So Much To Say, 6-22-24

With all the national coverage of the flooding in Northwest Iowa, we can all agree that it’s shocking. Here are some pictures with info under each one.

This is the Forest City Golf Club – closed due to flooding. Becky lives on a high bluff that looks down on this. Here’s. Few closeups that I took this afternoon.
Taken thru the windshield

As I drove us up there I couldn’t stop and take the pictures but this is what it pretty much looks like and this river that’s out of its banks will just keep flooding south of here.

This is Rock Valley, a small town on Highway 18, the same highway I live on, about 120 miles west of here. People had to be evacuated by helicopter.


Connie lives in Northwest Iowa on West Okoboji. Their house sits high on the bank but this is the scene just next to her. The steep bank collapsed.

In 1993 Iowa had floods, too, and Connie’s bank looked just like this. It has since had extensive repair and structure improvements which made it livable again. These people can’t get down to the water to their boats – docks and hoists have washed away and there is a no wake law on the water now.


Back in 1993 Mom was living in her cottage not too far from Connie and I’ll never forget going over to try to help her. I had several t-shirts from that summer and they’re all in my tshirt quilt. Here they are:

Here is Connie’s dock – whew!!

The water is getting perilously close to the level of the dock

More updates – Rick is doing well but tired and has some restrictions for awhile as you might expect. My Sweet Greta has behaved herself – I can’t believe it was a week ago now. Remember all those triangle squares? That’s what I’m working on now – while I watch basketball. Fever plays Chicago Sky tomorrow at 3.

Coming up – a 100th birthday for the mom of one of our readers, several patriotic patterns to buy now and make before next year, some show and tell and let’s talk about books!

Believe it or not, I’m sitting in the porch and it just started to rain!!! I gotta get my chickens inside!!

32 thoughts on “So Much To Say, 6-22-24

  1. Jeanie S, Central IL

    The flood pictures are unreal; I just can’t imagine having to deal with it and feeling helpless not being able to stop it. I have second cousins in the Primghar, Paullina and Sutherland area. One cousin sent flood pictures yesterday. They are safe, but the area is difficult to navigate with all the road closures.
    I hope Rick continues to rest and improve. Thanks, Mary 🤣

  2. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    Glad to hear Rick is recovering. So sad to hear about the flooding. Pray for people’s safety. Things can be replaced. Wouldn’t think a bank like that at Connie’s could collape. Oh my! Our heat wave broke this morning with the rain.
    Take care.

  3. Fran

    Prayers for those having to deal with this mess. God is in charge.

    Its been several days since we have had rain in SW Iowa. I have friends in Okoboji and surrounding area.

    I am leaving on retreat tomorrow for a week. Very busy yesterday and today. I need to cut some setting triangles for a project but otherwise my projects and sewing is set to go.

    Fran in SW Iowa

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fran – I can’t imagine how much sewing you get done! I’m pretty jealous!

  4. Sue in Marion, Indiana

    I saw this on the news last night! I’ve been watching the weather in Minnesota as we’re helping our daughter and SIL move to Duluth tomorrow. They’ve had storms and flas flood warnings this past week but looks like next week will be better. I feel for the people in flooded areas- water is as bad as fire for destruction. I hope the area doesn’t get any more rain!

    PS-nothing about the Fever in today’s Indy Star—whole section was pretty much about the Pacers. So happy the Fever won yesterday! Things are coming together for them!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – don’t forget today’s game against Chicago – I hope they pour it on big time! Show those snotty Chicago girls!!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – forgot to say – Duluth is such a wonderful area – I’d love to live there

  5. Susan K in Texas

    May Iowa get some relief from the rain! The flooding is just terrible to think of. When your home and fields are under so much water it’s hard to fathom how you’ll get back to normal.
    Our rains have now dried up and the heat has set in. The mosquitoes are terrible. Even walking across the grass gets them all riled up and biting.
    We are home from Iowa but headed back up on Wednesday. The house is starting to move fast. Kitchen cabinets are in and the house is mostly painted. Next up countertops, floors, and electrical fixtures. The windows are all original and aren’t in good shape so we’re considering new ones of those. Once it’s finished it will basically be a new house.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan k – I am very familiar with major remodeling and I know how much of a mess it creates as well as disruption but won’t it be nice to come to from TX – a nice clean new house with grandkids rights across the street!! Sounds just about perfect

      1. Susan K in Texas

        I look so forward to a finished home to stay in while visiting. I’m thinking and planning all of the fun we will have with the grandkids!
        Having gone through a few remodels I know that the mess and disruption fades away once it’s finished.
        I’ve been following the blog but haven’t responded. Little Greta up the tree would have been so upsetting and stressful to me if it happened to one of my own. And Rick undergoing the cardiac ablation. So glad he’s recovering. The older we get the more doctor visits we seem to have.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Susan – a week ago we were so worried about Greta – just a week ago! And then the storm was coming – maybe that would have gotten her down. We’ll never know. Buying furniture and arranging your new house will be so much fun!!

  6. Carolyn in NE Illinois

    Love the Sandbagger Tour shirt! Someone has a creative mind. Hate so much destruction – water damage is so pervasive. Glad you seem to be ‘weathering’ the storms. Stay safe

  7. Rita in Iowa

    The flooding is terrible. My husband took a look at all the rain closers across western Iowa, how will people get around with no roads to travel. The farmers once again having crops destroyed by the rain and flooding. We’re just not catching a break.
    Went to a celebration of life yesterday for my niece who lost her husband after a short illness.
    Hope to work outside today as I need to keep my mind busy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – I am hoping to mow today but it’s so wet!! Game at 3

  8. Donna Jo

    The pictures are just devastating; all the people losing their homes and the farmers their livelihoods. Glad Rick is doing better.

  9. Vicki Ibarra

    I read and look at the pictures and find it hard to believe Iowa has been hit with floods again. I remember 1993 when the state of Iowa was called the new Great Lake as the flooding was so wide spread throughout the entire state. Then, the interstate between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids was closed because of flooding.

    I can’t imagine trying to dry out and save whatever is possible after this. Our neighbor drove back from northwest Iowa Friday night. His daughter called him yesterday to say if he hadn’t left Friday, he wouldn’t have been able to get out of their town. She has water in her basement.

    To everyone in the area – please stay safe.

  10. Janet S

    That all looks terrible. Minnesota has problems but not at all like Iowa. My son drives semi and delivers into NW Iowa. It’s been so bad he says there are times he can’t see the road because of the heavy rains. This is one time we are lucky we don’t live near lakes and rivers. The poor farmers!

  11. Linda in Estherville IA

    It rained and rained and rained and rained without ceasing! Hard rain…thankfully the tree stayed standing. The night before we lost a big elm down by the street next to the Des Moines River. Some weatherman promised no rain for 24 hours. When the river goes up to 16.3 our electric power is to be turned off. Hmmm just checked it is now 16.52 ft. I better go to bed and get some sleep while I can. I hate the thought of waking up with my C-PAP mask on and no air. We didn’t realize it was so high already, otherwise we would have went to the motor home to sleep. Good night it is midnight.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – oh my! This is so hard to wrap my head around! I feel for all of you

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    OMG, those floods are just devastating. We had a flood in 1984or 1985. It was horrible. A bunch of us unaffected took off work to help those in trouble. I’ll never forget the devastation to their homes and belongings. After all they went through, the insurance companies didn’t want to pay. They had to get the governor to force the insurance companies to service their customers.
    Take care and stay dry.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – I remember something like that from 93 – insurance companies didn’t want to pay because the homeowners weren’t in a flood plain or hadn’t added flood coverage to their policies. They had no reason to think they’d ever need flood insurance.

  13. Sara in Indiana

    All those houses under water—heartbreaking. Glad Connie and Becky are okay. Hope Rick improves daily. Your rainbow is beautiful!

  14. NJ

    Our grandson’s in-laws have water 2’ deep in their newly renovated basement and still rising. So sad, very sad. I want to take food to them but access to town is cut off for now.

  15. Gail in Ohio

    SO sorry for all the loss and mess!!! Glad you are okay and that Rick is doing well…

  16. Sheila in WI

    Love your postscript. (I couldn’t find the place to comment).
    God’s gentle reminder that He is with us throughout the storms.

  17. Sunflower 🌻 from michigan

    Oh, the flood photos are terrible! Hoping everyone is safe.
    I hope Rick is resting. Take care!

  18. Martha W in WY

    The flooding is so devastating to so many people. I’m glad Greta is behaving and it sounds like Rick is also. HAHA!! I’m glad he’s feeling better. Surgery at a “mature” age takes a lot out of one’s sails.

  19. Carmen M.

    Glad to hear Rick is doing well and Greta is behaving! Very said to see all that destruction from the floods, I sure hope Connie and Becky stay safe! Please keep us posted!

  20. Charlotte in No. California

    Wow! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Floods do so much damage. On one of our cross-country trips we drove west through Iowa and the Missouri River had flooded. It was so sad to see all the farmland under water. In a few areas the water was close to the road but all the roads were open.
    Glad Rick is doing well.

  21. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Oh my gosh that is a lot of water. I hope everyone is ok. That is a very steep bank at Connie’s.
    I noticed Ottumwa on the Sandbagger shirt. Is that where Radar O’Reilly in MASH was from? I loved that show! It is so hot and dry here. Over 92 all week up
    to 95 and 96 some days. The weatherman said cold front next week— 89*. I need my Western NY weather! We need wind and rain. Good to hear Rick is home and can rest up there. I hope it stops raining there!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – YES! Radar was from Ottumwa, Iowa which is in the southeastern part of the state. The 1993 flood was more widespread than this year – so far.

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