Still Shoveling

Rick is back on the road and as  you can see, he did the lion’s share of the snow removal.  Today I am trying to clean up the sidewalks, the gates, the animal pens and the driveway just to make life easier.  We had only 10″ of snow and when I think of the East Coast getting 2-3′ a couple weeks ago, it’s hard for me to imagine that much snow!  I am thankful I did not have to get this cleared for customers!

When the wind blows from this direction, the northeast, there’s nothing to stop all that snow from landing in our yard.

The cats are bored.  JB is sleeping in my closet and Colton is yawning between naps.  Telly and Faye are bored, too, because I’m going to sew in the shop the rest of the afternoon.  Ah, February. 


14 thoughts on “Still Shoveling

  1. MartyCae

    February is good for …. sewing, snuggling with cats and dogs and reading blogs about sewing and snuggling with dogs and cats! Thanks for the snowy update – I love it!

  2. Ginny

    My cats and dogs are bored too. Wiz is still sleeping in my Christmas cactus. It’s a nice sunny spot. Most of our snow has melted so the dogs drag in mud.

  3. Jeanine

    The sky is beautiful in your pictures. We didn’t get much snow in Oskaloosa. Not much sun here today, but the chickens are happy to be outside today. I kept them in the last two days because of the cold and wind. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your pictures of the animals and quilts. I’m working on another scrappy vortex, my second one. I love making scrappy quilts, but the scraps never go away!!

  4. Angie Rowland

    Being in MD, we had a years + worth over the weekend a couple of weeks ago and they closed schools for the whole week. Last year we got about 4 inches all winter, we are definitely spoiled. You animals look like a warm spot and a good nap, makes my day as well.
    I always feel like reading your blog is like sitting across the table from you with a nice cup of tea.
    Hope you are feeling better each day.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – scrap vortex quilts are the brain child of Crazy Mom Quilts and she has a tutorial online that’s easy to follow.

  5. LeAnn Keenan

    Thanks so much for continuing your blog even after you closed the shop. I love hearing about your projects, and, especially, your pets and boarders. I had to laugh at your yawning cat picture because that is very much the case around here — many bored kitties!

  6. Launa

    My paternal Norwegian grandma was quite a photographer with her flat old Kodak camera…even developed the pictures herself and wrote with the stylus “ditching out” on one of the aged pictures of my dad and his father. They had a large farm in the very NW corner of North Dakota and in that specific picture the snow on each side of the path to the house is taller than my 6’2″ dad and the house is not visible. Of course no snow blowers in those days. I inherited the old Kodak and many of her old pictures.

  7. Carolyn Boutilier

    love the pictures of the snow and furry friends. Your JB looks like our Chloe. Our 2 feet plus of snow is gone here in Shenandoah Valley Virginia.

  8. Betty Klosterman

    We didn’t get a lot of snow this time. When it snows, we just start shoveling and keep at it. When we get tired, cold and/or hungry, we go inside for awhile and then back to shoveling. Sometimes it gets pretty deep, especially the drifts. With our location right up against the Black Hills, the storm will miss us or REALLY hit us. Whatever it is, we just deal with it. My favorite part is when the snow is all new and sparkling with no footprints. Then in the morning I try to identify the visitors to the bird feeders by their footprints. Luckily we are used to snow and have the equipment to handle it. We even have some rotary plows which are fun to watch. Happy Winter everybody.
    Love hearing what is going on at Country Threads, the life of the dogs and cats and everything from all of the readers and their lives.

  9. Elizabeth

    Loved your pics of the snow — and of the furry friends too! I enjoy reading your blog
    SO much! Thank you for writing it.

  10. Diane Bauer

    Oh!! I love seeing the barn with the bluebird skies!! Glad you’ve had some sunny days to recover from the storms!

    I am snuggling with the pups tonight. I sure did miss them while I was in NM. They each enjoyed a peanut butter filled Kong while I unpacked. Now to get to the photos of the trip!!

    Stay warm and keep sewing!!

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