Spring Tuesday!

Just a quick update – the rain stopped and it’s going to be 60 degrees today!  We better not get too comfortable however because a blizzard is forecast for Friday – ha!

Just had to post this baby quilt by Selma who went on the cruise with Connie.  It’s the small version of Quest For Freedom – don’t you just love it?  Thanks for sending this, Selma!

A reader asked about Colton – he loves the barn but he came in last night. He’s always welcome.

Here’s his favorite place to sleep – it’s a shelf in front of the window in my sewing room and the parakeets are below him.

Here’s a better picture.

Hope joined us yesterday – this is her favorite chair.

I finished this baby quilt last night and will try to get it on the quilting machine today.

Lots of cleaning I COULD do today – I might do some of it.  I don’t think the dogs are going to start wiping their feet.

27 thoughts on “Spring Tuesday!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – the parakeets are Sherman and Timmy named for the fellow who raised them from birth and his son. They were FREE! Ha! But I ended up spending $150 for cage, etc so really they weren’t free. I like to hear them in the background.

  1. Paula (Texas)

    Use to have a white albino parakeet named Boo. He loved flitting in and out of the cockatiel cage. Gosh! That was over 40 years ago!

  2. Pamela Williams

    How do you manage cats and birds in the same house? Did you do anything special to introduce them to one another?

  3. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…really, really like both baby quilts. I had forgot about the birds. You do have a “menagerie.” Just curious if you have seen a Tibetan Mastiff dog. We recently saw one in FL. The dog was beautiful. We had not seen one before. Seemed docile. Also I like the wildflower blocks you and Connie are sewing along on. I’m tempted to try. Will need the book tho. Also happy to see Ben and Claire doing well. Cute kids! Like the Christmas picture of the baby. Looks like a doll from another era. Sunshine in Texas at least today…

  4. Diane

    The birds’ singing must be like a lullaby to Colton–glad to see him.:) Your color choices and Selma’s are great. 64 here today in Central Ohio. I hope you don’t get a blizzard.

  5. Kathy

    Loved seeing Colton and know he is safe coming inside and grateful to be taken care of by you. Can’t believe he likes sleeping so near the birds and doesn’t bother them. Thanks for sharing the update on all your love and care of animals. And those two quilts are darling!! I have been thinking of a pink and gray quilt ….you are always inspiring.

  6. julie stancato

    And by the way, you don’t have to post my last comment or this one. I’m not trying to promote my website, I just wanted to let you know that your posts really mean a lot to me and I enjoy them so much. Please don’t stop posting, it means so much to us. My mom died late summer and between that and my husbands Parkinsons I’ve been sad. Seeing all your projects and the antics of the animals makes me smile! Have a wonderful day and thanks again for sharing your days with me! Julie

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie – I just signed up for your newsletter – I think. Are you in Wisconsin?

  7. julie stancato

    I sure do love reading your posts. I love seeing the animals and quilts and farm. I’m kind of sad because my husband told me he doesn’t want to have chickens anymore, and I was just going to order a dozen or so. His parkinsons is progressing and he feels like he needs to simplify. Sigh.
    When I open your newsletter it feels like I am getting a letter from a relative downhome, which is my favorite place in the world. I hope my website will be as warm and welcoming as yours someday. I feel like I know you and am a lot like you, (homebody) and could just stop by and share a cup of coffee with you. Great job. You are so inspirational for me. Thank you. Julie aka fannie jane

  8. Carolyn

    Both those are my style baby quilts. My longarmer told me she never takes requests, just makes what she likes! Think I will go with that plan from now on! Thanks so much for sharing your animals, I love seeing them. One of my great aunts kept parakeets and your picture reminded me of her.

  9. Angie Rowland

    Glad you are realistic about the dogs wiping their feet, gosh it is hard to get humans to do it.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      My friend’s dog was trained to stop just inside the door and wait until his feet were cleaned. Then he got a treat. BUT she had just one dog…..
      Our mud has dried up, and now we are having 50 mph winds and fires. With the wind the fire can really take off, but the fire fighters are on it quick. Today they had to evacuate 30 homes, but they are all back home tonight with no damage to homes or out buildings. We are supposed to get some snow on Thursday. How much depends on the jet stream. We need it. We’ve been having 70 degree days. That’s Rapid City and the banana belt.

  10. Lisa Zook

    Are the Quest for Freedom small cutting instructions still available? I would like to purchase them. I do own your book Civil War Remembered.

      1. Donna

        How do we order the baby quilt pattern for quest for freedom? Can we order online or just by snail mail? Also is Civil War remembered still available?

  11. Donna

    Mary thanks for updating me on Colton. I love your quilt and Selma’s too. I like the fabric choices you both chose. Here’s something you can use : I saw once or twice on Facebook “I think I should clean (fridge, floors, etc) but I think I’ll go sew until that thought passes”. 😊😊☺️
    Enjoy your week Mary with all the furry and feathered ones.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna – that’s just what I’m going to do – sew until the thought passes! Ha!

  12. Janice McCall

    Hi Mary, I really enjoy your blog. I’m also a quilter, lover of animals and peaceful living. Thank you for sharing! Janice

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