Snow Coming

Two – three inches of snow is expected in North Iowa tomorrow – I got the barn closed up just in time although there are still a couple things to finish.

Today was my second cataract surgery.

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The very worst part is not having anything to drink after midnight – nothing! Several of my medications cause dry mouth and I always take a quart of ice water to bed with me and it’s usually gone by morning…..and no, I do not get up to use the bathroom during the night. I was the last patient today and did not get into surgery until almost 1:00. By that time I had a splitting headache! Of course I couldn’t have anything for it because I’d need water to swallow the pills.

I’ll go to bed early and tomorrow will be another day.

Connie just got her Tula Pink Alaskan Cruise quilt back from the quilter – I will take a better picture when Betty isn’t quite so interested because it’s really wonderful!

Did you notice Betty had a corner of the quilt in her mouth? Haha!

I’ve got a great story to tell you tomorrow about our friend Scott Hansen, quilt designer, teacher, fabric designer, dad, husband and good friend and more!

Until tomorrow then.

21 thoughts on “Snow Coming

  1. Betty Klosterman

    Did they do the surgery in Mason City? Now that is over and the healing has begun. Congratulations. The best is yet to come.
    We woke up to a skift of snow this morning and that melted. Now tonight we have some snow sticking to the road and sidewalks blowing across but I don’t think it is to amount to much. It is supposed to be 12 above tomorrow morning. Winter is here, but that is alright. Such is life.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – yes, surgery center in Mason City but I’m changing my medical doctor to Iowa Specialty and will use the Clarion hospital from now on.
      We’re expecting that same snow -maybe a little more. I know it’s time – winter isn’t upsetting to me except for my barn animals.

  2. Jo in Wyo

    We got about 3” of snow yesterday. Good, wet, big flakes. No wind! The moisture is wonderful.
    So glad your surgery went well. I’ve heard colors are most amazing after that.
    From what we could see, Connie’s quilt looks exciting.

  3. Brenda archambault

    So glad you had the second cataract surgery and that’s behind you now. With the weather prediction, you don’t need to be on the road very much, but I assume you will have to go back in the morning for a checkup. Be careful!
    Connie’s quilt looks like I winner, but it might look better without Betty “eating” it. Looking forward to another picture.
    I’m in “finish up” mode with a few quilts and can’t start anything else until I’m caught up. Have a few projects in mind but that’s as far as I dare go.
    Heal quickly and rest a little.

  4. Diane in Central Ohio

    Happy the second cataract surgery is a success. REST up Mary. It’s hard to be so dehydrated. Is Betty “loving” the quilt? Squeak does that with a piece of fleece; she sucks it and then goes to sleep. Take care and watch out for the snow.

    We won’t get any yet, but the Cleveland area will. Ours will be here next week according to the weather people. I love to take long walks outside so those may stop for a while; then it’s the bike at the Y.

  5. Renee

    Connie, your Tula Quilt from the cruise turned out fabulous! Looks like Betty loves it too! That girl has good taste. Ha!

  6. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I’m sorry you were the last patient they saw today…no liquid after midnight is really hard! Usually they will let you have just enough water to get your meds down. Praying this surgery is as successful as the last one was! Stay warm! I’m not quite ready for winter yet, so I’m glad we have had sunny and 50+ weather so far.

  7. Dorothy

    For some reason I don’t put you and Scott Hansen into the same sentence. but I am very glad that you consider him a friend. I have been a “groupie” of his since his very first teaching in Everett WA. As for the snow–I am thrilled that it is in your yard and not mine 🙂

    1. Scott

      Hey Dorothy,
      Yeah Mary and Connie have been my first inspirational duo into quilting! I totally started working with their concepts and then Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran! We have been friends FOREVER!!!

  8. Gail

    Be well. You always seem to find the positive and look forward to tomorrow – one of the many things I like about you.
    Gail in Toronto

  9. Stephanie

    Sure did notice the quilt in her mouth. Looks like she’s really enjoying that corner. Lol

  10. Tanya in Houston

    It’s Quilt Festival time in Houston! I wish all of you could be here to walk the aisles and bask in the colors of fabrics, threads, and yarns. Preview night on Wednesday had the big award winners standing with their quilts and answering questions from the public. Such talented people!

  11. Pat Smith

    So glad it’s over! On to better vision and other things. Doing without a drink for that long would drive me over the edge. I gasped when I saw Betty on the beautiful quilt. Can’t wait to see the quilt minus Betty. Since I love snow, one might wonder why I’m in Florida. It’s the day after day of 30 below 0 that drove me out of Vermont for part of the year. You really can’t do anything in that. The ski area opens in about 10 days on mostly man made snow. I’ll be up over the holidays to enjoy some real snow. Our dog, Sonny, will hate it!

  12. Mary Waller


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Waller – Fly Predators – little bugs that come every month that eat fly larvae. I’ve used them for years and do not have very many flies at all.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Waller – don’t know if my reply posted. Spalding Labs sends me Fly predators every month. I’ve used them for years and don’t have a fly problem. The predators eat the fly larvae.

  13. Ann Barlament

    Now that your cataract surgery is over ~ I was told I could have ice chips or small sips to take meds.

    Love Connie’s bright quilt!! Obviously, Betty approves!!

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