So Happy to be Back!


Thank you all sooooo much for letting me know you’ve missed me. Retirement is more wonderful than I could have imagined but I do miss interacting with all of you. We can all thank Kyle for figuring out the problem with the subscription service and we can now be in touch again. You know me – posts are pretty short and simple but next week I will start the sequence of photos showing you the transformation of the quilt shop into the sweetest little “lady cave” you’ve ever seen.
Every morning I go to the barn to check on everybody and lately I’ve been able to open the doors and let the goats outside for the day. It was 48 degrees here today but very foggy and drizzly. I found my little sweetie, Susannah, “asleep in the hay”, as the song goes. She was cozy in her bedding and enjoying her heat lamp – I know I baby her but she’s my baby. You understand, right?
Notice the red globe in the picture? Remember my neighbor, Emma? She’s gone now but in the early 80’s she made me this hanging ornament made with solo cups and red ball ornaments. It is my most treasured Christmas decoration and I am so very careful with it so I don’t break any of the red glass balls. It lives in its own special box until Christmas season and then I remember Emma. Oh, how I wish I had been retired when she was alive. We could have had such a fun time together!
I am planning on posting Farm News every Thursday again – if I don’t forget. You know that’s another thing about retirement – what I don’t get done one day can wait till the next. I have been blogging in the past 2 months even if you did not receive it via email. Go back to older posts and get caught up. I am also going to be posting for Connie although she will be posting on Country Threads Facebook page. Oh, I hope we can be smart enough to figure it all out. Again – three cheers for Kyle!!! I’m back!

27 thoughts on “So Happy to be Back!

  1. Phyllis Woll

    I would like to get in touch with you. This past summer I was in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin and saw a Quilt Sign outside their door that I loved. I called today to see where they purchased the sign and she gave me your store name and said you were from Garner, Iowa. I live in LeMars, Iowa and would like to get more information on your quilt signs. Please contact me at the e-mail above. Thank you!

  2. Connie Olson

    Just SO GLAD to hear from you again! I just love all your pictures and comments. Thank you SO MUCH for continuing this, it’s JUST GREAT!!


  3. Winnie Lau

    What a great Christmas gift to us – You’re back!!!!!!!!! I love all the farm stories and I’m glad you’re enjoying retirement!

  4. Colleen Bradley

    Welcome back Mary – have missed you and your photos and happenings. A Lady Cave! can’t wait to see the photos. I need me one of those.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, and look forward to hearing from you in 2015.
    Regards from New Zealand.

  5. Patricia

    so good to see an update. do miss hearing from you and yours. Love seeing the animals. Like the “Lady cave idea,

  6. Diane Deibler

    Missed your blog, too, Mary. I know what you mean about retirement-I have never regretted retiring and keep extremely busy doing things I love!!! The time goes by much too quickly though-not enough hours in the week! Enjoy.

  7. Donna Booth

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to know that “you are back again!!!!” I’ve missed your messages! Merry Christmas to you and all your “family”!!!!!

  8. Judy

    O yes, yes you were missed all this time while emails were not coming through. I was sure you were okay and adjusting to ‘retirement.’ Now I am assured you were okay! I truly missed the connection! It must be said that ENCOURAGEMENT AND INSPIRATION are easily given if someone will take the time to do it. You encourage and inspire me! I am BLESSED!
    May you and your family and all The Country Thread’s “families” have a meaningful and blessed Christmas and holiday season!
    Big Texas Hugs!

  9. Stephanie

    Sew glad to see your posts in my email. Love to hear about whats going on in your neck of the woods. I too have a soft spot for goats. I use to let my baby Nubie come in the house every so often. He loved being with us used to also take him rid a ride in the back of the pickup with my girls. He was half Nubie and Angora looked more like a Nubie. Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year to All!!!!!!

  10. Emily

    So glad to see your posts in my mailbox! Glad to know that you are going to keep letting us know how things are on the farm. Love seeing your little menagerie and hearing about them. Look forward to seeing your “lady cave”.

    Take care,

  11. Karen

    I am so glad to have you back. When you sent the news of your retirement, my heart sank! All I could think of was no more farm news, no more pics …… but you’re back and I am so glad to have you. Kyle is a super hero! Missed you and all your buddies. Happy to hear you are really enjoying the retirement.
    Can’t wait to see the new lady cave.

  12. Launa

    Today is: 12/13/14……. And it is good hearing you are back with Chicken Scratch news and photos since Kyle has the problems solved. Looking forward to all you have to share about the critters, projects and your “lady cave” happenings on Thursday’s.

  13. Diane

    Yea!! You’re back. My favorite spun glass nativity was knocked off by Emily’s “twin” Squeak. I have had it through 8 cats, but she couldn’t leave it alone! She’s a pistol, but we love her!! I’m anxious to hear all about the animals, lady cave, and everything:).

  14. Jeanice Domino

    Susannah looks so comfy. I am so happy to be getting your posts again. I visited your shop and your farm twice and now that you have closed, I am glad that I bought a Country Threads t-shirt.

  15. MaryLou Smeltzer

    I love the ornament and seeing Emma. Such a wonderful thing to have you back. MaryLou

  16. Gloria

    Hooray! So glad to share more of your life doings. Been missing news from Iowa. Wish you the very very best in retirement.

  17. Gwen Herbert

    Im glad to be hearing from you again! I never made it to your shop but always enjoyed getting your e mails! Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  18. Sally Dunn

    SO glad your back! Missed you guys and life on the farm. Reminds me of my childhood– my grandfather was a gentleman farmer and we used to go and visit him in the summer and stay for a week at a time– -a very cherished memory! Love the red ornament and the memories it holds! That’s what Christmas is about. I gave a really tacky plastic canvas ornament my aunt made that I put on the tree every year (she is gone now ) and it brings back all the Christmas Eve memories of the family get togethers. Have a wonderful holiday!

  19. GDecker

    So glad to get news from you again, I didn’t know how much I was going to miss hearing about your activities, animals and weather in Iowa. Glad you are enjoying retirement! Merry Christmas!

  20. Jan

    Glad to see your email posts again! Missed hearing all your news & completely forgot about checking your blog since I was so used to getting them as weekly emails—lol!! I’ll have to remember to check the blog when I get an email tho cuz my emails from you do NOT include the pix–boo hoo!! Glad to hear you’re enjoying retirement!! It is wonderful for sure!!

  21. Mary

    I am thrilled and so happy to have you back, reporting on the goats and life on the farm. So glad retirement is treating you well. Stay healthy and enjoy, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  22. Connie

    Yayyyy for Kyle!!! Glad you’re back too – have missed the ‘Country Life and all your animals’! I LOVE your red ball from Emma. What a nice memory to have and to share.

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