keeping everyone safe!

  16. Diane Bauer

    Your critter crew looks so content and they all seem to get along fabulously together! Mine kind of follow me around the house too. When I’m sewing downstairs, I am up and down the stairs regularly to the laundry room to press, and I just can’t seem to get Akira to understand that I will be right back. She doesn’t have to follow me up and down the stairs, which she struggles with, but she does!

    I am happy to say that I completed a large amount of UFOs last year when Justin was deployed, so I don’t have quite so many anymore. However, they do seem to be accumulating again! I experimented with a Friendship Wreath block at one point (something like 85 small pieces in each block)–that’s one that needs completing. Caring Hands is cut and started, but then Harvey came along, so it’s still needing some attention. There’s a baby quilt just picked up from the quilter this morning that now needs its bunting stitched on and then the whole thing bound. There’s a charm pack quilt (lap sized) that is basted and ready to be quilted on my machine. And now there’s Uncle Sam cut and ready to be stitched. And I dropped off State of Being (lap quilt) with my quilter when I picked up the baby quilt this morning, so that will need to be bound when I get it back in a couple of weeks. OK. I guess I do have a lot of UFOs!!!

    Reed and Myra will enjoy the chickens this summer while they are out of school. I totally understand your concerns about them being penned up when they could be out wandering on the farm. You have a huge heart for animals!!! I do too.

    Enjoy your patio! Looks like the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee!

  17. Jane Eilderts

    I love your posts-and thank you for them all! Which reminds me-I need to get my Gameboard order in the mail!! I have been busy working the the yard, planting garden and flowers, etc., so not as much sewing this time of the year. But with rainy days ahead I am sure I will find time to sew. We have to enjoy the outdoors when we can!!

  18. Paula S.

    I love to read your posts Mary. Love to see all the pictures too. I’ve been working on some quilt projects that I’ve been putting off. Finally finished the Tumalo Trail by Bonnie Hunter. Haven’t decided on the borders yet, but I won’t let this top languish! Also finished up a table runner made from orphan 9-patches I had in a baggie. There were no instructions and I have no idea what they were for. It’s all together and quilted now and I have it on a cabinet by my front door.

    Tomorrow I’m watching the granddaughter all day so no sewing will happen. That’s okay!

  19. Chris - northern WI

    I am having a nice 70 degree day with storms later and a cold week ahead. The hummingbirds are finally back. My son and daughter in law have chickens and she was digging in the garden this weekend with her oldest chicken by her side waiting for a worm or a bug to be dug up. She could hardly turn the soil over because Hope was always in the way. She loves her chickens. Have a nice day with your cats and pups.

  20. Maryjane in S. CA

    What sweet little companions you have. Nothing better. Those owl pellets bring back memories. I used to send for them to have my 3rd grade students dissect them. Such a fun project after studying about owls. Then off to a field trip to a small woods and discovered them on the trail. Ah yes, the joy of chickens. I grew up in farm country in Ohio and we always had chickens. Strange but I don’t remember collecting eggs or eating them but I’m sure we did. I live in a small city in Orange Co., CA and was delighted a few years ago when my Vietnamese neighbors decided to have chickens. Our yards are all fenced in . They had a nice pen built in the corner of their yard by my yard. Had about 8 – 10 hens. Loved hearing their clucking. I would go visit when the let them run freely in their yard. Always brought me eggs and I eventually started buying them . What a treat! The neighbor behind them complained to the city about the flies and smell, which there wasn’t any. Everything kept very clean. City said they were too close to houses and said they had to get rid of them. I wrote a letter to the city council but to no avail. They did find homes for them somewhere. So miss hearing them and the eggs. Too bad these “city folks” can’t appreciate these things.

  21. Donna Jean

    Owl pellets are both disgusting and fascinating! I don’t recall the post of Reed dissecting them but it had to have been cool to do. He’s a cool kid!
    Moe is quite handsome. Love his curls.
    And I love Connies bulls eye blocks. That’ll make a great quilt!
    Take care. This has been a crazy Spring. It’ll be hot and sunny 🌞 here in South central Kansas.
    Thank you for your blog. My sis from Indiana and I enjoy it so much.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Jean – Reed loved the owl pellets – I’ll find the picture.

  22. Janine

    Mary, this was such a nice post – I felt like I was sitting on the porch with you having my coffee. Such a relaxing way to start my day. Am working on an older pattern of yours – Mary’s Four-Patch – my patches are red and white. I didn’t want to quit sewing last night and now I’m sleepy. Totally worth it ha ha. Also working on the Charm Pack 9-Patch, using two Primitive Gatherings charm packs of dark fabrics with added random light shirtings. I think it’s looking good. Such a great technique, I love how fast they come together. Enjoy your day!

  23. Lynn Lahr

    There is nothing like the joy of starting a new quilt. That is the same joy when one is finished, and some of the long-term projects I miss when they are done. I keep thinking I need to finish before I start something new, but sometimes that is no fun. The rain will be coming soon, so maybe can get some sewing done. The weeds will still be there when it’s over. I do enjoy you sharing your life with all of us. Looking forward to hearing about the UFO game!

  24. B. J. Berlo

    Mary, send an email to me at so I’ll get your email address and I’ll send photos of the Sudoku quilts to you. And instructions, if you want them. We just used stuff from my scrap container and it was really entertaining. B. J. Berlo

  25. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I remember Connie’s UFO game: what fun!
    I like your owl pellets: I work in a Natural History Museum and one of the activities that we offer for kids is dissecting owl pellets and then using a microscope to identify what they find. Usually we have barn owl pellets, so there are lots of mice bones. Kids love it.

  26. Carol

    Today’s big news… a male indigo bunting was on our finch feeder today! We have lived here 43 years, this is a first! We have oriels coming and going all day long for two weeks, also a first! Feeling blessed! Hoping to be a “bird granny”!

  27. Bobbie

    Mary is there a pattern to buy for the bullseye quilt. I would like to order it. Also could you list all the patterns you have for sale right now.
    Love to visit with you everyday. Your life is so interesting.
    Love the chickens to.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bobbie – Bullseye pattern is $3.00. I just listed the current patterns – you’ll have to go back and read. Very time consuming to do it again.

  28. Caryn Goulden

    Yes Mary, I always have a cup of coffee with you when I read your blog. Always so interesting and relaxing! Love your entourage that follows you. I’m down to one dachshund that always keeps track of me. I’ve been prioritizing UFOs. There are more than I realized!
    So nice to hear about Reed’s chickens. He is a great brother!

  29. Sherry Whalen

    Your days are so interesting – and at the same time just life!! The last 2 days have had good deck weather, finally, but here we go again with the rainy, cool weather.

    We did some work outside – cleaned out the shed, started all of the yard ‘appliances’ like the chainsaw, weed trimmer etc. and have almost finished sorting out the leftovers from our garage sale and got them loaded up for distribution. We planted some garden yesterday, but the soil felt a bit cool for tomatoes and peppers, so I will wait a few days. We have big ‘greenhouse’ covers for our raised beds so I moved the cover to this years’ tomato bed – that will warm the soil and keep the buckets of rain off so I can plant when I want. (And sshhhhh….I cleaned up the snow boots and put them away lol).

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherry Whalen – shhhh – I put mine away, too, hopefully till next winter! My “interesting life” is pretty ordinary really but when I write it down I realize how good it is!

  30. Carolyn Rector

    Have all the pieces cut out for a half triangle square quilt. Starting with 4 inch squares. Just need to start sewing. Had a bad time this winter visiting my husband in the nursing home before he passed away in March. Big adjustment, we were married 25 years. I keep working at 67, so don’t have a lot of extra time, and what I get I spend reading. I’m a librarian who loves quilts.😊 Always loved your books, so happy to read your blog, it’s company in the morning with my coffee.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn Rector – I am so sorry for your loss! Do you have kids? Pets? Are you a librarian in a city library? College? Have you read a really good book lately? I sure would like one!

      1. Carolyn Rector

        Yes, I am blessed with two daughters, and 5 grandchildren. I work now as a library clerk with Dayton Metro Library after fourteen years as an adult librarian. I did lots of readers advisory then. One of my favorite books was The Book Thief my Markus Zusak.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Carolyn Rector – I loved that book! Last night I started Warlight (I think) by the author of the English Patient! Are you familiar with it?

          1. Carolyn Rector

            I am almost done with Save Me the Plums: My Gourmet Memoir by Ruth Reichl. I’ve read most of her books because she lives a very interesting life. I love memoirs.

  31. Carmen

    If there is a comfortable place to lay, you know a cat will find it!! Tomorrow I need to pot some flowers and shorten some curtains. Maybe then I can do some fun sewing!

  32. Candy

    Mary, did you participate in the 2 1/2” square swap that people were doing for Y2K (starting in 1998)? I did … and guess what … I just finished the top ( 2000 squares)! It’s now going to be called Y2K+20! I vowed not to let that fabric age into another decade, so my goal is to have it complete by 2020. It could take until then to make up a back and quilt it. I’ll be happy to call my oldest UFO finished! Do you think I could be avoiding yard work … LOL?!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Candy – no, I did not participate but please send a picture when you’re finished for me to post! I can’t imagine that many little squares! Congrats to you!

  33. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, Love your porch. Today I took a quilting class at our local quilt shop.We did the pattern The Double
    Square Star. It is made from one Layer cake and 3 five inch charm packs. Each block is 13 inches finished. We hear owls all the time but have never found pellets. All the irises are in full bloom and so pretty. Last year we had a late frost and many of the blooms died. We plan on setting our garden plants this weekend. today the temperature was 82 but we have some showers coming in for the next few days. Strawberries are in season here and i intend making some strawberry jam. I am out of barbecue sauce so I will get some of that made up and canned for use during the summer. Love the animal pictures and enjoy your blog each evening. Yesterday i sent off for Uncle Sam and the Gameboard. Like Connie I am going to do mine in Halloween colors. Thanks from Shenandoah Valley VA. Carolyn B

  34. Cheryl in St. Paul

    My seven year old granddaughter is fascinated with dissecting owl pellets!
    I am working on piano music for a Saturday afternoon wedding, almost entirely classical music, which is my favorite.
    This week I finished a Beatitude quilt for a grandson being confirmed on Sunday.
    We made a trip to Home Depot today and I was thrilled to find mandevillas for $5. I love having them on our deck.
    My husband grilled burgers and I made 40 minute buns.
    A good day, indeed!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cheryl In St. Paul – would I recognize any of the classical piano music? I don’t think I could play it anymore – too many years with no practice. But I love it and my piano teacher taught almost exclusively classical music until my mom insisted I learn to play hymns. 64 years later I’m still playing hymns!

      1. Cheryl in St. Paul

        You certainly would, Mary. There are a couple pieces by Handel, Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring and Vivaldi’s Winter. Several arrangements by Gail Smith and also Trumpet Voluntary. It was my dad who coaxed my piano teacher to veer from classical music and teach me to play hymns! Back in the day, way,way back, my piano lessons were an hour long and the cost was $1/lesson! I took for years in Fort Dodge.

  35. Linda

    You have such an interesting life. I love all the animal stories.
    I know you have lots of plants I have none indoors. My house just doesn’t sit the right way. I do or I should say I did have a gorgeous perenial garden for 10 years. Last year I noticed some species moving in. I kept pulling it as I could not find what it was. I mulched with bark after I pulled all these leaves/ plants. It shot right through it. Today I identitfied it. It is called, Bellflower/Zombie weed. Very invasive, eats perenials, it’s roots go down 8″. Nothing kills it. Half my garden is gone to this plant. The stuff I pulled last week is already up again. I know it’s not the end of the world. My husband said to me to get a life. This was a part of my life.
    Stores and nurseries sell this as a perenial. Please don’t plant it. I did, 3 of them 3 years ago and my garden is gone to them.
    Anybody have this happen to them or am I the only one?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – how awful! I would feel as if part of my life had been snatched away from me! Roundup won’t kill it? Would you have to till it all up for a year? What does a nursery say about getting rid of it? I’m going to look it up. Let’s see what others have to say about it. Connie is a Master Gardener – maybe she can help!

      1. Linda

        I did Google it. That is how I identitfied it. No Round up does not kill it as the rizome are so deep. According to Google.
        Yes, they have pretty blue flowers and when they go to seed they are spreading more. I bought them for their pretty blue flower. It says they can lay dormant for a year.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Linda – I read up on your invasive perennial. Greenhouses should not be allowed to sell such a noxious plant! I am truly sorry because I know how I mourn my lawn – a lawn that did not have a weed for many years and is now nothing BUT weeds and bare patches. I’m trying a new lawn service and hoping.

          1. Linda Rouse

            Thanks Mary for taking the time to read up on it. I wish I knew how to alert people about this species of Bellflower.
            I think I will dig up what’s left of the perenials, pot them, til the space, spend days picking out the roots, wait a week, see if I got it all and start over with new perenials. Ugh

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Linda Rouse – from what I’ve read you shouldn’t plant the next week. Should be much longer and some of the personal stories of attempting to get rid of it are disheartening to say the least. I think I’ll open this up for discussion and see if anyone else has experienced the same thing. Do you have anything more to add? Could you take a picture and send to my email? No greenhouse or nursery should be selling this! In fact I might ask about it the next time I’m in a large greenhouse selling perennials.

          3. CountryThreads Post author

            Linda Rouse – I see several different species- which is the zombie species?

          1. CountryThreads Post author

            Linda – no, Linda, you were right. I’m Mary and I write the blog.

    2. Carolyn Rector

      That happened to me with snow on the mountain plant. I finally killed it by covering it over with boards and smothered it after I pulled everything I could see. It would send out runners under the ground.

    3. SusanfromKentucky

      Count me in! I bought one plant at a Home Depot many years ago and put it in my perennial bed. I have battled that stuff ever since. You are SO RIGHT in that they should not be allowed to sell this plant or they need to explain what happens when you plant it. It has taken over a lot of my perennials and is just so disheartening to watch. If you pull on it, the roots just go everywhere under the mulch.

      1. Linda

        Hi Susan, I am sorry I didn’t see your comments earlier. I knew I couldn’t be the only one battling this plant. The only solution I can see is to dig out the perenials that are still there, which is the perimeter of the garden. Zombie hasn’t reached them yet and till the soil and pick out all the roots and replant in fall or use a powerful chemical that I would have to paint on every leaf and maybe it would kill the root system. I hate any chemicals. We grow vegetables and am very careful to keep them organic. I am so sad that 10 years it took to get my flowers the way I wanted them and then destroyed by a plant I bought and planted. Ugh..

  36. Mary Evans

    I have not heard of Bellflower/Zombie Weed. Bellflower I have grown, it’s very pretty and comes in white or blue. It’s a perennial but it doesn’t ‘eat other plants. Hmmm. I will have to look further.
    Mary, I have to laugh, I took piano lessons for 7 or 8 years. My teacher taught only classical, so when I finally got old enough to say ‘I want to play pppular music’, she said, bring the music and play it. I did.

  37. Becky from IA

    Yes I noticed how all the critters were with you…love it. Mine do the same thing even when out in the yard working in the flower beds. Love Connie’s colors….I loved everyone’s choices! Always enjoy the blog!! Happy Spring!!!

  38. Kate Schloemer

    Your always so busy. Always fun to read about what’s going on with farm life.
    I pin basted a baby quilt together and then cleaned my house. Today I may have to free motion quilt or work toward finishing my hand quilting on a quilt.

  39. Gramapama

    Your Battlefield Book arrived yesterday!! I’m drooling over the patterns and lovely photos. I’ve got one quilt in batiks to make before making any from your book (our son’s wedding quilt), then I can make one from Battlefield. In between those I’ll make Uncle Sam. Maybe have it done by the 4th of July. (Tee hee hee!) My longarmer (my oldest daughter) is backed up a bit with my finished quilt tops … Bullseye, Allitare’ Mystery by Bonnie Hunter and other smaller quilts I’ve made. She’s a middle school choir teacher, and will be done for the summer in another 10 days or so. Then full time with her longarm business. She just lives around the corner from me. We share a love of quilting. When my next youngest daughter was in grade school, I chaperoned her school trip to a local school farm that had numerous owls living in their pine woods. That was my first time hearing about owl pellets. She was all hands on looking thru the pellets finding tiny bones and teeth. She now teaches math & science to very curious 3rd & 4th graders. I love your stories Mary. Thanks for the coffee on your beautiful porch this morning!

  40. Sarah

    You asked about our day… Here in Northern California it was cloudy and rainy, received about 1” and more is expected. Unusual weather for us as it is in other parts of our country. My book club ( we read “Where the Crawdads Sing,” which I highly recommend) will be here Monday, so did a little research on the author, and possible questions. Also found info on an upcoming visit by an author to our local library and looked once again at the Little Free Library on the web. You may know and already support one in your area, but if not look it up on the web and prepare to be wowed! These are little free standing “libraries” built in neighborhoods by neighbors. It’s the “bring a book, take a book” program. My neighbor and I are interested in starting one.

    I made cookie dough, took my granddaughter to her piano lesson, mailed some packages and my husband and I attended a meeting to learn more about the economic development on-going and planned in the greater area. Also discussed upcoming elections, which are so important.

    I’ve almost finished the Bullseye quilt in strips and am thinking about the borders. Yes, my day is full but not labor intensive like yours. I love reading your blog; I learn so much. Thank you and take care.

  41. Kate

    I love how all the animals gravitate to wherever you are. They must love you so much and must feel loved by you. We are building a screened in porch and I know our dogs are going to love it especially this Winter when they can be outside, but not in the snow and ice. They check out the building each day to see what has changed in their little world. I have been working on a Christmas Bullseye quilt and loving how it looks. It’s been one of my favorite projects lately.

  42. Linda Rouse

    Mary, it is the creeping bellflower. I Google, bellflower zombie weed. It just came up.
    I did take a picture today. I will try to send it. I am not very good with computer stuff.

  43. Sue H

    Today I walked the dog 2.54 miles and then tied up some loose ends on publicity part of our guild’s upcoming quilt show. Then I accompanied the hubby to buy a new car. Wow! That could have bought A WHOLE LOT OF FABRIC! Hahaha! Worked a little on a counted cross stitch project and am watching the hockey game. I should be sitting behind my sewing machine! Lol!

  44. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…like/like Connie’s colors on the bullseye…so cheerful…does she plan a border? Here’s another plant I don’t care for at ALL…called Mexican Petunia or (ruellia simplex with a purple bloom. It was described as hardy (that means invasive) hardy does not begin to describe this plant that can get 3’ tall and spread from roots and seeds. Yes, it can take the brutal heat. We are still digging up each summer. It dies back in winter and leaves stalks them UP it comes again! I must search for owl pellets as we hear them in the woods. May be hard to find in the grassy areas. I will admit that I (too) have Y2K squares that were exchanged. Usually when such lingers then I wasn’t into it then or now. Some squares even have the date! Enjoy the chicken 🐓, dogs/cats and daily life. What is this about grape jelly? Is this put out for Birds? Our squirrels are so aggressive. The bird feeder has to be squirrel proof. I did follow your suggestion and hung suet. It seemed the birds were chirping “suet” as an alert. I am also taking your advice and sewing a couple blocks as a reminder for later such as the recent tutorial on the 5” blocks. How easy to end up with two blocks and quickly. Mary and proud that you stuck with piano. I took lessons then eventually sports become more important. There is so much joy in music for yourself and others. Thanks for all you and Connie bring to us… until next time in TX

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Helen Jane – I’m so glad you told us about your “hardy” plant – I don’t want to mistakenly buy it and oh what a job it must be to get rid of it! Poor Linda has lost her wonderful perennial garden and we need to warn everybody who reads the blog because I’ll bet we’re all gardeners.
      I went to a very small high school – Rick and I graduated in the largest class in the school’s history and it was 36! In a small school everybody has to do everything because there just aren’t enough kids. My mother was a tough cookie and I was child #1 so that work ethic was ingrained in me. That includes the piano – I had to practice 30 minutes every day after school and when sports entered my life, I didn’t have much free time. As a junior high student I started giving beginner piano lessons which I continued until I graduated from high school. And yes, now I’m glad!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Helen Jane – I forgot to tell you that Baltimore Orioles love grape jelly and oriole feeders consist of a little dish on a hanger to spoon the jelly into. I go through many jars of grape jelly every spring! You might want to google it.

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