Snowy Tuesday

Schools closed again today – only 4″ of snow but wind is predicted by late morning which will mean limited visibility and dangerous roads.


Music went well yesterday – I received this rose from my friend which I will add to two other special dried roses from previous funerals.

I got a package in the mail yesterday from Martingale – a Valentine! How sweet!

Inside was Carrie Nelson’s Pin Pals book, a fabric pack to make a pincushion, glass head pins and a box of tiny hearts – how fun!

We’re waiting for more books to come so we can fill the orders we have waiting. You can still order your copy of Beyond The Battlefield by sending a check for $31 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave.Garner, IA 50438.

If Connie could get here, she’d bring our March project and I’d present it to you. We’ll do the best we can getting it on the blog for you.

Another funeral tomorrow and I need to practice with the soloist – if she can get here.

I saw this bit of advice recently and thought it deserved mention. “Find ways to help others avoid embarrassment.” What great advice!

21 thoughts on “Snowy Tuesday

  1. Sandy

    I work in a school and today we are on a snow day here in eastern Washington too. My doggy door was completely snowed closed so I shoveled it out early this morning. Seems like a bonus sewing/baking day for sure. With so many storms across the country, I hope all can stay safe and warm. So many out there working on our roads and mountain passes, police, fire, and other first responders who deserve our thanks. Keep them in your thoughts.

  2. Sandi

    I love your Valentine package, it looks wonderful!! I also love your bit of advice, we should all follow it. Have a good day. Hugs,

  3. Mary Rhodes

    Oh what lovely surprise mail! The snow look pretty but bad on other side. Here in Ohio , the Ohio river well over the banks , more water to come. Rain lots lots of rain seems none stop! Within month 3 p0lice officers was kill. One of them was sheriff officer and from my high school. So sad. Hope your day is good one! Happy Valentine’s day!

  4. Julie erickson

    Can I still get Frosty and I love you patterns?
    I’ll get my check and SASE in the mail ASAP
    Thank you

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie Erickson – yes, you can still get Frosty and I Love You – until February 14.

  5. Sue in Oregon

    Those flat arms on your outdoor chairs make perfect snow markers. You certainly have had lots of snow and ice this winter. I saw a funny photo on FB yesterday. It was a groundhog wearing a sign saying…I lied!
    But, I felt sorry for him. It has not been 6 weeks yet since his prediction.
    Wasn’t that a nice surprise Valentine from Martingale. Plus, they featured your new book in their weekly blog. Wonderful!
    We continue with cold rain, sometimes with ice in it. There has been a lot of snow in the PNW, but here we have only had a little of the white stuff.

  6. Sherry Whalen

    Good morning! There were only a couple of ads to close this morning, but I bet that after I post there will be a couple more pop up! I will click the all!! This morning we (after Al cleaned our drive way and the neighbor’s – who is having health troubles – drive way) we went for our walk and were talking about how much snow has piled up. It is SO crazy to think that 21 days ago, we had NO snow. We were talking about the weather that we have had in 3 weeks. Many days of snow, several days of very cold weather, wind, a few days of above freezing weather – so much that the snow melt created ice problems for us here in Kasson, and some rain. How can this be only 3 weeks?!? LOL And it is still snowing right now!

  7. Ellie

    Raining here in central Indiana right now but forecast is for falling temps and (our favorite ) freezing rain! All that goodness is to be followed by snow! What a winter! Lovely Valentine from Martingale!

  8. Martha Engstler

    Your pictures are worthy of prizes, they are beautiful. The chairs and rose are both outstanding. Here in south central Penna. it snowed all day yesterday and today it’s misting with light rain. We’ll see what tonight brings. Wishing you and all a happy Valentines day.

  9. Karel Dekkers

    What a nice surprise to receive!! I would like to make the pin cushions too!! So many projects and not enough time!!

  10. Diane in WI

    What a well deserved Valentine gift for you! American Patchwork and Quilting is doing a year long
    pincushion series. Quilts and More magazine for Spring 2019 had a pincushion pattern from Carrie Nelson. I’ll have to make more for my collection. We also had another 5-7 inches of snow; we are having snow showers now. I just put in a beef roast,potatoes, and carrots for supper. Keep warm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane In WI – pincushions are the rage right now. We did a pincushion book years and years ago – clearly we were ahead of the trend – way way too far ahead – haha! It wasn’t all that popular.

  11. Diane in Central Ohio

    The rose was well deserved and beautiful. We had 2 inches of snow yesterday, but when we arrived home from Florida,( it rained all the way home today) the rain had melted it all and washed it down the hill. Squeak was happy to see us after a week and the mail had BEYOND THE BATTLEFIELD and QUILTS FROM AUNT AMY!!! It was nice of you to sign Beyond. I am happy to have Aunt Amy; I think I missed it due to elderly parents back then. We have lots of flooding here in Central Ohio.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in Central Ohio – rain? Oh dear! I will look forward to rain again someday. Poor Squeak had to stay home alone?

  12. Sue H

    That Carrie Nelson is one classy lady! Love the idea of drying & keeping the roses. Love keepsake for treasured memories of friends and loved ones.

  13. Lee

    Mary, I like your quote. My sisters and I are reading At Home in Mitford. I have read all of the Jan Karon books. This one is precious. Father Tim has met Cynthia… he got up the nerve to invite her out…..she found out later that she left a pink curler in the back of her head. He was mortified because he was shy about telling her and she was mortified because it was there….a perfect example of your quote.
    Lots of sweet stories for us to share. We just finished Little Women. We tried to decide who was who from the book. Couldn’t agree.
    Stay warm! Lee

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lee – I don’t like people who just wait to find something to embarrass or humiliate someone else.

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