Spring Gameboard

Some of you told me these pictures didn’t post so I’m going to try again. If you DID see these pictures, just ignore me this morning.

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Spring Gameboard, approx. 24″ x 40″

Spring Gameboard pattern is $5.00. Please include an address label and send cash or check to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438.

I’m going to our book club Novel Idea this morning. I hope there’s a great book that appeals to me. Talk to you all later!

11 thoughts on “Spring Gameboard

  1. Peggy Sanford

    Sometimes when I clck on the “subject” i get the message “cannot open in Safari.” But then when I click on the words “reply/comments” everything comes up!! Might help some. . . Maybe??

  2. Diane Dodd

    So glad you reposted this because I couldn’t see this information on yesterday’s post.

  3. Diane in Central Ohio

    Got them both days and still love the quilt. The colors are so bright and cheery. Almost 60 here today:)
    I got an ad for Fisher Investments today, but that’s the only one. Sometimes I get clothes and other neat quilting things. I always click on them and check them out except for today’s. The guy in the ad looks like that Weiner guy in NY who went to prison for sexting!!

  4. Mary Goke

    I really enjoy your blogs. I grew up on a farm near Algona so it always seems like home even tho I am now in TN. Always enjoy hearing about your adventures with Reed. His quilt is amazing! What a neat friendship you two have.
    Two authors I really enjoy are Jennifer Chiaverini (The Quilter’s Apprentice) and Sandra Dallas (The Persian Pickle Club). Both write about quilters.

  5. Diane in WI

    I received your pictures . I’m sending a check for Little Harvey and Spring Gameboard. I have been clicking on ads when I see them. Thanks.

  6. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, I’m going thru stuff….. I think this was a kit with complimentary pattern dated 1997 called Boxed Star. It has a picture of the quilt on the fence and is the same fabric in the picture I had…. Except for a few border changes it is the same pattern as “It Looks almost Like a Game Board” which you are now calling Spring Gameboard! In 1998, I sewed the whole thing together by hand! Mercy. Talk about memories.
    In the mean time, it started snowing about 12:00 noon today and now it is a full blown blizzard with 50-60 mph winds, horizontal snow and very low visibility. Hope you guys don’t get it. The ranchers have moved the cattle close in as they are calving. They just can’t get it done without a good blizzard. Guess it builds character? Maybe ends at noon tomorrow?

  7. Janelle L Bucher

    Mary, I don’t have any address labels with me (we are snow birds in Mesa AZ right now). Will the pattern fit in a regulation sized self-addressed enveloped?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janelle Boucher – just address the business size envelope and include it or we can do it. Address labels and pre-addressed envelopes just save us time. Not required.

  8. Sandra Corrigan

    I really enjoyed this pattern. I bought it several years ago in your shop I have it on my list to do.So many wonderful designs to make, and so little time

  9. Gail in Toronto

    I have a similar observation to Peggy Sanford: If I click on “continue reading”, I get a message that it won’t open in Safari. If I click on “read more of this post”, all is good. Ads: some of the ads are specific to my area! Reed: amazing. I understand why you enjoy spending time with him. And finally, something you said last week has stayed with me: The day might not be long enough. That happens to me frequently. I enjoy your posts always!

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