Sunday Night, 2-18-24

Thanks to the 121 of you who wished Tim a Happy Birthday. I, too, am anxious to see those green fields again.

Here’s a late Valentines Day treat from Kim A:

I introduced you to Akira, Diane’s golden a few weeks ago – Sweet Akira passed away yesterday in Diane’s arms at the age of 14-1/2.

My deep sympathy, Diane.

Reader photos:

Donna Sproston sent me this picture and I love her quilt – I didn’t realize it came from one of our books until she told me – haha! The joke’s on me. And she used her fabric on hand – better yet. And to top it off – today is Donna’s 80th birthday! Happy Birthday, Donna! If we had known sooner we could have sent you a card!!

Also from Diane – anybody else recognize them?

Yes, these squares are 2-1/2” and the snowballs are cut 6-1/2”.

And as I was rereading old posts I saw the one about Caitlin. The picture didn’t even post!!! So here it is – taken before she broke the record but is still the nice girl from Iowa who plays great basketball.

The new slogan –


I’m trying to decide which one I want.

What does your week look like? I have a dental appt, Telly has a grooming appt, I need to pick up chicken feed, choir practice and a Walmart run. I also have more photos to post from Twyla – you’ll love them!

99 thoughts on “Sunday Night, 2-18-24

  1. Tanya T. in Houston

    No offense to any Sheryls out there, but that shirt is terrific! And, of course, someone will ask: Which book of yours has that wonderful quilt like Donna S. made? Hope Farmer Tim is full of birthday cake and basking in all the good wishes tonight!

  2. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Dear Diane, my deepest sympathy to you for your loss of Akira.
    Great quilts again today, Mary. And I love the collection of bride’s baskets!

  3. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thank you again for sharing Mary. I love those pink dishes, the only ones I have seen were at estate sales.
    Diane I am sorry for your loss of Akira. I know the feeling.Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

    1. Carla

      Farmer Tim and his Lady sure make a nice pair! I hope his birthday was blessed with goodness. I splurge and get the Benartex fabric samples. It gives me something to look forward to in the mail lol. I’m pretty sure I have a couple pins. One of these days I’ll use all the random charm squares to make an easy quilt. I’ve used some of them that have come already, but I have more than I’ve used. It’s been sad to read of lost pet friends. Truly the worst thing about having animals. My condolences. I’ve seen that some readers have pets with arthritis. My cat of unknown age has arthritis and the vet prescribed Gabapentin which made my mom laugh cause that’s her med too. It does help considerably.

  4. Alice in SW Ohio

    Happy Birthday, farmer Tim from SW Ohio! Diane, so very sorry for your loss of Akira. My Chloe looked just like Akira & lived to be 14 1/2 also. She was a cross between a Cocker & a Golden. She loved her tennis balls & it wasn’t unusual to find them in my purse where she stuffed them! Very sweet dogs!!

    1. Diane in Colorado

      Funny! Yes, they are such loving dogs! Akira loved to chase a tennis ball and would always greet me with a stuffie in her mouth. I miss her so much!

    2. Jo in Wyoming

      My Loretta is half golden and half cocker. A rescue from Colorado.

      Diane, I’m sure you will always cherish the memories with your golden.

  5. Donna Sproston

    Sympathy to Diane on the loss of her wonderful dog.

    The Country Threads, quilt is called The Oaks from one of their more recent Civil War books. The original pattern has 36 blocks but I added so it would fit a double bed. I used low volume sashing and border so I can understand why Mary did not recognize it as a CT pattern. I am trying to sew my stash. Ha!

    Octogenarian is my new title!

  6. Diane in Colorado

    Love Kim’s Valentine display!! I just ran across a few vintage Valentines that I had sent to my grandparents when I was young (saved by Grandma and then by my Mom! )

    My project at the moment is to recreate my 1st Golden’s scrapbook. Akira chewed it up about a month ago. She was not one to chew so that behavior was pretty curious. I suspect it may have been related to whatever was going on with the seizures as she chewed up several things in the last few months. Some of the photos were salvageable, but some were not. Thankfully, I’ve been able to dig up extra copies of most of them. When I get Mariah’s book done, I will start on a similar book for Akira. I expect I will be able to finish it tomorrow. Tuesday I head to the Springs for a week with my Grands while their parents travel to Australia. Laurel has swim lessons Tuesday evening, which will be fun! Jenica is coming on Thursday and we are planning to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Skyler will enjoy time with their two Goldens!

    1. Martha W in WY

      Diane, sorry about Akira. I hope you’ll relive some fond memories as you put together the scrapbooks.
      It sounds like you’ll have a fun week with the grands. Are their folks gone for only a week? If so, that’s a short time to acclimate because of jetlag.

  7. San

    Diane, I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so hard to lose a furry baby.

    Yes Mary, I still own two of those fabrics. The woven rug and Hudson Bay, only mine is in blue . . . somewhere.

    It was so great of everyone to wish Farmer Tim a Happy Birthday. I’d like to add mine to the list.

    San / Murphy, NC / 27 degrees at 11:00 p.m. tonight

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    I spent many hours at the courthouse getting titles changed. I think I have most everything in that department settled. I’m going to Laramie on Tuesday, after the meetings, I’ll stop at Sugar Mouse Bakery and pick up cupcakes for my new neighbors, the fellow across the street that cleared the snow, and another neighbor who passed the word about old autos I had for sale. Word of mouth advertising, no odd lookie-loos to deal with. All great neighbors.

    Karen McTavish says…do the hard thing first. I shall work on my taxes more this week.

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        Okedokey,I’m will.
        I read you have a recipe for stuffed pepper soup. I just made mine up. Post yours, plz.
        I love Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, so I make up a recipe for that too…it’s good in these cold days.

  9. patti

    mary, thanks for the pictures of the valentine’s/baskets. i’ve never seen them before. diane, i’m so sorry about akira. i know you’re hurting. i’m still hurting over my smokey who has been gone for over 25 years. donna, thanks for the name of the quilt pattern and a hint to the book. i’ll find it because i have those books. happy birthday to you also.
    i wanted to tell all of you about the reference to caitlin at the nba all-stars game tonight. yesterday there was a 3 point shot contest between stef curry and sabrina of the wnba. they suggested a repeat next year and including caitlin. that would be cool. so the powers that be have been watching her.
    i have managed to get a quilt on the longarm upstairs. remember i am compromised on time issues due to health. i spent two days with it and was having problems with the machine (dh watched and the plug was working loose). after the basic tension issues, i’m hoping to be able to finish it this week. not my best work but then again it’s been at least 7 years since i’ve run that machine. i was overjoyed that it still works. only electronics is stitch regulator which i never use because it can’t keep up with me. so hoping to finish one of my own quilts in the near future. happy quilting to all, patti in florida

  10. Rosie Westerhold

    So sorry for the loss of your beautiful Akira. We mourn for our fur kids just as much, if not more, than for human members of our family. It’s wonderful that you are making scrapbooks of your dogs.

    My 12-year-old Chow is having arthritis issues. She couldn’t stand up on Thursday evening because her back legs just gave out on her☹️☹️. I was able to get into the vet on Friday, and she’s on 2 different meds to help with pain and inflammation. She seems a little bit better today. I have steps EVERYWHERE which is a problem for her right now. She is not happy that she can’t climb the stairs to come upstairs at night. No way can I lift up a 70-lb dog, unfortunately. She’s been standing at the bottom of the stairs crying and barking because she wants up, but just can’t manage the stairs. Breaks my heart.

    Think I still have some of your fabric SOMEWHERE in my stash, Mary. Plus a quilt or 2 from books that need to be finished. Hmmm. Think that at least one of those quilts will be my next project. Finished machine-quilting a quilt which was to be a friend’s Christmas gift. Delivered it Thursday and loaded up a donation quilt today and already have it partially quilted. I have REALLY been slacking with my donation quilts. I LOVE piecing, and I do love machine-quilting. Having some shoulder issues so it’s hard to load everything on the longarm frame. Seems like it takes twice as long as it should because of my shoulder pain. UGH.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosie – could you get her up the stairs with the help of a sling? It would just be an assist and together the two of you could probably do it. Makes me feel so bad for her crying at the bottom of the stairs.

      1. Rosie Westerhold

        I did try using a towel as a sling, but that was a no-go for her☹️. She fell going up the wooden stairs to my late husband’s office about 3 years ago, and I KNOW she remembers that. She hasn’t gone up there since then, and has been circling the 2 steps into the front of the house, the 2 steps up to the dining room where I was feeding her, and also circling the 2 steps from the walkway to the deck in back. She has had to “think” about going up those steps for several years now. She seems a little bit better today. Friday she could hardly hold herself up to go potty. I’ve been giving her a little bit of doggie CBD oil at night just to relax her, and that has really helped. She’s still not happy about not being able to come upstairs. I have a very nice orthopedic dog bed. Do you think she would use it? NOPE. She wants to stay on the floor. I have a combination of carpet and wood throughout the house. The wood floors are really tough for her to navigate right now. She doesn’t HAVE to navigate the wood floors to go outside, but she chooses to take the long way round to the front door to go outside, through the den and the wood floors. Silly dog🙄🙄. I discovered today that she wasn’t actually SWALLOWING her pills all the time like I thought she was. Little stinker. I made sure they were REALLY down her throat tonight, followed by treats to reward her for being such a good dog and taking her medicine. I keep telling her they’re “treats” but she’s not buying it. She’s pretty darn smart. I know her hips/back legs are going, but I want to keep her comfortable as long as she’s still enjoying life. So far, she is🙌🙌. She’s LOVING all the extra attention from me. Not so much from the vet, though🤗🤗.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Rosie – aging dogs who are large and can’t be carried are hard to deal with. I have used the sling successfully but getting a dog up from a hard surface floor it a real challenge. Telly is getting there and although I have large area rugs, she tends to lay on the bare floor.

  11. Cindy K-Ks

    I’m wondering also which book has Donnas quilt in it. I like it-a lot! Like the Sheryl t-shirt but have to say-the photo of Caitlyn with Women’s Basketball is Awesome photo would make a great t-shirt. So sorry to Diane for her loss. It’s very hard to say goodbye to a special pet.

  12. Bonnie McKee

    Donna, I’m so very sorry to hear your sweet Akira has passed away. I’m glad you could be there at the end. I’m certain it gives our pets great comfort to have their humans with them as they cross the Rainbow Bridge. ❤️

    1. Diane in Colorado

      Thank you. Yes, I do think she appreciated my presence. I really couldn’t do it any other way.

  13. Sandy

    Hi Mary, so sorry about the golden, they are truly our angels, and such good company! The 9 patch quilt is beautiful. Nice to see a photo of Caitlin, how tall is she? Had a lovely day with my sister, catching up on family news. Mary, we will be on our cruise in june, southern hemisphere winter, chilly in Sydney, Melbourne and adelaide, but warmer in western Australia and darwin(hotter than our summer ). Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – Caitlin is 6’. I can see why you’re looking forward to your cruise!

  14. Jill Klop

    It’s 2am as I type this. I have a 16 year old Westie mix who is anxious at night. We’ve been to the vet, currently taking Trazodone, but no luck. It’s going to be a long week here if I can’t get any sleep! He’s finally laying on my lap. We’re on the couch so my husband can sleep. Please say a prayer for Mulligan and me!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – please send me a picture of Mulligan. Sounds like he’s nearing end of life and I know what that feels like because Telly is, too. She has a grooming appt tomorrow that we cancelled last summer because we actually thought she would die then and we didn’t want to put her thru it. Telly will be 13 this spring.

    2. Diane In Colorado

      Prayers for all of you! Akira wasn’t sleeping well the last week and yes, that’s hard on everyone. I pray your vet will be able to help you!

  15. Charlotte in No. California

    Great pictures today. Diane, so sorry for the loss of your Akira. I still miss my Kami and she’s been gone for 16 years. She knew when I’d be home from work waiting at the kitchen door.
    I like the GOAT t-shirt. I heard Steph and Sabrina talking about Caitlin joining them next year for the 3 point shot contest.
    Have a great week everyone! We are getting lots of rain.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – sounds like they know she’s going pro next year – I did watch the highlights of the contest – how can they make all those looong shots???

    2. Diane In Colorado

      Thank you! Yes, I still mourn for my previous Golden, Mariah. They live forever in our hearts!

  16. Barbara Yarnell

    Wow, a Valentine’s treat for sure! Lovely photos from Kim, those pink dishes are beautiful. Happy Birthday Donna! I love your quilt. And I love the rug from Chris too.
    Great pics today.

  17. Linda in MI

    Diane, I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my golden Elliott one month before his 15th birthday last May and it was truly one of the most difficult losses I have suffered. Goldens are so loyal and totally loving. Elliott was my very best friend and I am thankful everyday that he let me love him for so long, I’m sure you feel the same.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – is this when you got Nelson? Or do I have the wrong “Linda in MI”? You two have to change something in your sign in so I know who I’m talking to. Both Lindas in Michigan – did you see this request?

    2. Diane in Colorado

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved Elliott. Goldens really are the best in my book!!

  18. Kathy in western NY

    This sure isn’t a blog about nothing. So much to see and think about this morning. Poor Diane losing her sweet dog. My heart is sad and it seems most of us feel the grief of losing our pets is terribly hard. I thought Loretta was a beagle, Jo, for some reason so would love to see a picture if you can send one to Mary’s email. A very Happy Birthday to Donna and we love your nine patch and to Kim for those valentine pictures, I love to decorate with hearts but you have some beauties around.
    We had a party here yesterday for 15 people even through the nascar race was postponed till today due to the rains in Florida. Too many had to go to work even if it’s a federal holiday so food leftover even though I make our kids take most of it to help their week out. I’m looking forward to just making your sausage soup to add to burgers and hots and hoping to have a fun adventure today I can tell you about later.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I wish I knew about NASCAR – you know how I love sport competition. I don’t know the names of the drivers and I honestly don’t understand the skill required. Has it ever been postponed before? Your whole family must be NASCAR fans. The next soup recipe in my book is stuffed pepper soup – ever made it?

      1. Kathy in NY

        Yup the whole family loves the races. Started by going to a race in South Carolina when we were on vacation to Myrtle Beach back in the 90’s. Been hooked ever since watching racers come and go. My husband and most all go to Watkins Glen for four days camping and being up close in the stands to all the fanfare. I’m one of those happy to be home watching it all on tv and not in the noise. Basketball is probably easier for me to understand than the skill needed to drive a car that fast and with all those passing by on either side going 100 mph.
        Sent you a recipe I use for soup.

  19. Francine in Dubuque,Iowa

    Happy belated birthday Donna. Your quilt is gorgeous, beautiful coloring throughout. My sympathy to Diane on the loss of life of her beautiful beloved Akria. It’s a tough life to lose anytime. Mary I love the Caitlain goat shirt the best. Spending time with my granddaughters at the end of the week and help them work on 4H projects in the sewing room. Patience needed by all of us. Have a great week. Great weather here in Iowa.

    1. Martha W in WY

      Francine, I wish you lots of patience while in the sewing room. I went through it with my own daughters. They didn’t really sew too much in their teens and twenties. But now, in their thirties they are doing quilting. My son, in his thirties even bought a used sewing machine and putts around with various projects

  20. Sandra Goddard

    Diane my deepest sympathy on the loss of your beloved dog Akira. Always so hard.
    Donna Happy Birthday to you.

  21. Angie from Baltimore

    I say these days”If I didn’t have a doctor appointment I would never go out”. Someone said these aren’t the golden years they are the rusting years and I believe that. So I take my creaky bones and my walker and plod along because I am fortunate to be able to creak along. I keep a positive attitude be it is infuriating to some that don’t.
    Enjoy the day. You are blessed and we are as well having you in our lives.

  22. Connie Lutz

    I have one of the long john cloisonné pins. I got it at quilt market when the “Wear Warm Clothes “ fabric line was introduced. I think I finally used up the last few pieces I had left. If you look closely at my scrap quilts, you will likely see 2 1/2” squares with mittens, hats and mugs of hot cocoa. I love the whimsy these prints provide

  23. Linda in Michigan

    Aren’t those vintage Valentine cards beautiful? And that little girl! I don’t know what she’s doing, but she’s adorable.
    My sympathy goes to Diane, for the loss of her fur baby.
    Donna’s quilt is wonderful, a good choice of colors.
    Here’s my week-lunch out today (late Valentine present from my hubby), pick up cat food at the vet, book club. Exciting, huh?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – the little girl is making that cat pillow she’s holding. Your week sounds about as exciting as mine – ha!

  24. Sue Bowles

    Happy birthday wishes to Donna and I also love your quilt. I will have to look in my books for that pattern. Mary, since you have goats, I would think the goat t-shirt would be perfect for you. And sincere condolences to Diane. Losing a beloved pet is so very hard. I had several dogs in my life time, but the last one especially was so dear to me and we lost her way too soon to cancer when she was only eight. Daisy was a pound puppy and the best dog ever. We don’t have pets anymore, but we have grand dogs which we watch periodically.
    My son-in-law gives the best Christmas presents. This year he gave me a bird feeder with a camera on it that records the birds that come to it. It even has a solar panel on the top. Such fun! Two years ago he gave me a camera for the backyard that we set up to record any wildlife that goes through the yard at night. It can record during the day also but we only have it record at night.

  25. Meredith in Cincinnati

    What a great post, Mary! Love the GOAT t shirt, because she is the greatest of all time. Beautiful quilt, Donna, and great decorating ideas. Love the black and red quilt,too. We’re all thinking of you, Diane.

  26. Diana in Des Moines

    So sad to hear of Diane’s beloved dog’s passing. Never an easy thing to experience. Still grieving the loss of my Poppy in August.
    Busy week around here. Mom’s in home nurse visit, my haircut, hand Dr and another dr appointment in preparation for my cataract surgery next week. Whew!
    Made 25 receiving blankets yesterday while watching old movies. I will not make any more for now. They will be going to Africa in May – think I’ve done my part.
    Today is my granddaughter Leah’s 3rd birthday. Unfortunately – she is home with mom with the stomach flu. We will celebrate tomorrow. My grandson is here with no pre-school today so off to the library we will head. So many adventures await us there!
    Have a lovely pre-spring day full of sunshine!

    1. Diane in Colorado

      Thank you! So sorry for the loss of your Poppy! They sure wiggle their way into our hearts, don’t they?

  27. Sandy in Indiana


    Lovely post today….the pink glass dishes are so beautiful….thank you for sharing.

    Diane, so very sorry for your loss of Akira…….so hard to lose our fur babies….sending hugs!

    Take care,

  28. Sheryl K Harrison

    I cringe when I see the “don’t be a sheryl” shirts. I spend my life being kind. A supporter. A helper. A friend. I always try to do the right thing. I have 2 wonderful nieces who say I was their role model. I would never make snarky comments on social media. My Facebook is full of family, quilts, flowers, pets and NO negativity. I had to google to see what that shirt was about. UGH! I wish her name was spelled Cheryl. She gave the rest of us Sheryls black eyes. UGH! UGH! UGH!

    This sounds like bragging but it’s ok to be a Sheryl.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sheryl – yes, it is good to be a Sheryl – just not in the basketball world right now. Anybody following Caitlin will understand that slogan and I never once gave a thought to it applying to other Sheryl’s. I’m so sorry – please don’t take it personally because it doesnt apply for anyone else – only Sheryl Swopes who made such snarky comments. Please make your day better and accept my apology, Sheryl.

      1. Sheryl Harrison

        Mary, no apology needed. I don’t take that shirt personally but when I see it, I give it a good eye roll! LOL!

        I just don’t understand why people think they can publicly insult and judge. My brother and I were just having that conversation yesterday. I guess people hiding behind their computers feel like it’s ok to make snarky comments. I love Facebook but social media has hurt people’s social skills.

        You don’t have to watch many interviews to see Caitlin takes the high road. What a great role model and what a great team!!!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Sheryl – we have discussed the very same thing! The anonymity of the internet makes people brave – too brave because many say things they themselves might never have said in person! The conversations on Facebook are sometimes so far from acceptable I’m surprised FB doesn’t delete them. But of course the mighty dollar has a part to play here , too. I wonder if Sheryl Swopes is regretting her words now. Some other college players should take a lesson from Caitlin and also take the high road. Thanks for the conversation.

  29. Donna Sproston

    The Oaks quilt pattern is from the CT book Civil War Remembered, published by Martingale in 2015.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  30. Fran

    I pick the goat-tee! But why not buy all of them? ha

    Loved the eye candy today. And every day.

    Laundry today and sewing room time. I would like to finish the quilting on the baby quilt. That’s my plan for my day.

  31. Erin

    Donna’s quilt is stunning! Nine patch quilts are among my favorites, and she did a beautiful job with those little squares! Happy birthday to an excellent quilter!

  32. Tanya T. in Houston

    Thanks to Donna S for the Civil War Remembered title! I am off the bookshelf right now! Great quilt!

  33. Jan in AZ

    Diane, so sorry for your loss. Akira provided you with so many rich experiences big and small, and unconditional love. What a blessing carried on in precious memories.
    Rosie, your Chow has brought back memories of my family dog as a child – part Chow and part German Shepherd. He appointed himself my guard dog as he arrived in the family 2 years before I did. The roles reversed some when we were both older. I’d be sitting on the floor and he would walk over to me, step through my splayed legs, and place his head on my shoulder and lean on me. He got the hug he wanted, but I always helped him rebalance before releasing him. He was 15 when he died and couldn’t have been a better companion. I hope the meds help your Chow.
    Kim, those pink dishes are beautiful. My grandparents received one just like them for their 50th anniversary in 1949, but theirs was green.
    This week? I’ll be watching the NCIS episode to remember Dr. Donald Mallard, “Ducky”, Monday night. (Enjoy the show and loved his character.) Lunch gatherings this week: Wednesday with a longtime friend and on Friday with teacher friends from the first district where I taught. “Harvey” is the main quilt project this week!
    Jan E.

    1. Rosie Westerhold

      Jan, to be owned by a Chow is so wonderful. Have had Chows since the early ‘80s. At one time we had FOUR😳😳!! We were guilty of being backyard breeders for a couple of years because we loved the breed so much. I can’t even imagine a Chow-Shepherd mix. Bet he was a beauty, though. The last 3 Chows we had were rescues. We got this girl when she was about 9 months old, and I know part of her history. We weren’t even able to pet her for nearly 2 years!! She wanted to be near us, but she was SO afraid. She would move from the room she was in if we even entered the room. Now, I have to step over her because she’s so comfortable with me anywhere she is in the house. However, she STILL only wants to be touched on her terms. I did teach her “pets” early on so she knows I am coming to her with love in my heart, and not to hurt her when I reach out to touch her. Wish I knew what happened to her so early in her life that made her fear humans so much.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Rosie – remember Gracie, the terrified little gray cat? She has come a long way but it took almost a whole year. She relaxes in a chair by my machine but if she’s asleep and I reach out to pet her, she is often times startled and there’s that fear in her eyes. And then there’s the little gray paw reaching up to make contact with me as I’m sewing. She really is so sweet and one of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever owned.

        1. Rosie Westerhold

          Isn’t it crazy about the “trauma” some of our pets have been through, and how they overcome that trauma with time. My husband was about to give up on Sadie because she was so afraid. She was VERY treat-motivated so it was pretty easy to train her. She just didn’t want unsolicited pets. Had to cancel her very first vet appointment for over a week because I couldn’t “catch” her in the house to get a leash on her. Now, when she sees a leash, she goes NUTS🥰🥰. So happy for you that Miss Gracie has learned to trust you. MOST of the time.

  34. NancyTD

    Diane- sorry to hear Akira passed. Belated birthday wishes to Tim .
    Love the bridal basket collection. Did they actually carry it down the isle with flowers?
    Chris- like your rug. Donna- your quilt is stunning. All the show was great.
    Grand daughter and her 3 year old and 5 month children were here for a visit. Putting the toys away and getting bedding washed. So fun to see them.

  35. NancyTD

    I forgot to include the special finish pillow that the smiling young lady showed. A great job and hope you make many more things. Maybe someday you will make a quilt!

  36. Connie in NV

    Sorry for your loss Diane, it is so hard to let our fur babies cross the Rainbow Bridge.
    All of the posted quilts want me to make them and I have a closet full to make!
    This is a busy week, cleaning today, then groomer for Jake, Tia Chi class, sewing groups 2 days & Dr. appt. And most likely a grocery shopping trip. How did I ever have time for a daily job that required a couple hours of commute time.

  37. Sue in Marion, Indiana

    Happy belated birthday to you, Farmer Tim! I was driving to Michigan to visit my sisters! I heard the Daytona 500 was in danger of being called for rain yesterday and it seems the drivers decided to hold the race on I-94! 😵‍💫

  38. Martha W in WY

    Mary, thank you for all the time you spend putting together a “blog about nothing.” I know your readers disagree with that. We sure enjoy reading about what you’re upto, your animals, o
    your decor, Farmer Tim, readers quilts, projects, and decor, and everything else. We are on our way to Lincoln, NE for dinner with our son tonight (Monday). We spent the last 4 days with my mother and family celebrating my mother’s 100th birthday. We had a small family get-together. She even was sang to by her primary doctor, her cardiologist and their staff when they presented her with four muffins and cupcakes on her birthday on last Friday. My mother had no problems blowing out those candles. She was very touched by their gesture. On Thursday at the hair dresser, she was serenaded by about nine people. My sister and husband gave her one of those electric frames at Christmas. My mother really enjoys seeing photos that we can all post to it. We’re planning a more public party in June for her.
    This week I’ve got a chiropractor appointment and will be getting ready for a trip to AZ

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – I left a comment for you when you said your mom was going to be 100 – I suggested we send cards to her but you never answered me. She sounds really healthy and “with it”. I see many at Concord who aren’t “with it”. This will always be a blog about nothing except a chat among friends. I wouldn’t know how to run it any other way! I love the discussions and family news. Sort of like Kitchen Klatter 100 years ago! Haha! I’m so sorry we ridiculed our mom about KK – what did we know?

      1. Martha W in WY

        Mary, actually I emailed you. I said I preferred that readers use their stamp to send a card or note to our “adopted” friends at Concord. She also has been showered with cards and lovely notes. She spent about 13 years taking care of my sister’s two children when my sister was in the MN state legislature. So Mother received cards/notes from many of my sister’s
        acquaintances and her children’s friends and parents of those friends. And of course she received cards from extended family members. I think she had received 150+ cards/ notes when I left today. She is doing quite well for 100. She lives alone, makes her meals, and tends to her own needs. She uses a walker and is becoming more frail. I just hope I inherited her genes!
        Thank you again for offering a card shower.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Martha – I never received an email but sounds like she has been well remembered!!! Sweet!

    2. Sharon F

      While you’re in Lincoln NE, I hope you will have a chance to visit the International Quilt Museum there. I had a chance to go last summer, and it was just wonderful, so many beautiful quilts. They change out the exhibits every 6 months, so always something new.

      How wonderful your mother celebrated her 100th birthday!

      1. Martha W in WY

        I know about the museum. I received my masters degree from UNL. Most of the time my husband is with me and just wants to get on the road. If our son had a family then I’m sure we would spend some days there. I’d live to get acquainted with Lincoln again. It’s a wonderful city.

        1. Rosie Westerhold


          When were you at UNL? That’s my Alma Mater, as well, and I still live in Lincoln. I never visit the museum as much as I should, and it’s less than 3 miles from where I live!! Shame on me. Will be visiting on International Quilt Day in March, for sure. Always wonderful demos, displays, lectures, and fabulous quilts. My guild has its annual “member appreciation” at the quilt museum. Last June we had a lovely buffet salad dinner, but they ran out of almost EVERYTHING before most people got through the line🙄🙄. After many announcements etc, the museum was open for visiting. We had been inside barely 5 minutes when all the lights went out. And there was a mad dash by everyone trying to find their way to the doors. IN THE DARK!! Most disappointing, and the powers that be didn’t even know anything had happened. Geesh.

          1. Martha W in WY

            Rosie, I attended UNL Aug. 1975- Dec. 1977. Then I worked on campus for 2 years. You certainly had a memorable guild member appreciation meal at the quilt museum.

  39. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I am so sorry about Akira. She looked beautiful, Diane. There are so many different kinds of items today. Thank you, Mary. I recognize the Wear Warm Clothes pin😃. This week I am cleaning, cleaning and finished the quilts I made at the retreat. My husband sees the Dr. on Thursday. He is hoping to be finished with his 24/7 neck brace. We’ll see. Our daughter’s Half birthday is Sunday so we’ll go out to eat. Fun time.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – oh my, I sort of forgot about your husband ‘s brace – ugh! Think how long it’s been – poor guy! I’ll bet he’s ready to toss that thing! Cleaning? I did clean the upstairs bathroom floor but quit after that. Oh, how I wish I could find a cleaning lady just once a month.

  40. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Diane—so sorry about your losing sweet Akira. Take care.
    Vicki—your quilt is beautiful, and I love the pattern.
    Mary—I bet you choose the goat Caitlin shirt; why not one of each style? 🥰

  41. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    Lovely pictures today. I am sitting here on the couch, relaxing with Biscuit next to me. Every time I try to type, he is pawing at my right hand so I pet him instead! Dogs do give us such unconditional love. Diane, I am so sorry about Akira.
    And happy birthday, Donna. I hope your birthday week is great. Sometimes one day’s celebration isn’t enough! 🎂 🥳

    1. Suzymae

      Diane, my deepest sympathy. Occasionally this life can make you sad beyond the telling of it.

      And Happiest of birthdays donna!

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