Summer has arrived – it’s almost hot!  We wait and wait for the temps to warm up and then we turn the AC on.  It’s not on at our house yet – I’m going to enjoy this weather.

Yesterday was the bridal shower for Danny and Virginia.  Remember I made them a large wedding quilt so here’s what I did with the leftover pieces – just a small matching throw or tablecloth.

In the past I have collected some old dishes made by the Homer Laughlin company in the pattern called Virginia Rose – yes, that’s right!  After they get married her name will be Virginia Rose!  So when they began to get “serious”, I started searching for more pieces and here’s what I came up with from thrift stores and flea markets.

It’s been fun to have something specific to look for.  Here are Danny and Virginia before the shower.  Tom and Danny left for the golf course before the guests began to arrive.

Here’s Becky and Virginia.

We are so happy that they’re getting married in a few weeks.

Cat update – Mama is adjusting and is maybe a bit calmer since being spayed.   Buddy, on the other hand, ran off as soon as we got home – ha!  He came back last night so maybe he’s forgiven me?  The kittens come running when they hear my voice because it means they’re getting fed! With. Virginia’s  help, we looked carefully at the kittens – the black one is a boy and the other 4 are girls.  The four baby chicks are going outside a little further each day with their mom and the older single chick is now roosting up high with Mom.

Hazel is more than I can handle at times – I’m hoping she’ll calm down as she gets older.  Neither Jane or Faye were this bossy!

I’ve got a busy week coming up so you might not hear from me for several days.  All is well or as well as it can be with this many problem animals.

24 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Ann Barlament

    Love the left-over quilt, to brighten a table top or warm a lap. How fun to have dishes with the bride’s name! I love the largest, fat bowl and envisioning fresh fruit on a hot summer day!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – I’ve been thinking of you often these days and hope you’re getting better! The big bowl was one of the very first bowls I purchased when I started collecting bowls – I love it and hope Virginia will, too!

  2. Cindie

    Hazel is saying a picture of me will say a thousand words. They will all think I am an angel!! 🐾

  3. Paula

    I love Connie’s quilt and thinking about making one since I have alot of gray fabric. I absolutely love the dish idea that is something I would do and is such a special gift for them. I just think it is wonderful and so is their quilt. Paula in KY

  4. Pat Pratt

    Question: Will Hazel remain all white or will she eventually get some spots on her coat? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat – I thought I replied but I don’t see it. She has only one brown spot on her ear. The rest of her spots are actually on her skin so she will always be white.

  5. Ann Roth

    I have several pieces of Va. Rose also!! I love this sweet pattern. My grandmother left them to me.

  6. Becky from IA

    Oh Mary, I guess I can live with out your blogs for awhile….hahaha. They make my day so thanks for taking time out of your busy day to make my day more enjoyable!!! What a lovely dish pattern…now you have a mission…..hahaha. Glad all the critters are doing better and maybe Mama will learn to love you. Hazel….slow down….she’s a Terrier….you silly lady….ya slow down in about 2 yrs…..

  7. Maryjane in CA

    So what is she? I thought Hazel looked more like a Jack Russell terrier. I have a Westie and I can see some similarities too. Whatever, she’s the cutest. I love terriers – such rascals. Guess I missed when you told where you got her.

  8. Kathy Hanson

    Mary, your blogs just make my day! I am so glad that mama cat is a bit better – she may even like you soon. Sounds like you are finding homes for the kittens – that is so good. Hazel is so cute – I have never had a puppy, I’m a cat person, but from what I hear they do calm down some as they grow up, I hope that Hazel will do that too, she is so very cute. What an extraordinary gift for the bride to be and how very special. Not only are the dishes pretty but to have the bride’s name is so special. Your quilt is beautiful too. She is one lucky bride! Try not to work too hard this week, take a little time to smell the roses!

  9. Pat Smith

    Every single picture of Hazel makes her look absolutely angelic! Could she really be a terror? Yes, I think the pictures are misleading. I thought I’d go over the edge almost every day of our golden’s first 2 years. Then, he became the most wonderful dog there ever was doing everything he was told. I’m hoping the same will be true for Hazel.

  10. Vickie Lemonds

    Sweet Hazel is a terrier or “terror”. She can’t help it! I think she has a lot of Westie in her and Westies need a job! Puppy class will help but it can be very trying. You’ve already fallen in love and just remember that it’s the nature of terriers to be full of vim and vinegar. Hazel makes me smile!

  11. Carolyn Ostercamp

    Was pleased to see the Virginia Rose dishes! Had no idea how old they were but my Mom had a platter that has been used since I was a small child and I now have it. Mom never mentioned if it was a single piece or if she had a set but our meat was always served on it through the years. She has been gone since 1993 but seeing these dishes “made my day”!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn – I’m so glad you enjoyed the dishes! Even if she doesn’t like pink flowers, the idea that your name is on old dishes fascinates me!

  12. Ginny Jackson

    I feel the same way about my 4 month old puppy Scamp that you do about Hazel sometimes. I tell myself, he will get his adult teeth and won’t be chewing on everything and won’t be a puppy forever.

  13. Patty McDonald

    The Virginia Rose dishes is a clever and thoughtful idea! The pattern is very pretty.
    Keep in mind Hazel is just a spunky kid and some are more determined than others. Our Coon Hound has a mind of her own. My husband trained her but she is stubborn. She is almost 3 and we notice a little calming in her attitude. Sometimes she actually thinks we are the boss.
    Springtime is beautiful on the farm but can be overwhelming with all the mowing and weed whacking. You probably need to slow down so you can appreciate all your accomplishments……..or maybe you need a stiff drink on the porch!
    Have a calming week.
    Patty Mc

  14. Sue

    Oh, my…..look at the adorable face. She is thinking about what trouble she could get into now. lol
    You have a wonderful way with animals, so I am sure she will calm down sooner than later. She will grow into the rhythm of the days on your farm and be a wonderful little companion, as I know she is already.
    PS….I love the Virginia Rose dishes. Special because they are going to Virginia Rose.

  15. Kathy

    What wonderful gifts you gave the new bride to be. Love the quilt and the dishes are beautiful.
    Leave it to you to think of something so very clever to collect for them. What an honor for her to receive such treasures. And those happy pets of yours! Always delightful to hear how you just keep plugging alone with them in your care. We will miss you so ” unbusy” yourself soon cause we all go
    Into withdrawal not hearing how you all are there. And send some warmth to NY when you can!

  16. Diane

    I do love the little quilt and the dishes. Both so pretty!! On the label for some of my quilts, I put “Inspected by Squeak” like they used to on clothing in the “old days”. She is OFTEN the inspector. It looks like little Hazel is, too. She is so darn cute. Our daughter used to say to her baby daughter (now 15 1/2), “If you weren’t so cute, I’d put you on Ebay!!” That’s kind of like Hazel:) It looks like a lovely shower. Your pictures and blog are wonderful:)

  17. Janice McCall

    Love your blog … the photos are always great. Virginia Rose is beautiful pattern and what a beautiful name for a beautiful young lady.

  18. Angie Rowland

    Things I have learned from MY cat. You cannot reason with her, She stares at me until I do the right thing. Remember, Dogs have Masters, Cats have slaves AND t hey hold grudges a LONG time. BUT I rescued my 10 year old and she is a good listener and knows when I need a snuggle. I was told she was a Maine Coon and looks just like one with the M on her forehead BUT she only weighs 7 pounds. My vet said IF she is she was either the runt of the litter or a mix and took after that side. She also needs to gain a pound or two. I know how you get them to lose weight but how do you get them to gain. Has LOTS of hair but very boney underneath. VET has NEVER told me to get my cat to gain weight and when I brought this up. She agreed but says Molly is underweight and so we are trying to feed her wet food twice a day and dry food out all the time. They will run tests when she is due for her yearly in August. Sorry to vent.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie – you may vent any time. Has she been tested for feline leukemia? I hope that’s not the case, however.

  19. mary margaret

    Oh my! Fox terriers get little less bossy when older! I grew up with Fox terrier,smooth hair! Sandy had lots of energy even age 13! Hope momma cat gets to like you more.

  20. Carolyn W.

    You may have to explain to Hazel what I told Paddington and my little hard headed Chihuahua ….”Remember I have thumbs therefore, I make the rules.” Paddington handled that fairly well. Yoda was hard headed and I would have to repeat it. He would go get in his chair and pout. He didn’t always like “Mom’s rules” or Mom’s schedule.

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