Snow today



We have not had as much snow this year compared to many of you but school was cancelled today because we got about 4-5″ early this morning about the time the school buses went out. It drifted quite a bit by the quilt shop so the shovel and I got reacquainted. The dogs loved it and this afternoon it was so warm, 34 degrees, that I let the chickens out.
I’m looking forward to ice dancing tonight at the Olympics.

8 thoughts on “Snow today

  1. Linda Love

    God has blessed me with a wonderful neighbor who shovels my deck and short sidewalk! Not looking forward to the “up to 6 inches” of snow we’re expecting tonight/tomorrow in Cedar Falls. Going to run a few errands today, then I’ll hibernate the next several days. Stay warm!

  2. Vicky Davis

    We lost our water for two days due to frozen pipes but I’m not complaining because others are still without water. In spite of all this I still think the snow is beautiful. If you live in Iowa you have to love the seasons.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I also love the seasons and think the snow is beautiful, too. I do hate the dirty remnants of winter however and today when temps got in the mid 30’s, dirty snow was everywhere. Sounds like another storm on Thursday.

  3. Anita Fetzer

    I think if I never see another flake of snow it will be too soon..Today we had rain and ice…more snow may come tonite….It’s been a winter to remember.

  4. Ann Barlament

    I was getting excited because it’s going to warm up to the 40’s for the next couple days. Unfortunately, that will be before the next snow fall. Enough already!!

    Wondering if this will be another winter without end?

  5. LMK

    the snow is so pretty, we got 3 inches or so this morning. sure hope we don’t get the rain and snow thursday or if we do it stays warm enough it doesn’t get icy. enjoy these nice days.

  6. Judy Moore

    That is so beautiful! Love to see the dogs romping. 80 degrees today here in the heart of the Texas Hill Country :o)
    Judy Moore

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